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The doors of the large pantec truck opened and Sir Hamish was standing above an unfolding staircase waving to them as they crossed from the villa to the idling unit; he indicated that they should quickly ascend to his level. As they entered the well equipped modern and technologically advanced mobile communication center, the unseen driver lurched forward beginning their chase. Buzz looked around the ample setting and picked out a place for him to sit, the bottom bunk in a stack of three seemed the obvious. Laurence deposited his stately frame in the swivel chair in front of a group of monitors, Sir Hamish and Natalie shared the couch and table.

“Where are we heading for?” asked Nat

“We have been advised that our pigeon has left Zurich and is heading for the Italian Boarder, we will be trying to intercept him where ever he chooses to stay tonight.” Answered Laurie

“Will we be returning to the villa?” Nat questioned further

Sir Hamish cut in and began to explain the logistics of the plan so far, “All our things will be loaded onto the jet and if we don’t have to return the plane will be flown to wherever we are, so your fathers’ things will be well looked after and you don’t have to worry your pretty head about it my dear Natalie.”

Buzz stood up from his bunk and walked over to where Laurence was now monitoring movements on his electronic equipment.

“So how does all this work? He quizzed

Laurie flipped a few switches and turned his attention to Gabriel

“This monitor here shows us where our target is moving, it’s a combination G.P.S and state of the art mapping device, we can pull up the route of a target and look at it in real time, so as to get an accurate picture of what’s going on at street level. Over here we have a similar unit that monitors our route and feeds back a constant steam of information, ensuring we get to where we want to go with a minimum of fuss. This computer here is linked with all the emergency services for the whole of Europe and scans police activity where ever we go so as can never be intercepted by surprise or wander unannounced into a police action.”

“Very impressive.” Stated Buzz “Anything else I should know about?”

“We have access to all mainstream communications channels as well as a secured network of private agents where ever we are likely to go; a small army of loyal men can be put together anytime, anywhere at very short notice.”

“That’s very handy.” Quipped Buzz

“We have a man that is following our target, at a sustainable distance, since he left Zurich an hour ago. He is travelling at a very subdued pace, almost like a legitimate tourist and he will be available to us by the time we all rendezvous. You can speak to him or the man we have waiting at the border, through this microphone any time you like.”

“It seems as though you have it all well in hand. Seeing we didn’t have time to eat before we left, is there any thing to eat on this bus?” he asked

“Open that cupboard over there and you will find a fully equipped kitchen that is well stocked with some rather excellent microwave dinners.” Recommended Laurence

“Is there any good music to be had?”

“There is a digital system loaded for most music tastes and a set of headphones for every bunk.”

“Awesome dude, do you mind if I smoke?”

“Yes,” said Laurence with no sign of amusement on his face “this is a non- smoking environment.”

Buzz waited till his meal pinged in the microwave oven, collected it, moved back to his bunk and stuck the headphones on.

Sir Hamish and Natalie had been having a pleasant conversation on the lounge about her most recent revelations.

“The last I heard you were connecting with Sarah and her descendants from the bible; how is that going?” asked Hamish

“I have been having a personal panoramic view on the importance of the spirit of Great Lady through out history and I have been trying to verbalize it through a series of conversations with Gabriel. You could ask me about many historical figures like the Queen of Sheba, Jezebel or Cleopatra and I could relate to you any number of stories from a personal perspective. I could tell you exactly how ultimate power shifted between Egypt and the Sumerians, Assyria and the Greeks or even the Greeks and the Romans. It all seemed to rely on who had the Breastplate or the Golden Fleece as Homer knew it. The Hebrews attributed it to the Ark of the Covenant and although this was partly true, until you have seen Miriam wearing the Breastplate in front of the Arc, you can’t properly understand.” Stated Nat

“Do you know why no-one knew about this?” asked Hamish

“I feel there were many reasons, survival for one, but I think that it was a very personal thing for her; sharing the actual event was only ever going to happen with an intimate partner, her Osiris.”

“What was the purpose and ramifications of her act of worship?”

