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Back to Chapter Eleven

From the moment Laurence and Sir Hamish left behind St Bernard’s and began to wind their way down to Rome, following the ancient path of Hannibal, through the marbled Tuscany Mountains of Northern Italy; they busied themselves with the operational aspects of what had now become their assignment. Via the sophisticated equipment they carted with them in their caravan of electronic wizardry, all the bits and pieces of their new plan began to crystallize into place and they started to feel more and more at ease with it.

Sir Hamish applied himself with keeping the prisoner disorientated, convinced of the hopelessness of his situation and sure that his future safety depended on co-operating with his captors. He repeatedly went over what would be required of him when they got to Rome and underneath the blindfolding hood, the captive could hear Laurence on the two-way radio going over details with various accomplices giving the obvious opinion that resistance would be useless. When ever they didn’t want the prisoner to hear what they were saying Hamish would lock him in the soundproof toilet cubical that was neatly tucked into the corner of the truck; when it didn’t mater or they wanted him to hear he would be returned to his bunk and shackled into place. In the end he would be required to deliver a message, that’s all; but in the meantime he would have to be convinced he was surrounded by villains that wouldn’t hesitate to kill him if he didn’t fully co-operate. His reward for doing everything properly, as instructed, would be his very life.

The problems from Otto’s perspective were insurmountable; when he had taken the assignment he was completely assured it would be a simple uncomplicated process and he would have all the back-up he could possibly need. In Zurich it had certainly been the case but because of how easy it had been to acquire the Breastplate, and how sure he had been of himself, he had dismissed the unit that was assigned to guard him and protect the antiquity, in favor of a low profile return to Rome. Big mistake, by the time he realized that things weren’t going his way and Laurence’s men had surrounded him, it was to late to do any thing about it.

He had been thinking it was quite a smart move not to attract attention to himself by going it alone through the out of the way border crossing instead of having a large contingent of security men by his side. They had picked him off at the right time and place because thinking he was home and hosed; he had just notified his controller in Rome that every thing had gone well and he would be making the delivery on time the next day, so as far as anyone knew that was exactly what was happening.

Otto was sufficiently positioned in his organization so as not to have to take orders from anyone except the very top echelons of power. Many forays into the shadowy world of artifact recovery had made him above suspicion, when it came to his trustworthiness but never the less if he was to abscond at any time with the money or the goods, he knew his life would not be worth living.

Now here he was about to enter the offices of the highest bureaucratic authority in the Holy Sea and tells them he had just bungled away six million Euros of their money and was returning empty handed; he didn’t feel as though his life was very certain at all. The promises of his captors to protect him if he could convince his master and controller of the absolute authenticity of the Breastplate and that it was worth letting him go as well as Joseph McHale to get their hands on it, was going to be the hardest thing he would have to do in his entire life. Even though he hadn’t convinced himself he could do it, he couldn’t see that he had any other options at the moment. Sir Hamish had been absolutely relentless in making sure Otto knew exactly where he stood and that successfully completing their requests was the only way out.

Otto was constantly mulling over in his head the facts as Hamish had presented them, either do it as they prescribed and receive a new identity and a job in some safe corner of the world or die by the hands of his now previous employers. With the inevitability of the approaching bind becoming closer every minute, weighing up the pros and cons of this one was a no brainer; if he didn’t want to walk out on the people he had been associated with before this unfortunate episode had been inflicted upon him, what could he look forward to? Not a lot, all the efforts at becoming the expert in his field had amounted to him being the dogsbody for men he despised; years of bowing and scraping to carve for himself a miserable life in the dusty corners of the dark, dank vaults of a cabal of selfish despots, who liked to occasionally view the secret cashes of undocumented finds, important art and items of rare antiquity.

So why not submit to the demands of his captors? It wasn’t like he would be leaving behind a wife and children, he never had the time or opportunity to make that a reality; the times he had left his gilded prison below the Papal castle was usually to travel to obscure destinations and with military precision acquire trinkets to transport back to his mausoleum of hidden delights. Otto had been bourn into an aristocratic family of European nobles whose status in world affairs had been downgraded because of their connections with Nazi-fascism; he had never really felt part of his family as from a very early age he had been handed over to catholic minders who had brainwashed him into a religion he didn’t have any respect for. Intense schooling had led to an extended period in Seminary vocational positioning and eventually him taking his place as an art expert for the church.

