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Monthly Archives: August 2008

  Thirty two points of counter-rotating energy rapt up in a beautiful sphere.


 I have had a feeling in my gut like I swallowed something rotten; It’s not the type of complaint you would say necessitates an immediate purging, just the sense that something’s been brewing down there for far to long and that it really should be fixed. It’s a bit like the problem with the Australian Wheat Board, you know they gave Sadam Hussain all that money when the rest of the word was trying to bring him to heel by imposing crippling sanctions on his economy and that we spent heaps of money having a Royal Commission but despite all the good efforts towards a remedy, there’s still the smell of off fish in the air.

Anyhow it turns out heaps of people have this condition Known as Celiacs, it’s an intolerance to wheat. You might have noticed the many products appearing on our supermarket shelves with the labelling ‘Gluten free’, that’s the solution to the problem. All you have to do is monitor what goes into your belly and the problem goes away. Strangely enough that how they caught the A.W.B, they just monitored what was going in to Iraq and before you could say ‘Johnnie’s the rat’ the situation started to improve.

Once you have been made aware of this, the ongoing problem requires a constant adherence to seeking out replacements for old habits because of the glutinous nature of anything associated with the offending substance can spark off another vile attack. You must of experienced something like it yourself? In Queensland we had a problem with peanuts, it just took one little crumb in a bakers dozen to infect the whole process, so you really had to watch what was going into your pumpkin scones. Now I find myself buying strange things like Pasta made out of corn, rice crackers without flavouring and when someone asks ‘would you like some dressing on your salad?’ I reply ‘Is it gluten free?’

We really should have the same attitude towards the running of our countries affairs, when somebody asks ‘would you like to buy some cars from us?’ We should reply ‘Are they carbon free?’ And if someone wants to shove another single desk down our throat, we should collectively say ‘Not if it’s as gluttonous as the last one!’ Good health doesn’t come without a price, my grocery bill has gone up but my meals are staying down and last but not least; everybody loves a clown but you wouldn’t want Crusty running your country. Stay vigilant but don’t become a vigilante.

 The strange thing about the way we have come to think of democracy is that originally it was meant to be a system were all those involved had a vote in the day today decision making process of their nation. If a road was to be built or a war participated in then the concerned citizens gathered together and voted on what the united position would be, but somehow it has deteriorated into once every three or four years you get to vote for someone who makes those decisions for you. While it is not inconceivable that the definition needed to change to accommodate large uneducated populations, in this day and age with Democracy being forced upon people whether they want it or not maybe it’s time we had a fresh look at what it is we are all agreeing to.
 Politicians are a strange breed, they move forwards out of the ranks of daily life to take positions as paid employees of the people that voted for them, as well as those who didn’t, and join in with all the others who are in the same boat to make decisions and laws for the people who liked them enough to agree to pay their wages and honor their elevated positions. So they inherit this from the people who have given up the right to participate because they are busy making the money that pays for the ‘luxury’ of having this type of arrangement, all well and good if that’s what you want but what if that not what you want or they are making decisions that you don’t agree with? You get a chance to vote for someone else in two or three years time who might or might not make decisions that you agree with and so it goes.
 Let’s take a closer look at this and how it works with an issue such as weather or not we want to become a republic, irregardless of what your personal opinion is. Before the Howard years in Australia there was much discussion on the subject and it was generally considered we would soon become one, even the Queen and Prince Charles thought it was an inevitability and not a bad thing. The newest member of the Royal Order of the Garter, Sir John was a just a monarchist in those days and even though nobody had voted for him to lead our great nation with that in mind, all thoughts of going in any direction other than Sir John,s were put and end to with an expensive talk fest and a rigged referendum. Now I am sure that if the people who paid the Howard Government for the next ten years had of got their way instead of yielding to Sir John’s then we would have been waving an Aussie flag at the just past Olympics that represented Australia as a truly independent country, instead of looking like we are still an outpost of the British Empire.
 What about the G.S.T, again irregardless of what you think of it, most people were anti-G.S.T when John Howodd assured us that there would be no G.S.T if he became Prime Minister. Never the less the first thing he did when he got into power was to give us the very tax system he assured us he wouldn’t. What about the war in Iraq, again most people were against it but did that matter? No, we signed up anyway,not because we authorised anyone to make that decision for us, just because John and George thought it was a good idea at the time. Are you getting the gist of what I’m talking about here? It’s not weather you are for or against any of these ideas it’s the fact that our employees made those decisions for us while pretending to be doing what they were elected for, which was to be your voice on the matters. 
 Now there is a simple way around this dilemma for anyone who is interested, if you wanted to become a republic today with the tools for real democracy in our homes and at our finger tips, then all it would take is fifty one percent of the voting population to sign up on the Internet and it would begin to become a reality without having to ask your employees permission.If you didn,t want to buy a bunch of America’s left over war planes and would prefer to spend all that money on your children’s education, then all you have to do is collectively say so. Why isn’t the program up and running that would allow this type of Democracy, maybe it’s because your employees don’t want you to have it. 