“Again there were many answers to that question but I think that the most important was enabling her to participate in an eternal ongoing relationship with the creative force behind the shaping of humanity. When all the pieces were in place, when she wasn’t being manipulated by oppressive regimes and when she wasn’t being forcibly separated from the antiquities then her work before the Ark in the temple would provide all the knowledge required for an eternal ongoing Kingdom of peace and equality.” Answered Nat

“Could you tell me what would happen in the temple when she was conducting her work?” asked Hamish

“Have you ever heard of Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements or Meissner fields and how research in these areas have been associated with the Ark of the Covenant?” interjected Laurence

“No.” replied Natalie

“For hundreds of years famous Masons like Isaac Newton, Christopher Wren and Robert Boyle have pondered the things you are now learning. You could say that an understanding of the workings of the Ark and the scholars that pursued it are the foundation stones of science as we know it today. Modern Freemasonry owes its existence to unlocking the secrets of Solomon and his temple at Jerusalem. Preceding its establishment in the eighteenth century an order of warlike monks known as the ‘Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon’ liberated Jerusalem from the Saracens and relocated the Ark to Paris in the eleventh century.”

“I didn’t know these things,” said Natalie “please tell me more.”

“France was the center of western civilization at the time and ‘The Children of Solomon’, who worshipped the Ark at the Paris chapter of the Knights Templar, were the only alternative to a recalcitrant Catholic Church. They eventually warred against one another and by the fourteenth century France was not safe for Templar’s and their treasures so they relocated to Scotland where Robert the Bruce presided as grand master over the “Elder Brethren of the Rosy Cross. The St Clair’s, Barons of Roslyn, became the keepers of the Treasures of the French Templar’s and laid the foundation for the Roslyn Chapel that would house the Ark. William Sinclair and Mary De Guise formalized relationships extending to the Americas along with their fleet of ships that discovered it. They formed The Orders of Garter and Thistle for the protection of women that were associated with their Lodges and that tradition continues till this very day with the Order of the Eastern Star and Modern day Freemasonry.” Declared Laurence

“So what you are telling me is that what I have been learning about the Spirit of the Great Lady and her work in front of the Ark are incorporated into the beliefs of your organization?” asked Nat

“Absolutely, although not many people outside the Order would have ever known that and not all those in the various Orders would have either, it’s been privileged information.”

Arms of the United Grand Lodge of England

Avdi- Vide- Tace is the motto it means Hear, See and be Silent

“So famous women we all know, would have been incorporated in this conspiracy?” commented Nat, continuing her line of questioning

“Worship of the feminine in connection with the Ark and the Godhead of the patriarchal system of mainstream churches have traditionally been rewarded with execution or ostracism at least.

Even heads of government and European royalty have fallen foul of that particular intricacy of an inquisition based regime. The fear of exposure has stifled the sciences as well as the facts of history. What the bulk of mankind has been fed, in the name of religion, has been superstition, propaganda and outright lies; while those that know the truth have used that truth to monopolize their power. By playing their cards close to their chests a privileged class has built a wall to the exclusion of the bulk of the peoples, now that wall has become a prison with no way out and depending on which side you are with, a dangerous game.” Concluded Laurence

“Now that I have been made aware of these things, am I destined to be bound by the same restraints, I mean what good can I do, for that mater what’s the purpose of enlightening me to it all?”

“That is the question, if I could simply click my fingers and change it then there would be no reason for involving you or Gabriel. From what I understand and have observed of you and your abilities, we will be looking towards you for answers. All that I can say is that you have my full support and with the blessing of the Great Lady herself I believe there is a solution. This journey we are on has enriched my enthusiasm and heightened expectations that a new era is dawning; meeting you and hearing you speak so clearly on things that have only been whispered about compel me to be more determined than ever to do whatever I can to help change the downward slide that the establishment has locked onto. My earnest desire to locate the Breastplate and your father has become my quest as well as yours.” Finished Laurence

Natalie stood up from the lounge where she was seated with Hamish and walked over to grasp Laurie’s hands, gave him the loving look of a faithful daughter and kissed him on his balding forehead. “Thank you” she said “now explain to me what you were talking about before on Orbital Rearranged Monatomic Elements and how that relates to the work before the Ark.”

