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“To start at the beginning, I would pose a few questions and try to answer them in the process; firstly, why did God destroy the earth with a flood and secondly, how did God communicate the desire for Noah and family to build an ark and survive the impending deluge with a cache of twinned species?

When I first thought of this, I looked up that big Bible you had me carting around and in Genesis chapter 4 verses 19-23, it states that Lamech, a descendant of Cain, had a daughter named Naamah but by chapter 5 verses 28-29 it is referring to Noah as his son. If we could think of this as our first references to our Narmer, then a clue to answering my first question could be in chapter 6 verse 4 ‘when the sons of God mated with the daughters of men’ this is when God saved Noah’s lot and destroyed the rest of the worlds inhabitants. So who were the ones God was pissed off with, the sons, the daughters or their children? I would suggest that God was upset with the sons because not only were they knocking up the daughters of Cain’s descendants but they were oppressing them as well; in 6 verse 13 God says to Noah ‘the time has come for me to destroy all men because they have filled the earth with oppression and violence. So why would God save Lamech’s son Noah and not Lamech’s daughter Naamah and what about Lamech’s other son Tubal-Cain who was making all kinds of things out brass and iron, for example swords, why didn’t he get saved? For that matter, why didn’t God save Lamech and why doesn’t the Bible mention the name of Noah’s wife wasn’t she important enough. I would tend to suggest that the Bible was written by men who could not perceive that Noah was a woman, who survived the flood with the help of her sons Shem, Ham and Japheth. The wives bit was just added later and they couldn’t even bother making up names for them.

Anyway after they survive the flood and God gives Noah those instructions not to go about killing one another, as the only commandment, in 9:20-23 Ham is found in the tent of a naked Noah and is expelled from the camp for it; in the meantime his brothers walk backwards into the tent to cover up there ‘fathers’ nakedness. This story makes absolutely no sense, but if Noah was a woman and these boys mother, then this story makes perfect sense.

If Noah, Narmer, Ninmar or what ever you want to call her was a man, then I bet you London to a brick that we would be searching for a sword, not a breast covering. Just the same as if her God was a warring god and not a peaceful god then a sword would be the symbol of authority. Noah found favor with her God because she was interested in the preservation of life not the destruction of life, which is why in the ancient languages of the Sumerians; Ninmar was known as the Lady of Life and was associated with genetic science and agriculture rather than war and pillage.

Similarly in Egypt, the stories that encompass their culture are of a woman named Isis who strives for the peaceful running of her kingdom and the resurrection of her Osiris in the form of Horus, while they battle the murdering Set who represents war and destruction. We have followed her spirit through history as we have seen time and time again, her being involved in the bringing down of corrupt oppressive regimes and the replacement with ones that look after the women and the children as well as the down and out.

The Breastplate represents God’s protection and order, worn by a peace loving monarch that honors that concept. She speaks for the safety and prosperity for those that would bow before it and not force their will on others nor take control at the point of a sword or the barrel of a gun; as for those who would they will have no protection from the breastplate and it shall be taken from them.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a collapsed civilization, the spirit of Mereneith will continue to awaken and seek the end of oppressive regimes and the establishment of God’s peaceful kingdom on earth. She will eventually win out and protect us without the need of a shield and her chosen man will be at her side choosing the potters wheel over the trade of war.”

“Whoa, whoa!” exclaimed Buzz “I’m still trying to come to grips with the Noah is a woman bit.”

“Well, what do you think does it make sense to you?” asked Nat

“Yeah it does but it is just a little hard to digest; I mean my entire life I have thought as Noah as a man with a big white beard, a bit like Santa Clause. Can you imagine how many people you could offend running around espousing that Noah was a woman; I could imagine the Pope himself coming after me personally wanting to nail my ass to a cross.”

“It is a bit radical I will admit, but now after all we’ve seen and understood, I can’t go back to thinking of Noah or Narmer as anything else other than a woman regardless of how much trouble it might cause, can you?” asked Nat

“Now that you mention it all I get when I think of it is a mental picture of a naked old lady dancing around in her tent with a few to many wines in her; I hope you’re happy.”

“Very.” She smiled

“Is there anything else you want to shock me with now that you’re at it?”

“Well seeing that you brought it up I’m not quite sure why Shem and Japheth are shacked up together in the one tent, but I will let it go for now, if you like.” Said Nat

“Oh thanks a lot.”