You may have been taught free thinking idealist are the problem clear thinking realists have to deal with; harden your reserve, don’t listen to left-wing loonies or any of the multitude of saying that have been common-place over the years. Granted your mentor may have been correct on some occasions but looking at the big picture, knowing what we know today, how irresponsible was it to ignore their plea’s for sustainable lifestyles. Now I’m not trying to get anyone to drop what works for them, without a realistic argument, just to be open minded; suffer  the little children if you will.

My experience has been that idealism leads to persecution, rejection and even isolation from the crowd but still I tap on the door of a mainstream conscience that arbores what lurks outside. Consider me the rat-bag that sensible people have been taught to hate, the dreamer, the eternal optimist everyone can see would be better of forgetting about any alternative ideas and just getting on with it. Give  me a moment, focus for a second on the ‘fact’ that just occasionally an idea comes out of left field that makes sense to everybody. Now and then the group conscience needs a jolt and serious issues need to be faced by all ,because all are affected. How many people do you know who thought global warming was an issue ten years ago? Should the average person who lived in pre WW2 Germany been aware of the consequences of Nazi-fascism? Wouldn’t it have been wise to listen to Noah when he said it was going to rain?

My topic may not be taken seriously by some and my ravings, chicken little like by others but never the less I say we are standing on a precipice that is not adequate, on a speeding train and no-one seems to be taking the bridge out signs seriously. It’s like an artery has been severed and all any one can do is offer an aspirin and what I would prescribe can not be put in a sentence, it requires in depth analyses. Let’s not start from the beginning, that would be to tedious even for me, so where then? An analogy maybe, a parody possibly, a contradiction, O.K.

Supposedly, we all see that war is bad and everybody wants peace. Yet if we had peace there would be no need for weapons of war, no need for F-111’s, no bullets or bombs, no aircraft carriers, no Admirals, no grunts, no tanks, no Generals and none of the multitude of factories needed to supply the many associated necessities. Now here’s the dilemma, who wants that? Not the people who’s jobs would be lost if it was all shut down. Is this style of thinking to radical for you, then what about no greenhouse gasses, no chopping down of trees, no running around in gas guzzlers, no coal fire power stations etc,etc. Who wants that? Not the people whose jobs depend on it!

So where’s the answer, do we run around prescribing aspirins or start sticking on band-aids? What happens if the people who don’t want to loose their jobs get their way and we all have to pay the price, is that acceptable in your mind? Eventually common sense dictates we come to an answer that solves the problem and here is where the dreamers, visionaries and yes, left wing loonies come into their own. Sometimes the answer is hitting us in the face and we don’t want to accept it. We baulk, we back step, we do anything but take the medicine and is that sane? Is that the realistic thinking granddad would have advised rather than listen to the free thinker? Sometimes it is best to  bite the bullet and do what has to be done.

Now we are all familiar with the arguments over solar verses nuclear, I could give you my opinion and you could throw in yours but sooner or latter it would end as it always does, in a difference of opinion. Instead I would throw you a curve ball in saying that the answer lay in a different type of thinking where we look at the problems facing mankind as a whole and come up with a complete solution. What if we began to put as much money, time and effort into putting an end to war-mongering as we do into propping it up? What if the same amount of energy and resources were put into sustainable practices as was planet raping ones? What if a computer program could show us how to run a peaceful, prosperous and eternal planet? Would we all sign up or would we still have to deal with the detractors?