Art hadn’t been one of his personal talents but never the less he had managed to accumulate knowledge that allowed him to top all his classes like Art History; the ability to recognize the work of great masters seemed to be genetically inherited, so to the aura of command that allowed him to move into the position of authority he held within the catholic church. Now he was about to throw all that away to placate these people who had captured him during the course of carrying out his duties and suddenly it didn’t seem all that bad. He was ready to unconditionally agree to aid Sir Hamish and Laurence in convincing the fascist, militaristic wing of the Vatican that the breastplate they had sent him to acquire was indeed worth the added price of the release of Joe McHale.

On his release in front of St. Peters Square, Otto was well primed, wired and equipped to complete the essential task he was given by his new associates and was looking forwards to achieving it so he could get on with the new life they were promising him. Sir Hamish and Laurence had satisfied themselves they could trust him although they would monitor him throughout all the phases he would have to complete for them to succeed in the task at hand.

St. Peter’s Square, Rome

While Natalie and Buzz were in transit back to the Villa on the Mediterranean, they had time to go over the revelations they had received since leaving there the day before. Their conversation had an aspect of privacy about it as James there chuffer had donned a set of head phones and was alternating between two-way conversations with the mobile unit and some of his favorite music which happened to be on storage disc in the consul of the car he was driving .

“How do you fell about Jesus now that you have had insights into the nature of his calling and a rethink about his miraculous birthright” thoughtfully asked Buzz

“Strangely enough I feel much closer than I ever have before; I haven’t been a fan of religion in any form, tending to think of them as trouble making organizations hiding behind a semblance of piety, manipulating old stories to prop up their own authority.

So I hadn’t ever really thought of Jesus except in those terms, but now his teachings are starting to make sense to me.”

“Go on” said Buzz

“My limited knowledge had been gleaned from my school days and the standard tales that were told. His miraculous conception to a woman of no particular importance, the birth in a manger at what I imagined was Israel’s tidy town of Bethlehem and a back-water early childhood as a nobody carpenter. I wondered about his exile into Egypt and thought he mush have received some kind of official education there because when he returned he seemed to be so knowledgeable. Why he waited till he was thirty to start his ministry was a mystery to me and then to go around doing miracles until his death and resurrection seemed like it fell into the same category as Greek mythology. So to sum up what I felt about it all would be; why go thorough all that to appease a god who was so mean he required the torturing and murder of his so called son, only to take him away to a mysterious heaven and leave behind a bunch of inadequate apostles to start a church that didn’t seem to do anything for the benefit of man kind except favor a small portion of Mediterranean types. I’m afraid it didn’t do anything for me except make sure I steered clear of anyone who would want to convince me to believe as it was a faith I had no interest in and any study directed towards that area seemed pointless.”

Buzz cut in and requisitioned further comment, “I repeat my question, what do you think now?”

“In perspective to what we have been learning, I can see clearly where he fits in; the spirit he was connecting to was vastly different to the Santa Clause type god I had assumed was the God of the Old Testament. Suddenly his teachings fill my mind with relevance for all peoples of this Earth of ours regardless of their stated religion. I can envisage Him having no more respect for a Trinity or Godhead that absented the feminine than I do. If the Mary’s, that were so predominant in the gospels, were the descended authority of the Breastplate and he had been educated by them in the Ancient Egyptian and Syro-Phoenician ways as well as the Hebrew-Judaism’s he has been accredited with, then the stories of the woman at the well, the stoning of the woman he saved and his association with Mary Magdalene start to make a lot more sense to me, even though he was beating his head against a chauvinistic brick wall that still exists till this day.”

“What about the Miracles?” asked Buzz, as he propped himself up in the corner of the car, indicating he was ready for a long answer and a good story.

“Well let’s take the walking on the water incident; it seems straightforward enough if you take it on face value as reported in the Koine Greek, New Testament Documents; but as you might know they often wrote in a style called Peshitta, a Syrian Aramaic style that allows the writer to layer the text with deeper meanings for those that have ears. Now I know what it means to have those ears on, I feel as though I can expound on the deeper meaning.