“Oh yes, what I can tell you about is the substance that was termed the philosophers stone and what it meant to the men that sorted out an understanding of it. In the Ancient Egyptian world it was referred to as the bread of life and Sobekhotep, the crocodile headed deity, was in charge of its distribution. It was supposed to be a powder of white gold and when ingested prolonged the life of the user; as far as all the study that was done on the subject and I can assure you it was vast, this was monatomic gold. It’s created in the immense heat of a Meissner field and that’s exactly what we assume is the nature of the Ark. When it’s positioned correctly positioned and suspended so as the energy doesn’t ground then the build up of the Meissner field around it provides the environment for pure gold to be transmuted into a colloidal powder suitable for digestion and this was associated with the wearer of the breastplate and her work in front of the Ark.”

I’ve been seeing that in my visions but up till now I didn’t know what it was about.” Said Nat

“If you were keeper of that secret, would you want it to become well known?” asked Laurence

“It depends”

“The ones that have been charged with that duty have had to consider it and now it’s your turn; I only ask that you search yourself deeply and understand the implications before making your decision, it will be the most important one you’ll ever be likely to make.”

“Please tell me more about those that have been in that position.” Requested Natalie

“What you are asking me to do is explain to you secret rites of Masonry that my oaths, as a Master of the craft and its thirty three degrees, forbid me to do. What we have been discussing, as you already know, has been protected information that has only passed between initiates of the most elite fraternities. The Order of the Rosa Cruces with such distinguished Grand Masters as Sir Francis Bacon, Queen Elizabeth the first’s illegitimate son and James the first, a Stuart King of England carried the secret works of Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel. These Fourteenth century alchemists were reported to have found the secret of the Philosophers Stone and eternal life in an ancient document from Abrahams and Sarah’s time. They were said to have faked their own deaths and lived on under assumed names as was Sir Francis and his lover Elizabeth Hatton two centuries later. These founding Masons thought that the secrets were important enough to put in place a series of codes and devices that are still in place today, it is reported that there are people who are prepared to kill to keep that system in tact; do you understand what I am saying to you?”

Engravings from Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel’s empty tomb (dated 1410).

King James I Francis Bacon Elizabeth Hatton Elizabeth I

Natalie only had time for a quick “Yes” to Laurence’s question, when Gabriel cut into the serious nature of their conversation with a lighthearted comment,

“Sounds like you need a little comic relief. Did you hear about the constipated accountant? He couldn’t budget.”

That was enough to ease the tension and bring a roar of laughter from Sir Hamish.

“I told you he was a Mr. Smarty pants.” He declared to Laurence who turned and spoke directly to Buzz

“Don’t you forget to be serious when the time comes and it will come sooner or later?”

“O.K Mr. Master Mason, tell me then, if we were to reveal some of these thing you have been speaking about, would it be you that we would have to worry about?”

“No, lucky for you I am of a more liberal philosophy that would like to see things more out in the open but I wouldn’t like to be the one that pushed it. If you could come up with some solutions for the problems it would create then you’ll have my full backing.”

Buzz paused a minute to allow Laurence’s words to sink in and then came back with, “You mean if every one could extend their life expectancy then we would have a population explosion that couldn’t be sustained.”

“Yes, doesn’t that bother you?”

“No, I’ve heard all the arguments for reductionism, eugenics and I don’t subscribe to them. I think that if as much effort when into educating people than as does keeping them ignorant, then a sustainable level of population could be archived whatever the circumstance.”

“Bravo!” exclaimed Hamish “and what do you say Natalie?” he finished off with

“I don’t claim to be an expert on it, but I tend to agree with Gabriel. I think that if we could educate and assist people to live sustainable lifestyles then a lot of the world’s problems could be solved. If the people that are making fortunes out of raping the world’s resources were to invest in mass producing the technology we need then larger groups of humanity could lead responsible, productive and wealthier lifestyles, narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor.”