Basically the clear thinking people of this planet of ours have been dragging the rest of us towards the sudden stop at the end and if you value your children’s future then it’s time to put an end to the bullshit and stand up to those who would value their jobs over a possible future. When we look towards the Military Industrialists that have been responsible for so much death and destruction in the past, for answers to our very real problems of today, placing them in the position of saviors of mankind, then we are placing the Abomination of desolation where it should not be.

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Gabriel Izzard. PhD, BTh, MA (dip physics) stood outside the front of his new office admiring the shining plaque  which represented twenty years of intensive study. He felt decisively weary for someone just beginning a new endeavour, or enterprise as he liked to think of it, going where nobody had before and seeking out new frontiers. The office was small enough to be considered a ‘Tardis’ and he was so unknown in his fields of expertise that it wouldn’t be unusual for him to be referred to as ‘Dr who’?

He walked up the narrow staircase, opened the frosted glass door, and went into his first floor cubical which was furnished with a small desk, a chair and a couch. A state of the art laptop computer was the only modern intrusion into an otherwise antique room. Decorations consisted of a few painting which seemed to be of some value, a beautiful bookcase with an extant of well thumbed books, a record player and a couple of old musical instruments. A smart wardrobe behind the door completed the picture; sadly however the rest of his personal possessions inside the wardrobe, completed the man.

Buzz, as his friends like to call him, walked over to the open window and stared out onto a sea of red tiled rooftops studded with aerials and satellite dishes. There was a certain ease which came with the anonymity of a suburban nest and the chance of some annoying customer walking in unannounced was kept to a minimum. Everything was clean including himself, who was looking unusually business-like, in anticipation of his first client of whom he had hand picked and had been putting of for sometime.

As if right on cue a blue Toyota Prius pulled up directly out front and a striking woman alighted from the driver’s side. She popped the hatch, removed a briefcase and ascended the stairs with the air of someone on a mission.

‘Nice to finally meet you Ms McHale.’ Buzz said meeting her at the top of the stairs

She didn’t respond to his outstretched hand, instead slipped past him and moved into the room, placed the briefcase on his desk and removed her coat.

‘Let’s cut the crap Izzard, if I am going to pay this outrageous hourly rate of yours, let’s get straight to work.’

He was surveying the little black dress she was wearing but quickly diverted his eyes to hers as she turned, with a dossier from the briefcase and handed it to him.

‘You familiarize yourself with that while I make myself coffee.’

‘Oh, O.K,’ stammered Buzz ‘Do you mind if I smoke?’

‘Only if you have to, where’s the coffee?’

‘I only have tea and it’s in the flask under the desk.’ he said as he plopped himself down on the coach and began to read. After a moment or two of flipping though the papers he expounded.’This is all about one of the oldest Egyptian artifacts known as the Narmer Palette. I learnt all I needed about it in first year Archeology.’

She sat down on his office chair, crossed her legs spectacularly and said ‘How cleaver of you Dr. Izzard but I am willing to bet you don’t know the one thy have in the Cairo Museum isn’t as old as they claim it to be and that it’s golden counterpart is missing.’

‘That’s unbelievable.’

‘That’s what the Museum authorities said until I persuaded them to have it re-dated.’ she said uncrossing her legs, leaning forwards and looking him straight in the eyes.

‘Why haven’t I heard about this, a scandal as big as that should have been all over the media.’ said Izzard as he stood to pace the room and take the view of her out of his focus

‘They must have turned it over to National Security because they threatened me with imprisonment if I mentioned it to anyone. ‘

‘Except me, please tell me they said except me.’

‘No.’ She said carelessly

‘Well why the  hell are you telling me then?’

‘Because Mr. Izzard that’s what I want to employ you for.’

‘I don’t comprehend, what is it exactly you want me to do?’

‘Find the original.’

‘If I go around asking questions they will lock me up.’

‘Not if you don’t leave this office.’

‘Do you mean see if I can find out about it on the Internet?’

‘No,’ she said alarmed they’d be all over you.’

‘Then what should we do then?’

‘Your a Psychic Detective……Psychically detect!’

“Do you understand what you’re asking of me and what it entails?”

“Yes. You can go into a trance and travel to specific locations and report what you see.”

“That’s correct,” he said. “You’ve researched me and my abilities well, Ms McHale.”