Natalie was starting to pace around the room a bit too nervously for Gabriel’s liking, but he didn’t say anything he just kept his eyes on her till she spoke again.

“I had another really vivid dream again last night and I don’t know quite how to go about explaining it to you, it’s a bit shocking as well.”

“Just start from the top and let me have it.” Said Buzz

Julius Caesar – Cleopatra VII – Pompey

“O.K, I was seeing through the eyes of Cleopatra and she was organizing to have herself to be delivered to Julius Caesar who was living in the old family home in Alexandra on the Nile delta. She had been living in exile in Syria near the Sea of Galilee and had just received the news that her father and husband in co-regency rule, Ptolemy X11 was dead; along with his puppet master Pompey the Roman Consul. It was 48 B.C.E and Julius ruled the known world from Alexandra with no serious opposition. She knew she could win the affection of the ageing general as youth and beauty were on her side. As she was leaving the security of her fortress home at Magdala with a caravan of Persian rug salesmen, success was foremost on her mind and her confidence was high as she possessed the one thing that the Emperor would buy, Immortality. By the time she was rolled out before Julius in his private chambers, wearing nothing but the bejeweled Breastplate and carrying nothing but a treasure of stories from the past, Cleo V11 would rule Egypt once again.

The Emperor swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker; before long they were honeymooning on the royal barge and heading for the secret ancient temples of Hawara where she would reveal to him the ceremonies of long forgotten rituals, which held within their legionary form, promises of life everlasting. Caesar’s confidence was growing with every mile he traveled with his seductress and as she caressed his ego daily, he was sure he would leave his mere manhood behind and eventually become a living god. They ended up touring all the old temples and monuments; Julius particularly liked wearing any of the old regalia that could be obtained and insisted that Cleo wore her Isis outfit even when they weren’t performing the ways of the past. He didn’t want to return to Rome but after many conversations about their future together he eventually agreed; Cleo was growing large with his child when Julius left for Rome to display his new status and it wasn’t till she had birthed his son that Cleo left Egypt to join him. The final chapter was set to play out on the big stage before all his admiring audience.

“These things are fairly well known, except the bit about the breastplate,” interjected Buzz “but I’m sure there is something that you’re not telling me.”

“It was the content of their conversation at Hawara that has really taken me by surprise; when they were alone at the heart of the old temple complex and the power of the Breastplate was no longer an issue. Julius was hanging on her every word and she was explaining to him how the building of an appropriate temple with the absent Ark of the Covenant at its center, was crucial in the obtaining of the immortality he was interested in. Many years of study with the most learned Jewish scholars of the library of Alexandra and a good understanding of the Greek translations of their Old Testament scriptures had given her the knowledge needed to make that goal a reality. With his assistance and resources she was confident that they could fulfill the ancient plan of building, establishing and ruling Gods kingdom on earth at Jerusalem. They went over and over everything that she was suggesting until Julius finally agreed and said with single minded determination that he would devote himself to that end.”

The second temple at Jerusalem (24 B.C—66 A.D)

“That makes a lot of sense,” commented Buzz “I’ve always wondered why a strategic genius who had just so spectacularly won all his battles with such military precision, would fall prey to schemes of an exiled princess.

The explanations of a sexual nature seem so inadequate when you consider he could have any number of women with the click of his fingers. She must have had something he desired more than anyone else; for a man that had everything, immortality would certainly do the trick but in the end it didn’t do him much good.”

“Or did it?” cut in Nat

“What do you mean?”

“Well the really stunning part of the discussions at Hawara was about the faking of his death. Cleo convinced him that if he was to go down the path she was suggesting that the best way to do it would be with anonymity. You think about it, if he remained ‘alive’ his commitments to Rome would have knobbled his remaining years. The plan to ‘die’ on stage was strategically perfect and just what you would expect from this pair.”

“If he didn’t die what did he do then?” asked Buzz

“What all conquerors do after they conquer, build on a scale that would do him honor and justice. Together they designed and built Caesarea on the Sea, and a brand new fleet of ships to service it.”

Herod the Great Herod II Mark Antony Octavian

“But Herod the Great built Caesarea.” Stated Buzz

“Well, why didn’t he call it Herodea then?”