If Jesus was considered a messiah to some of those in the Jewish faction of his entourage, then to those knowledgeable in the Egyptian beliefs he would have been considered a Horus; this would have entitled him to a special education to prepare for the transition towards becoming Osiris. In fulfilling that role Jesus would have been expected to unite the two kingdoms of his day, which we have been learning was the Roman based Greek speaking rulers of the Mediterranean and the Syrian based,

Aramaic speaking Parthians, who had been kicked out of Egypt by Julius Caesar and pursued into Mesopotamian by Mark Antony. Jesus knew that if he was to unite these two long term enemies he was going to have to walk both sides of the river, speak both languages as well as the Hebrew of the Jews who occupied the middle ground and the Holy city of Jerusalem. If he was truly a Prince of Peace, a Horus and was going to become a King of Kings, an Osiris then he would have been expected to walk on the water that occupied the gulf that separated the two cultures as well as raise an army of peaceful disciples and apostles to assist him in bringing about His united Kingdom of God.

From a woman’s perspective, specifically one who had been raised as an Isis, Mary would have seen Jesus as an ideal candidate for the weighing of the heart ceremony. Considering what we have learnt about the authority of the Breastplate and how that power was transferred, Mary Magdalene was perfectly positioned to be that woman and when she anointed Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair, it was symbolic that she had accepted Him as her Osiris.

Now back to the miracle of walking on the water; this was symbolic of his unique ability to walk both sides of the symbolic Nile which at that time ran through the disputed territories of Israel and Judah and even though Jesus and His Osirian mission was destined to be rejected by the western authorities, his presence was welcomed in the east. From the time of His crucifixion the veil of the temple was rent in two, East went east and west went west; this had the effect of pushing Jesus’ followers and the women of the Breastplate deeper into Parthian territory. Confirming this is the fact that Paul, known as Saul at the time, led Military style attacks on followers of the Way into Parthian Damascus for Ten years after the Crucifixion.

Gabriel cut in feeling the need to review what Nat was saying,

“If I am not mistaken what you are saying is, in your opinion, the factions aligned with the European culture surrounding Jesus at the time of His crucifixion robed themselves of the opportunity to be more closely attuned to the teachings and the principles of the authority of the Breastplate by their rejection of Jesus and the women that accompanied Him.”

“Yes” replied Natalie

“So the Greek speaking Roman style Jews like Saul, never had the authority of the Breastplate or the Ark of the Covenant?”

“Not since the time of Cleopatra and Mark Antony’s dedication to the building of the second Temple that Elizabeth and Zacharias withdrew from.”

“Then what follows is if Jesus and Mary had of been received as the Osiris and Isis of their day then they would have been installed as the King and Queen of a united Roman- Parthian peace pact that would have had a correctly operating temple and staff at the heart of a Jerusalem based new world order.” said Buzz

“Instead, when they rejected this by crucifying the Christ, they ignited a war between East and West that we are still feeling the effects today.”

“Do I take it for granted that you think Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, as is now commonly suspected?” asked Buzz

“I know they were, but as with everything else we have been learning, you have to put that into perspective with what was going on at the time. I would like you to think about the ‘Wedding at Cana’ which was comprehensively documented as the moment Jesus began His miraculous career by turning ‘Water into Wine’. If we look at the record of that event without our rose colored glasses on and listen to the author with ears that are prepared to hear, then it isn’t difficult to imagine what was going on here was bigger than the simple marriage of two unnamed people. The bringing together of important factions was traditionally celebrated by the pairing off of a princess with a prince and the associated harems and households merging into one.

The type of people that Jesus and Mary were hanging around with were hostile towards the Herodean dictator that overshadowed their lives with threats of death, on a daily basis, for any act that they might deem seditious or blasphemous. The Pharisees and Sadducees, who were the ruling class of the time, would not hesitate to arrest, torture, crucify or cut the head off any one they thought might be plotting to overthrow them or their evil system.”