“You have abilities such as those of the famous Edgar Cayce.”

“Ah yes, America’s greatest sleeping prophet,” said Izzard, trying not to appear flattered.

“He never left his office whilst researching; he just lay on his couch and conversed to his secretary.” she surmised.

“So if I understand you correctly, you want to be my companion, ask me questions while I am in a trance, directing us to the perpetrators and not involve anyone else.”

“Yes.” she stated.

“Do you think it’s as simple as that out there on the astral plain, dodging government agents, slipping past Edger Casey followers, ducking around Majestic 12, well let me tell you it’s certainly not. It’s a minefield out there, the authorities have their people all over it, they own it just like they own the net,” he said in his most fatherly voice.

“So should I take my money and go elsewhere?” she asked.

“Well,” he postulated, “what I can do for you, in my own way is kick it around, take a look at it and see what I can dig up. Call me sometime around midnight tonight and I will give you a definite, if it’s a goer, you can come again tomorrow and we will take it to the next level.”

“O.K.” she agreed.

He watched her close the briefcase, put on her coat, walk out the door, go down the stairs and open her car. It was the look she sent him just before driving off, that said, she knew she’d hooked him.

He walked away from the window over to his computer and booted up, opening up his own secured files. The first thing that came up was ‘DON’T PANIC,’ good advice.
Punching in ‘list pharaohs’ the first name to come up was Narmer [see Noah] this was one of the knowns; Narmer was associated with Noah, at least it was a starting point.
He wanted a smoke, but he knew he couldn’t if he wanted to do this properly. Normally he would while he was studying, it kept him in the moment, grounded him, like tea and coffee. If he wanted to leave this moment and travel to a point in time different to the ‘now’, he would have to abstain until his return. As it stood, that would be some time later when he would be awoken by the prearranged call from Ms McHale and by then he would know exactly what to tell her. For now, he would study all the material he had at his disposal until entranced by it, then astral-travel to that point, revealing something that would help him in making that decision.

Ms McHale had chosen well, his personal interest in this field was well established, it was part of his obsession. His previous studies had taken him back to the beginning of our current era giving him a different perspective than others in his field, who tended to polarized their knowledge into compartments rather than studying the whole train. Gabriel would springboard towards the time of Noah and his great flood, immerse himself in the period and come up grasping the necessary twig. Recent archeology had retrieved the proof needed to establish the flood as a real point in time; excavations of the Sumerian basin have reviled cities built on cities covered with clay. Civilization gestated there, the first cuneiform of written language was printed there on the very pieces of clay we study today. On these clay fragment we have our best clues on what was going on and they tell a far more complex story than the Hebrew-Christian scriptures of the world around the time of the flood.

In the work known as the Epic of Gilgamesh, Noah and a female companion are depicted as Enki and Ninmar, genetic pioneers re-establishing life in the fertile basin after the deluge. These ‘gods’ manipulated the local flora and fauna into domesticated crops and herds, they were accredited with the genetic restructuring of mankind as Ninmar ‘took the seed of Enki and planted it in the suitable womb. Gabriel was sure he was on the right track and with what he already knew about this couple, tying them to Egypt and the first dynasty artifact the Narmer Palette, would expedite his enquiries and lead him to the information required.

The piercing sound of the expected phone call jolted him back into the familiar surrounds of his room.

“Hi, what time is it?” he asked sleepily.

“Half past twelve,” she replied.

“Do you have an answer for me?” she asked.

“Let’s do it, don’t forget to bring coffee.”

“I’ll see you in nine hours or so, you can get back to sleep now.”

“No way, I’ll be staying up pondering Mrs. Noah.”

“Who’s that?”

“You know, Noah’s wife, she was the cook on the ark.”

“What’s she got to do with it?” She questioned

“Everything, my dear Nut;”

“What did you call me?”

“Nat, that’s your name isn’t it?”

“It’s Natalie, but you can call me Ms.McHale.”

“Whatever, I’ll see you tomorrow. By the way- bring your bible.”

With that he hung up the phone and logged on to his computer determined to swat up on all he had on Egyptian mythology, from the Tep –zepi or first time period, zeroing in on Nut and Geb, the mother and father gods of the Egyptian pantheon. He wanted to establish a connection between them and Mrs. and Mr. Noah. This first dynasty Pharaoh and Consort couple are the key to finding the real palette of Narmer also there may be a connection between it and the Hebrew burse of judgment.