“I suppose you could be right, Herod just means king in Hebrew and in 46 B.C.E he was just a nobody, a backwater Arabic style Jew who had no real claim to fame other than his association with Julius Caesar and then Mark Antony . The peoples he claimed to represent were Maccabean Jews who had family connections to the Ptolemy’s, Cleopatra’s family all with a Macedonian connection. They spoke Greek and their scriptures were studied in Greek. The previous Kings; Phillip, Antiochious and Judas Maccabeus all had connections with the Greek governors of Egypt. When Herod supposedly built the temple at Jerusalem it was with the assistance and blessings of the Ptolemy’s, of whom Cleopatra the seventh was the ruling regent at the time.”

“Whether or not Julius was alive to see the completed temple project is irrelevant to our story but I know this Cleopatra was because Mark Anthony had a residence built into the complex walls and she was supposed to have three children to him.”

“What you are saying is that by the time Octavian destroyed their fleet of Lebanese built boats at the battle of Actium in 31 B.C.E, Cleo was ruling out of Jerusalem and if reports of her death by suicide were exaggerated then she could be associated with Herodias,” commented Buzz.

“Well Herodias was supposed to be married to Philip, a Ptolemy and the brother to Herod II, as well as Herod II; they were living and ruling from Jerusalem not long after the death of Herod the Great and they were from the same family, so as with Julius it doesn’t really affect the continuity of our story. For all intents and purposes, she represented the authority of the Breastplate and she was in a position to use it as it had been intended; at the alter in front of the Ark of the Covenant in the brand new purpose built temple, the greatest one ever built. If Herod and Herodias weren’t Julius and Cleo they certainly were the inheritors of there grand plan.

Anyway things quieted down after that, Octavian the Roman General became Caesar Augustus the Roman Emperor; then he ushered in the Pax Romana or the Roman Peace and Jerusalem was allowed to flourish until the time of Jesus Christ, relatively free.”

“But as always there are two sides to a coin and while on one side, by the time of Augustus, Egypt and the Carthaginians had been defeated, the Spanish and Gaels subdued and the war with Germanic tribes stabilized. Yet on the other, the Parthians, warlike peoples with Persian backers were presenting an ongoing problem.”

“The religious implications, the breastplate and the authority it represents keep turning up between clashes of cultures. Its presence seems to fluctuate between opposing sides; in the battle over control of Egypt, Isis was trying to rebirth Osiris so he could reunite the two kingdoms, in the battle over who runs Mesopotamia, Esther turns up to bring into balance the powers that contested it. If Jerusalem was being run as a center for world peace and the temple was intact and operating as it should, then the Breastplate’s authority resides there. But as is the case, when Jerusalem is being run by unwise despots then that authority is removed and the temple is torn down. If Rome was prepared to rule honorably and peacefully over our city of the new peace we would find our antiquities there, but trouble was brewing and a war that would last hundreds of years was about to break out and the Jews of Jesus’ day were smack in the middle of it.”

“If we were to look for our item of interest in this period, would we be likely to find it in the hands of the Roman rulers, the Maccabean Jews or the Parthians?” asked Buzz

“With the benefit of hindsight I would say the Parthians because the Romans went on to display the worst of human behavior and the Greek speaking Jewish leaders conspired to crucify the one most likely to bring about peace.

The Parthians were in charge of the Aramaic speaking tribes and ruled their areas out of places like Damascus and Palmyra. They too, were interested in the smooth running of Egypt and Jerusalem as the Romans had just kicked them out of there after hundreds of year’s involvement.”

“That is likely” said Buzz “as in 20 B.C.E Herod II was displaying the same madness that had plagued his father and was reported to have murdered his first wife and her children, preferring to take up with Herodias, who was his brothers wife. Philip had been expelled from Herod II kingdom into Parthian territory and was establishing himself at Caesarea Philippi, a town on the river running out of Mt. Hermon, a tributary that supplied the Sea of Galilee. From that day on Herod II’s kingdom started to fall apart, as all his potential Heirs and inheritors began arguing over who would be the next King after Herod II’s assassination. Earthquakes destroyed some of the building works and the Esseanes theraputate of Old Testament studying scholars, healers and vocal opponents of Herod moved into the Qumran led by John the Baptist. They taught of a new age of peace being ushered in by a Messiah, who turned out to be Jesus; and as we know Herod II and his loyal band of Jerusalem based Sadducees, beheaded John and crucified Jesus.”