“So, it doesn’t take a genius to work out, if Jesus’ religious party, that had inherited the followers of the recently beheaded John the Baptist, was going to wed the Syro-Phoenicians Princess, Mary of Magdala in Cana that they wouldn’t have been handing out invitations in Jerusalem.”

“No and if you were so inclined as to be filled with the same spirit as Jesus and Mary in regards to their desire for a new ruling class in Jerusalem then you would have had to learn to keep your mouth shut because Herod II had his spies everywhere. If you wanted to inform others about the recent happy event in which many people were filled with the spirit to support a new kingdom that would treat people fairly, then it would have been wise to use the Peshitta technique of talking about a bridegroom turning vessels that were filled with a low octane content into supercharged versions that were filled with the new high octane spirit so desperately desired at the time.”

“Please continue” said Buzz

“If my explanation of Jesus turning ‘water into wine’ has the deeper meaning of Baptism in the Holy Spirit, then when He called for the empty vessels, that were then filled with water from the well, it was symbolic of saying those that had received the baptism of John and had knowledge of the old ways. When he turned them into being filled with wine it was symbolic of making them priests and priestesses in His coming Kingdom of God and from thereon in considered filled with the Holy Spirit.

One of them was singled out and presented to the Master, who on pronouncing ‘the best had been left to last’ bestowed upon her the honor of becoming His high priestess or Isis, depending on how you looked at it. But this knowledge was only for those that had ears because if the powers that be, of the time, had of got wind of what had been going on they would have been hunted down and slaughtered like dogs; probably by Saul of Tarsus the guy who was responsible for producing most of the Greek New Testament and for teaming up with Simon to become Peter and Paul, the founding fathers of the Catholic Church in Rome.

From then on in whenever Jesus was ‘healing the sick’, ‘giving sight to the blind’, ‘raising the dead’ he would be forgiving their previous shortcomings and enlisting them into the swelling ranks of His revitalized movement for political change and when He ‘fed the multitudes’ he would be educating them in ‘The Way’. The Pharisees’ and Sadducees’ found all this heretical to ‘their way’ of worshiping ‘Yahweh’, their god, but as we know Jesus considered them to be ‘Hypocrites, sons of Satan and a brood of vipers’.

Simon Peter was part of the Pharisee’s dispersia of synagogues in the Roman occupied parts of Palestine like Capernaum, on the Sea of Galilee; so as with other Pharisees he could have been called to report to the ruling class Sadducees that occupied the very best of positions in the city of Jerusalem and worshiped at the Temple daily. It was at one such meeting that he denied Jesus three times, leading to His crucifixion even though the day before when Jesus had predicted that Simon, Peter would do this to Him ‘before the cock crowed three times’ and had said to him ‘get behind me Satan’ for suggesting that Jesus was indeed ‘the Christ’ or in other words the one they intended to nail to a cross.”

“Truly amazing!” exclaimed Buzz “Please continue”

“Saul was a King in Hebrew tradition, a sleazy individual, with the backing of the Empirical power of his day. David was the honorable young man of the people who rose up with the backing of the Edomites, the Arabic speaking peoples of his day, to eventually defeat Saul and unite the Kingdoms from Babylon to Kush. When the peoples started talking about Jesus as being the descendant of David and the Heir to his throne, it was only natural that anyone named after Saul would have been offended; especially if you had of been in with the rulers of Jerusalem at the time, which Saul of Tarsus was. Tarsus was a Greek speaking, Romanized front line town in the war against Aramaic Speaking Parthians from the Province of Pontius in Asia Minor. Pilot, the Roman backed Governor of occupied Judea, the one that washed his hands over the unjust condemning of Jesus to crucifixion by the Sanhedrin of Jewish leaders, was also from that area and must have know Saul personally. It was in this context that Pontius Pilot was asked to judge between acknowledging Jesus as the Davidic King of the Jews or what turned out to be Saul’s choice of the murderous Bar-abbas [Bar, meaning son of. Abbas meaning the fathers] or loosely translated ‘choice of the church fathers’.