“Good morning,” came the greeting as he opened the door to the well dressed Ms. McHale, this time she was carrying a picnic basket in one hand and a large book in the other.

“Come on in and make yourself at home.”

“Why thank you Dr. Izzard, I will.”

“Please call me Buzz, most people do.”

“Ha, I like that, is it a nick-name?”

“Yeah I picked it up at school and it sort of stuck.”

“Well Buzz, what do you have to tell me that you didn’t know yesterday?”

“Heaps, but it’s going to be a long session. So kick your shoes off and help yourself to the tea and bickies.”

“Thanks for the offer but I’ve brought my own munchies and some rather good coffee on your advice.” She said starting to unload the picnic basket, beginning with a rather ornate cup followed by a Glad-wrapped plate of fine pastries.

“Would you like one?”

“Very much,” he smiled, “but I will have to refrain till later, if I am to do my thing.”

“Which entails what exactly?” she asked with a quizzical look on her face.

“You know, getting horizontal on this coach here and filling you in on lasts night’s efforts, hopefully drifting off, while you keep talking to me like you are my hypnotist.”

“Oh,” she said whilst crossing from the open window to the seat beside the couch, popping a chocolate-coated morsel into her mouth as she went.

He propped himself up on one arm and asked “Have you ever associated this Palette of Narmer with the Hebrew breast attire of the chief priest of the tabernacle?”

“No, there’s thousands of years difference in the time periods,” she said.

“Yes, that’s right, but I believe it’s what it represents that connects the two.”

“Go on.”

“When Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt and into the Sinai desert, sometime around the thirteenth century B.C.E, one of the first things they did, was to manufacture the Tabernacle and its sacred objects. Besides the Ark of the Covenant, the Breastplate of Judgment was the most important. It was a two-piece, back and front breastplate that Aaron was instructed to wear whenever he entered the Holy of Holies. It represented the authority of the twelve tribes of Jacob and empowered the wearer to talk directly to God.”

“So, how are they connected again?” she asked.

“I believe its predecessor was worn by the Pharaoh of the time and its authority dated back to the first pharaoh, Narmer, and that the Palette is just an artistic impression. Similarly Aaron, was from the tribe of Levi, who had direct lineage back through Jacob to Noah, who also spoke directly to God.”

“That’s astounding, if you are correct along with the Ark of the Covenant, the Breastplate would be the most important artifact this side of the flood.” she said

“How does this knowledge help us with locating the thieves who stole this antiquity of incredible importance?”

“I will answer that,” he paused “when you can tell me honestly, what your interest in it is?”

She stood up, took a long slow draw on her smoking device, extinguished it and walked over to the open window before exhaling a thoughtful answer.

“My father gave me many things besides this fine Falcon pipe; his job entails locating and acquiring artifacts for various auction houses, mainly the more famous ones of London. He is an honest man; everything he deals with has to have providence, that is to say, documentation of its origin. He receives a commission on items that pass hands for prices in the thousands that sometimes sell for millions when passed in at auction. Although he has an office in the Fulham Road, London, he mainly lives at airports and hotels all over the world.

I lived for the times when he would visit me here in Australia, my fondest memories are of times when we would sit together and he would tell me stories of ancient civilizations, gods and goddesses and their possessions; sometimes showing me the actual things we were talking about, before he would send them off to London and go off looking for more.
The last time I saw him, he showed me this breastplate of gold, encrusted with twelve precious stones, topaz, emerald, sapphire, jasper and amethyst amongst others. He said it had authentication back to the digs of Colonel Howard Vyse and that it was the best thing he had ever dealt with and was personally taking it back to London himself. I didn’t know any more about it then than that, my specialty has always been Etruscan and Mycenae vases.

Anyway not long after we said our goodbyes, he rang me with a rushed call on his mobile saying that he was being abducted because of the palette of Narmer and if I didn’t hear from him soon to contact his associates. His call was cut short with something about men in black, so I rang the police, reported it and when they finally rang me backs all they said was that his rental car was parked at the airport and the airline couldn’t confirm whether or not he was on his flight. I rang his London office and they had not heard from him for some time, nobody seems concerned. Now my only hope of finding him or what happened to him is you and this investigation.”