Natalie continued her musings about who would have been in possession of the Breastplate around the time of Jesus. Old habits die hard and although the blessing of the Breastplate had resided with the old guard of Julius Caesar’s war machine while they concentrated on building the second temple at Jerusalem, their corrupt nature became an embarrassment to those who knew the truth of temple authority. The wise men of the time, the Magi, resided in the east where the Parthians ruled and while Herod was intent on exterminating any potential inheritors of his kingdom, they were equally intent on the preservation of the line of Aaron.

Elizabeth was a direct descendant of Aaron and the wife of Zacharias, the head Levite in the temple at the time of the death of Herod the Great and the birth Of Jesus. Whilst they were in charge of the temple items, Elizabeth fell pregnant with John the Baptist and was visited by Mary the mother of Jesus, who was also pregnant at the time. Zacharias took a vow of silence, removed himself from the service of the temple and relocated himself out of Jerusalem and closer to the Parthian occupied territories. Besides being in a position to influence the education of the young Jesus they became his number one supporters; at the time they were the only ones that were convinced of His divinity and claim to the title of King of the Jews.”

The tomb of Zacharias, (the father of John the Baptist).

“Strangely enough at the same time the Parthians had a new Queen, Musa; she had been given to their King Phraates IV by decree of the Roman Emperor Augustus over something that had happened during the incursions into Parthian territory during the reign of Mark Anthony. In return for the gift from Caesar, Pharaates IV handed over his four sons from a previous marriages and on his death bed granted Musa‘s young son the right to inherit his throne and title as King of kings. There were coins minted to confirm this as a fact of historical record.” Said Buzz

“The Parthians rejected her after she married her son to consolidate

her status as their Goddess Musa (feminine form of Moses).

This would have been acceptable in Egyptian tradition and seen as Isis joining with Horus but to the peoples who occupied the Syrian-Israelis border region of 6 A.D, it was not. So around the time that Jesus was 12 and he and his mother were returning to a quiet life a near the Sea of Galilee, this important woman found herself stateless and between cultures. Musa and her son were forced into a political wilderness where the Aramaic speaking Hebrews’ of the old ways were residing at places like the Nabataean Stronghold’s of Petra, Bethany east of the river Jordan, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.

By the time John was baptizing hordes of people in the Jordan and Jesus was preaching to the multitudes from the mountain tops about the approaching Kingdom of God; Eli-Sabbath, the Syro-Phoenician Goddess of the Sabbath and Queen Musa, the ex-Parthian Goddess, were nowhere to be found. Martha, Mary mother of Jesus and the younger Mary of Magdala were the main female players in the new religious movement that was eventually going to be known as Christianity.

Herod II, Herod Antipas, Herod Agrippa and Herodias, who seemed to be married to all of them at various times, became the main enemies of the new religion; but backed by Rome and led by Saul, the Pharisees and Sadducees of the defiled Temple of Jerusalem; they beheaded, crucified, stoned, imprisoned, tortured and generally hacked their way through John, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Steven and eventually every disciple they could lay their hands on. After Jesus miraculously survived his crucifixion, the movement relocated itself into the friendlier realms of their Parthian neighbors which extended as far as India and China.

After a ten year rampage of murder and persecutions of the peaceful followers of Jesus and Mary Magdalene; Saul, became Paul, the main authority of the Christian New Testament;

Saul — Saul at the stoning of Stephen — Paul

He was eventually stopped when he was captured whilst on a raid into Parthian Damascus.”

Buzz jumped up and out of his chair with a loud unprintable exclamation and started to pace the floor, encircling a bemused Natalie. After he began to settle down and stopped waving his arms around he looked straight at Nat with a piecing stare.

“Do you realize that if that version of those well studied events had of even been uttered in the past that you and I could have been burnt at the stake?”

“Yes” replied Natalie” but that has nothing to do with the truth of the matter, does it?”

“No” replied Gabriel “but you must realize how many people would be offended by the mere suggestion that Jesus and his entourage were anything other than your standard Hebrew – Christian view.”

Before she had a chance to answer the doors of the library burst open and Laurence demanded their attention.

“The bait has been taken and is running; we have the opportunity to intercept now, if we leave immediately.”

“Do we have time to pack any thing before we get back on the plane?” asked Natalie

“We aren’t going on the jet this time, we have a mobile communication van complete with bunks ready to roll. I can explain anything you need to know when we are on the road but for now we must move.”

Buzz gave Nat a humorous look as he saluted Laurence and said “Aye, Aye Sir, lead on.”

On to Chapter Nine


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