Now I think it is extremely relevant to point out at this time that Saul, who was to become Paul, by his own admitions in his Koine Greek letters to the dispersia of roman Christian churches of the first century, begins a ten year reign of terror against the followers of Jesus by pushing them as far back into Parthian territories as possible. Eventually after being captured on a raid into Damascus, classifying himself as a prisoner of Jesus and a stint in Arabia, he reinvents himself as an evangelist and teams up with Simon, Peter the one who denied Jesus three times on the crucial night and Bar-nabbas his cousin to tour around the Mediterranean collecting moneys for the poor people in his church at Jerusalem; to which he failed in delivering.

Call me silly if you like, but I just don’t get it how this man then gets to dictate letters to the seven churches of his day as if he is speaking as God, for God, about Jesus whom he’d crucified on maters of controversial dogmatic doctrine, while he is in jail awaiting trial for his part in the atrocities that were committed in Judea during his time there. When did the people become so naive that they could mistake a murders apologetics as the Word of God and believe him when he says that the man that he murdered died so their sins could be forgiven? Wake up and smell the coffee!”

“What?” grunted Buzz

“Would you like a cup of coffee?” asked James handing over a flask whilst he was still driving

“Yeah, thanks.” Came the reply as he took the container with screw on cup and poured one for him and Natalie to share.

What had just happened was that a long and sustained pause had descended on the conversation because they had drifted off into another vision off the past. Gabe commented on this and began to recount what it was that they had witnessed. “We had been seeing through the eyes of Jesus and Mary while they were reclining in a room with twelve others. There was a low table in the center of the room filled with bread and various dishes of a Mediterranean cuisine; the wine was flowing and the air was filled with the aroma of a Turkish style hooker pipe, which was being shared by all; the women that had provided the feast were hovering on the outskirts of the room and were tending to favor the kitchen area.

Jesus was speaking, everybody’s attention was focused on what it was He was trying to impress on them; the importance of the moment was obvious to all present as he was attempting to summarize His teachings and in going over what He had been saying, He reached into the center of the table and picked up the largest loaf of bread that hadn’t been eaten. When he held it out in front of himself and asked them to consider it the body off his knowledge, Mary sniggered and indicated to Him that she didn’t think they were getting it. He asked them if they could manage to always remember one thing about him when they spoke of this day and that was He knew the geometry of the placebo sphere, he was holding in front of them, in such a way as He could divide it into twelve equal pieces. He did this while handing each of them a piece and saying it represented many things, like the twelve tribes of Jacob or in a simile of the World, a North Pole, a South Pole and ten kingdoms in-between. His understanding of things was multi-dimensional as opposed to the two-dimensional thinking that would divide up a piece of bread like it was a pizza. He invited them to think about that, whenever they sat down to enjoy a meal with one another.

Before he was finished with the lesson but after he successfully plucked twelve crusty bits from the large ball of bread, He dramatically held on to the soft doughy center for Himself, plunged it into a goblet of wine and finally held it up high with the blood red liquid dripping down his arm. It actually looked like he was holding a severed body part when he explained, to His now riveted audience, this was the heart of the matter. He pleaded with them to never forget He sweated blood over the essence of the message he was asking them to take into all the world; in God’s Kingdom all peoples deserved an equal portion, no piece was more important than any other and if they valued the teaching, they would never share wine with anyone without making a point of it.

Dumas and the ones that spoke mainly Aramaic seemed to totally understand what He was saying because He had spoken to them about it in their language; but Simon, Peter and his mates who had only an acquired knowledge of His language, seemed to quibble about the meaning of His display, in their favored language of Koine Greek, saying that they thought He wanted them to eat His body and drink His Blood. Mary laughed again and said that She thought they would never get it.

Jesus was visibly upset as he instructed Judas to go to the Sanhedrin and tell them he was ready to have it out with them; He said that he would be waiting in the garden of Gethsemane for them on his return and he looked at Simon, Peter with distain as he left the room. Mary tried to follow Him but He dismissed Her and said that He would see Her again after the evenings events were over. She knew what was about to happen as they had discussed it many times; He had always maintained that this rebellious right wing Greco- Judean ruling class, as well as the Romans, had the right to participate in the peaceful Kingdom of God even if they were never likely to embrace it. The fact they would probably crucify Him in His attempts to take them His plans was inconsequential to Jesus as His vision of the future had shown Him He would be together with Mary, in their fathers Kingdom, after this part of it was over.