“Wow that’s some story.” he exclaimed.

She had circled the room whilst telling her story and had ended up sitting next to him on the couch. Holding his hand and with tears welling in her eyes, Natalie asked the question

“Will you help me?”

Instead of answering, he embraced her in a way that allowed her head to nestle into the curve of his neck. After an appropriate amount of time he lent back and holding her shoulders at arm’s length, looked into her eyes and asked

“Do you believe he is still alive?”

“Yes, in my heart I know he is still alive and that he needs us to find him or he is doomed.”

“O.K then, let’s get to work. What we have to do is work out who would go to such extremes to acquire this Arbitrament, why they would need it and what they intend to do with it.” He said, becoming animated.

“How do we do that exactly?”

“The easy way would be for me to focus on the item itself, astral travel to it and report to you the details but I have already tried that and just as I suspected, there was a firewall around it. We will get nothing but trouble by trying the direct approach.
What we need to do is locate it at some time in the past, when it was unprotected and follow it through to where it is now. We will work out the problems as we go in through the back door, completely associated with it, to such an extent that we won’t arouse the suspicions of those we want to avoid. We will do a series of deep meditations that will end up with us being there to witness your father’s abduction.”

“Why can’t we just go to that point now?” she asked

“Because they would be watching, see us and follow us back here and we would be in no better position than your father.”

“I see.” she said

“No you don’t, not properly but by the time we finish this session I think you will. Do you have any meditation skills?” he asked

“I did do some T.M courses a few years back but I dropped out mainly because I didn’t like the people I was associating with.”

“Did you study a technique where back to back chakra alignment allows two people to experience the same inner vision?”

“We did do a group meditation where we all concentrated on the same place and when we finished we all talked about what we saw.”

“Were you any good at it?” he asked

“Yes I did have a lot to say “

“Was your retention any good?” he continued his line of questioning

“Yes.” she replied

“Well that’s how we are going to do that then, I’ll take you there and your job will be to be the reporter, do you think you can handle it?”

“Yeah, let’s do it!”

“Patience, we can’t go at this like a bull-at-a-gate, you have to sidle up to it, create the mood, set the scene and just slip into it,”

“I’m in your hands.” she breathed

“Let’s light the candles and incense, close the curtains, put on some appropriate music and test drive this magic carpet ride.”
A couple of hours had passed when he opened his eyes to her beaming face,

“That was incredible”

“Do you remember what happened?” he asked


“Then you must tell me over lunch, there’s a nice little café just around the corner and I’m famished,”

“Great I’ll get my coat on.” she said whilst doing exactly that.

“It’s just a short walk; you can begin to remind me as we stroll.”

He locked the door behind himself; they descended the stairs and were entering the street when she began telling the most amazing story.

“We were flying, you and me, on the wings of a dove, high over a large expanse of water. It was a glorious day, not a cloud in the sky, the water was pristine, marine life was abundant and totally visible from the sky above. We were bee-lining towards a dot on the horizon which gradually became a ship. As we approached the old style sailing vessel, I noticed an old man standing on the deck, looking straight towards us. Landing on the railing right next to him revealed a kindly smiling face and the bird didn’t flinch as he reached out to retrieve a green twig from its claws.

We next flew to nestle on the mast as activity and noise broke out all over the ship. Sails were being set, conversations enjoyed and as this was happening, the wind stiffened the sails billowed and we moved off towards the direction from which we had come.”

The menu was delightful and ordering was over quickly as they relaxed into the café’s ambient décor. Natalie resumed her dialogue, with an attentive Gabriel hanging on her every word.

“Before long we were approaching land and the tips of the mountains became more and more evident. Anchorage was found at the base of the highest peak and as camp was being set up, two of the younger men were readying themselves for what looked like a mountain trek. After a night of celebrations, the trek began at first light and as the men traversed the countryside, we flew high above eventually noticing where they were heading, a large cave high up the mountain slope. We perched and watched as they entered the cave and with what seemed like very little effort, were displaying beautiful golden temple items, lamp stands, headdresses, ceremonial knives and amazingly enough the very breastplate we have been talking about.”

