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Did you know, according to a lawyer featured on the ABC law report (9-12-08), under the Mental Health Act in Australia you can be taken away from you computer, medicated and locked up indefinitely (pending tribunal review) for writing in a manner some might consider damaging to your reputation. Now I don’t understand why they haven’t enforced it on people like Andrew Bolt, John J Ray, Peter Hollingworth or even (God Dick Dawk forbid) Phillip Adams but regardless of what I think of them, I’m glad they haven’t.

My objection, to this particular piece of National Insanity, is not that we shouldn’t  have the facility to detain people for their own good but someone, somewhere can decide these things based on their particular slant on what it is to slander your own reputation with out consulting you until after you have been detained, medicated and possibly ECT rehabilitated. Now as I understand this, if John Howodd was in charge of this process, a whole different bunch of potential consumers of Mental Heath Services are considered rather than if Kevin had the final say. If the same was to apply in America at the moment the Funny Farms would be about to rotate their stock and they should be preparing a special place for their new number one guest, who totally trashed his own reputation all around the world…!

In  Northern NSW over the How-odd years, the Richmond clinic was in charge of this process and for anyone in the know, they trashed their reputation by continuing on the practises of Chelmsford regardless of an ongoing inquiry into their controversial therapies. There is no doubt in my mind that this system was used to imprison people who had done nothing illegal by people whose behaviour was questionable at best. So under the rules as they stand, because they have ruined their credibility, they should have to detain themselves.Anyway, I have got nothing to fear because I trashed my reputation years ago (if I ever had one) and anything I have to say these days can only be an improvement. Yippy-i-o-ki-a.


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