“Well said “interjected Buzz “but they have no intention of doing that because it suits their cause to widen the gap, it’s no use being filthy rich unless you can have a morel reason to subjugate the masses into slaving for you and then applauding you for what a good job your doing.”

“Spoken like a good communist.” Stated Laurie

“Spoken like a good cold war warrior.” Said Buzz

“You’re not going to tell me that Russia was right.”

“You know Laurie that’s what’s wrong with your generation, you only see things in black and white, good or bad, Labor or Conservative; let me tell you something about the modern world we see things in color, multi-dimensional thinking verses a bi-polar mentality; no way is totally right and no way is totally wrong, round tables instead of a Westminster system. In my world of thinking everyone has a right to their opinion and everyone should have a vote, real democracy instead of a type of democracy that gives you the choice between tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum.”

There was an uneasy pause in the conversation when Laurence finally said “Finished?”


“You might be right Mr. Smarty pants but the reality that I live in is bi-polar, you are either with them or you are against them and they hold the gun. So my advice to you is to keep your head down or you just might get it shot off.”

“Well I think we can agree on that, thanks for the advice.” Finished off Buzz

Laurence swung his swivel chair around and returned to his monitors while Hamish decided it was time for him to eat. He moved over to the kitchenette and begun shuffling items. Nat looked at Buzz and shrugged her shoulders in away that satisfied him that she was significantly on his side but didn’t fully understand what it was all about.

“Could we do a bit more work on our sorties into the past while we have the chance? I thought we were on a breakthrough moment when all this interruption began and I would like to get back to where we were.”

“Sure,” said Buzz “let’s focus on Elizabeth.” As he settled himself down on the couch next to Nat

“Elizabeth resided within the fortified walls of Jerusalem since the time of Mark Antony who had been protector of the harem left over from the time of Cleopatra, after the defeat at Actium. She became the head priestess of the Temple and in charge of the Virgins who had been set aside in an isolated part of Herod’s palace. They had remained unmolested since Herod had become paranoid and removed himself to his desert fortress, near Bethlehem in the south. The Sanhedrin of elite Jews were ruling Jerusalem and Zachary had been elected to carry out the duties of Head Priest. On a day when all those involved with the operation of the Temple had gathered, it was his duty was to carry the golden tithes into the inner sanctum as an offering to their God Yahweh. He alone was responsible for the most sacred part of the ceremony that was performed in front of the Ark of the Covenant and would enter beyond the veil where no prying eyes were to gaze. If all went as planed God would receive their gold and return to them ‘Manna’ or the white powder known as ‘the bread of life’ for distribution to the faithful.

He was nervous as he received the golden tithes from the leaders of the twelve tribes, who were there ‘en mass’ to protect their investment and to tell the truth, most of them expected to receive favors for their taxes not the fabled white powder as promised but never delivered. Many had never attended an event such as this before and had only heard tell of it, Zachary too, had often wondered if the legends were true but when it became his turn to lead the others in this ceremony; Elizabeth had assured him that all would go well and he would be remembered for his participation in this momentous event.

Wearing the bejeweled Breastplate of Aaron, he moved slowly into the inner sanctum laden with the hopes of Israel and its’ Gold. The darkness of the room was varied only by the light coming from the Ark, but as his eyes adjusted he realized he wasn’t alone. Behind the Alter stood Elizabeth wearing only the Golden Bejeweled Breastplate of Narmer distinguished by its feminine shape. She spoke softly to him and he moved directly in front of the Ark, placing the offering on it and as he did it began to glow brighter.”

At this point in the telling of Natalie’s story, Gabriel had lost consciousness and was feeling as if he were there in the temple with them. He was witnessing the event firsthand and as Elizabeth began to glow along with the Ark he could see that she had shaved off all of her hair and seemed as though she was wearing the ‘Horns of Isis’. As the intensity of the moment grew her radiance became unworldly and she rose above the Ark, which was exactly where he was viewing it from. Her face, strangely now resembling Natalie’s, leveled with his and as she was looking him directly in the eyes she uttered his name. They seemed to become one but as the light was so bright it was impossible to tell.