”’Bull’s-eye!’ exclaimed Buzz ‘Do you remember anything else?’

‘When they had arrived back at the boat, the items were fawned over and talked about for days. Eventually an alter was built and on a special day when all the work was done and everyone was cleaned up, they gathered in front of it. The obviously eldest and thinnest woman of the small tribe seated herself on a chair that had been place especially for her and the others sat crossed legged, seemingly quiet and content as she spoke to them for a very long time. At what seemed an appropriate time the old sailor went to the alter, picked up the Golden Breastplate and placed it upon the still seated woman and a chant began, firstly by the old man and then the others joined in OM-NA-MA, OM-NA-MA.

This went on for some time when gradually all went silent and the woman started speaking again, this time in a loud and authoritative way. The rest of them prostrated themselves in front of her until she stopped, the old sailor lit a pit fire opposite the alter and they roasted a prepared lamb. The all stood in a circle around it, raised their hands to the sky and began singing in a reverential way. Gradually they quietly relaxed around  a glowing scene, ate and drank till well after nightfall. It was the first sabbath since the rain had stopped falling and they were prepared to do this every seven days from then on in, doing so marked the passing of time. They extended the camp, explored the surrounds and  created paths all along the ridges making it possible to travel north and south for many days always returning in time for their sabbath over which Mrs. Noah presided.’

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    Steam is a useful commodity, try making a decent cup of coffee without it. Gray has a much more useful range of shades than black or white. Bi-polar attitudes, which observe only in the extremes of the full spectrum, can be disruptive or at best, limited in their overall view. Because we live in a world which incorporates all the above truths, it is understandable that conflicts arise and now, with Multi-Dimensional Awareness, we can begin to explore the infinite possibilities of using a  plethora of extreme views to hopefully arrive at solutions which can benefit all. Take for example, a round table of religious or political extremists who have agreed to participate in discussions which, if successful, could improve everyone’s lot. I can hear the cries of disbelief from here; not possible they say, it could never happen, no good will come of it, it’ll end in disaster. Why?

     In the past certain truths were held self-evident but with the passing of time became ridiculous, eg: the flat earth theory, if man were meant to fly he would have wings, it’s as unreachable as the moon and women are the weaker sex. With this in mind, envisioning solutions to problems that previously were thought to be un-workable shouldn’t be out of the question. A future generation of computer savvy kid’s could possibly workout solutions to problems we couldn’t even imagine and therein lies the answers to the table full of yesterday’s hero’s not being able to sort out their differences.

     If there are no simple solutions, to say peace on Earth, then start working on complex solutions by compiling a matrix of everyone’s perspectives at least then you would have a basis for everyone agreeing because their needs are  being considered. A small computer can’t work out problems to large for it’s programing to handle but a super computer with unlimited memory has the capacity to solve any problem. Are not we entering an age where all the worlds problems could be solved, at least in cyber-space, and who wouldn’t want that except those who make it their business to create problems?

     Even troublemakers can be included in solutions if they are relegated to a group that has the right to their opinions but not to a monopoly on actions required. Fire has it’s part to play in making the perfect cup of coffee but amazingly enough you don’t have to get burnt by it to appreciate the brew and similarly water is essential but you don’t want to drown in it.

     For the first time in recorded history we have the tools at our disposal to form and run one planet, like our lives depend on it, for the people by the people and anyone that opposes that goal should not be considered worthy of calling themselves human beings, they are more appropriately human has been’s. Educate yourself and you children to participate in real universal democracy not the half baked dough we are currently being fed, that makes a mockery of the original concept. Where  everyone concerned has a say in the day to day running’s of their world and not just the right to vote for Twiddle-de or Twiddle-dum once in a while. 

    An appropriately run Internet system could be our link to a fair and just future, without it our prospects are limited at least. If we can mix all the elements into an eclectic self governing tool for the benefit of all humanity, not just a privileged few, then war, starvation, poverty, discrimination, ignorance and the like can all become a things of the past along with the flat earth theory and the people who would promote it. All life as we know it has been threatened by fear, greed and ignorance; if we all pull together with love, generosity and intelligence we can win the war against war. Use the tool at your fingertips to have a say in your future, create a simulated paradise and it will become a reality but waste your time playing games, watching Big Brother, leaving it to others to look out for your interests and you may as well kiss your presently enjoyed freedoms goodbye.

     Well, I feel as though if I’ve done my bit for the day; I might just mix some fire, water, a few other ingredients and kick back for awhile although I might just have ago at turning lead into gold, they said that was impossible too.

         Pax Cultura: Culturally protected under the Roerich Pact 1933.


     In it’s original form religion had a very real value,  it offered a way forward out of the chaos of survival at any cost. The first rule of survival was ‘kill or die’ and the first sign of being more than a self-centred animal was gaining the quality of self-sacrifice, for the benefit of the offspring or the tribe. This evolutionary milestone enabled Mankind to dominate over  the other species and became the basis for the ‘primitive’ religious practices of ancestor worship and shamanism because it’s only natural to want to connect with someone who died for you.

            Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Zoroastrians, Syro-Phoenicians, Egyptians, Mayans, Ancient Greeks, Celts, Africans and a plethora of other native groups, all participated in their own individual interpretations before today’s Judeo/ Christian/ Islamic descendants of Abraham even started arguing over whose particular version of a monotheistic God is best.

           We are all beholding to these religions for our connections to various cultural heritage groups but surely, in this day of mass communication and education, the more enlightened leaders could steer their hoards towards a new world view of an unbiased creator who cares for all the worlds inhabitants instead of just them; irregardless of their differences. This could be the next evolutionary step that allows mankind to continue to be the dominant species on this planet; along with a respect for the creation and if Jesus had any value other than as a human sacrifice, surely it was in his appraisal of the laws of his god into two commandments: Love your creator (by respecting the creation) and Love your neighbour (by respecting their right to exist).

  Non-violent communication is an ambiguous term; that is to say it’s meaning is up for discussion because not everybody agrees on what forms it can take. Some might say any kind of swearing is a act of violent communication, others would laugh at that kind of extreme view. Saying anything that offends a listener could be put in the same category, so who is ultimately the judge? Before we have a go at answering that, let’s step back a fraction and look at the bigger picture.
  In the past a person of lower class structure had a limited vocabulary and when lacking the appropriate word for the occasion, often would revert to a coarse familiarity. This was just as often used by the authorities as an opportunity for disciplinary action and the laws were put in place to support them. Now it is not so strict but still, a misplaced word at the inappropriate time can land it’s utterer in hot water and I would suggest that the whole situation is a hang-over from a time when people were more aware of what side of the track they sprung from. Never the less the brunt of the burden was shouldered by the  poorer end of society and the whip was cracked by the wealthier citizens.
  Why I have described this is not to argue over who is right and who is wrong but  to create a framework for discussion on what I see happening around me in today’s Australia. If we want to participate in a modern way and close the gap that was our cultural heritage, then an understanding of this phenomenon is essential for both sides and all those caught up in the middle. It is not so difficult to see in hindsight, the way empowered advocates of polite society could abuse there power by inflicting a code of behavior on the unsuspecting, mostly uneducated masses, but if it was happening to you in the here and now; what form would it take and who would be your detractor?
  To answer the questions raised in the preceding passages, let’s focus on a microcosm of society at large;
the Internet community, a brave new world we are all thrust into courtesy of the most educated and wealthy participants, however they got there. If a unsuspecting surfer strays onto the web without a proper education of procedures and protocols, then it’s not a stretch of the imagination to see what troubled waters lay ahead, just as we  examined in our example of the coarse individual of the past. So without expanding this scenario out of proportion, we the people of cyberspace should be asking some basic questions about the governing body, of a somewhat obscure moral police force, lurking behind the screens  of conscience we are all pouring over.
  Should not there be some level of transparency in the electronic "democracy" we have bought into?
  Do we have any right to know who carries the big stick that can rap anyone of us over the knuckles ?
  Is there any avenue of appeal if you are unjustly dealt with?
  Who decides what is just and how do they get themselves into that position?
  Considering we have at our finger tips a tool aptly appropriate for informing us of the answers to those questions and any other  concerns we may have, I suspect those that have the power don’t want anyone to know who they are or how they got there. So even though I have probably raised more issues than addressed, the basic premise to the article that Non-Violent Communication can be used as a tool for bullies stands except I am more of the mind that No Communication can be used by even bigger bullies. 


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