Zachary had stepped backwards and had fallen on his bum but his eyes were riveted to the event now taking place high above him, gradually he lost consciousness. When he began to awaken in the dark and empty inner sanctum, he wasn’t sure whether he had dreamt it, although Elizabeth had instructed him what to do when this moment came. What was it he remembered? Get up, leave the temple and speak to no one; he repeated it to himself over and over till he had summoned the courage to do exactly that.

Buzz had snapped back into the moment and awoke to Natalie smiling face; she had her finger to her lips and didn’t say a thing but he knew exactly what she meant. He waited an appropriate amount of time and then said to her

“That was incredible let’s do it again.”

He quickly looked around and realized that Hamish and Laurence were totally unaware of what had just happened, they were busying themselves with their various activities. Nat leaned over and whispered into his ear and Buzz acknowledged her words with a look that could only have meant, ‘I wish that we were alone’, but as that wasn’t the case he said

“What about Mary?”

“Elizabeth’s cousin?” questioned Nat

“Yes.” Replied Buzz

“Well let’s find out shall we?”


“Concentrate” said Nat

They both settled back into their corners and began to think about Mary, the woman she was before she was the mother of Jesus. After awhile Natalie spoke in a low tone that just managed to pierce his consciousness.

“Young Mary enjoyed her time in the solitude of the convent like women’s quarters of the palace; she had not known anything else. Daily prayers and ceremonial rituals had not become mundane to her as it obviously had too many of the older Virgins. When the gaggle would begin their sniggering over maters sexual and the women that had ‘tended the well’ offered advice to the ones that had yet to attain that status, Mary would bury herself in contemplation of the sacred secrets that the reverential Elizabeth had confided to her alone.

It was this that separated her from the group and everyone had noticed; her simple dedication to the spiritual matters and her innocence to the world singled her out as ‘blessed among the women’. When the time came to select a special one the choice was obvious. Mary had never had any knowledge of men, except the neutered asexual guards that protected her and the others, so it was a shock to all the women including Elisabeth when the Sanhedrin elders ordered the eunuchs to bring young Mary to them in the temple without the chaperoning of the reverend mother.

The self appointed leaders of the twelve tribes of Israel and Judah had been having regular meetings in the temple to discuss the state of their nation. They represented a privileged class, who up until then had obtained their status by backing the various war lords from the time of Julius Caesar. Now that Herod the Greats time was coming to an end a rebellious attitude presided over their arguments over who would be the next King of the Jews. Herod and his obedience to Rome was an abomination to them, his bastard children were either dead by his hand or as insane as the man himself. They had decided that they alone would choose who their tribes would swear allegiance to in the coming Kingdom of God that they were planning. Seeing that they were never going to agree on whose descendant the honor would fall to, it was decided that they would mix their seed in the womb of a chosen one and allow God to decide.

Mary was led into the temple by the eunuchs she had trusted all her life and she only started to panic when they striped her naked in front of the heavily bearded and ornately adorned group of men. Her heart was thumping as never before when she was laid across the alter; she was sure she was about to be slaughtered and if any of the men present believed that the sacrifice of a virgin would solve their present predicament, then that’s what would have happened. As the first man approached her the fear she was experiencing accelerated into a catatonic state. The wild pumping of blood through her small body overcame her consciousness and her soul momentarily left the scene.”

Gabriel also had a similar effect in the present moment and he found himself again in a pleasant non-descript place where he found he could communicate with the now becalmed Mary. They seemed to be comfortable with one another and he felt as though he had to explain to her that she was going to be all right and that god was going to bless her with a child. He indicated that she would be very proud of him as he would become very knowledge-able and lead the people as a prince of peace.

Eventually she regained her consciousness in the temple and all the men were gone except for one, he waited till she was fully awake and assisted her to her feet whilst gently wrapping a blue cape around her. He explained to her in a very caring way that they were going on a long journey together and that it was his job to look after her.”

Both Buzz and Natalie were sound asleep on the couch and they stayed that way for many an hour dreaming of Jesus and his education while he was being raised in Egypt.


Chapter Ten


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