Simon, Peter and his mates were planning to deny Him before the night was out and in doing so would claim that he was only fulfilling scripture and that it had to happen for the salvation of all. This was assuming God was a God requiring Human Sacrifice, even though on several occasions Jesus had said, ‘He had come for compassion not sacrifice’ but their unreasonable desire for Jesus’ blood to cleanse them of their sin was ingrained in their belief system and could not be shaken, no matter what Jesus said.

As it was, the evening’s events played themselves out just as Mary had predicted and it wasn’t till he was hanging on the cross that she saw him again. She was distraught at His suffering but sure He wouldn’t die and was prepared to stay by His side while all others forsook Him. It was her that arranged for the Opium to be sponged to Him on the end of the spear that would eventually piece His side; it was her that begged the Roman soldier not to put the spear in so deep that it would kill him and it was her that waited outside his tomb for him to be revived and doctored back to good health. She alone told the others that He had survived before she went with him into Parthian controlled Tadmore or Palmyra as the Greeks knew it.

From the ancient trading capital deep inside Syria, the descendants of Cleopatra and Elizabeth would rule beside their respective Parthian Kings until the time of the famous Zenobia, two hundred years later, when she would win back Egypt from Roman control and create the environment for what would become Islam. In that part of the world for the next fifteen hundred years, the western powers would regret the day they crucified Jesus instead of accepting His offer of peace. While the Roman Empire crumbled and the Eastern based cultures flourished, the Golden years of Islam put some kind of Balance in what would have been a World wide dictatorship of misguided Caesars.”

Chapter Thirteen


“For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus — and nonbelievers. We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this Earth; and because we have tasted the bitter swill of civil war and segregation, and emerged from that dark chapter stronger and more united, we cannot help but believe that the old hatreds shall someday pass; that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve; that as the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself; and that America must play its role in ushering in a new era of peace.” Barak Obama, inaugural speech 2009.

With all that in mind;

Christians don’t have the right to monopolies on morals, civic duties, education policies, medical dilemmas or scientific directions. Muslims don’t have a right to dictate on alcohol prohibition, dress codes or women’s issues. Jew’s can’t expect special treatment when it comes to discrimination laws and Hindu’s don’t get to set the menu. Nonbelievers have to get in line if they want the same respect others receive in regards to being entitled to your opinion.

My choice to be known as a non-theist, should not distinguish nor discredit me when commenting on any of the above subjects but represent  the thrust of my argument as a guide and a courtesy to others involved in any debate where it is relevant. Their particular beliefs should not influence my logical processes when assessing their input and all participants put in the same boat. Recently, I have noticed, Atheists have been making a pain of themselves when commenting on others rights to believe what they will, in a similar way that new bourn (again) Christians do until they have matured in the faith or till youthful exuberance exhausted.

Let us all settle down when it comes to telling people what they can or cannot believe and join together in BO’s vision of ushering in a new era of peace.


To those who look beyond our present circumstances and imbed concrete realities in the now in such a way as to ensure their efforts will mature; the Johnny Appleseed Society.

Even though current trends tend to steer logical, educated, transformists away from religious or mythological ancient stories, sometimes they are all we have to guide us towards an understanding of how we got into our present place in time and space. The Judao-Christian Bible is  particularly on the nose when it comes to making scientific enquiries and the Sumerian creational accounts not much better but I would suggest worthy of a second glance on the topic of  Uplifting Non- human Animals or creating Chimeras in the search for ‘A Theory of Justice’ or when founding a ‘Great Ape Project’.

While many science fiction writers such as Asimov and Arthur C Clark are given high standing in ‘realist circles’, academics like  Zechariah Stichin are generally left unquoted although in his specific area of enquiry, a giant of opinion and a genius of creative theory.  His work on understanding the uplifting of mankind towards the Godly Anunnaki would seem to me directly relevant to those seeking an understanding of the problems and advantages of transhuman thinking. His ‘Lost Book of Enki’ has the chimera Adam transported back to the Gods home planet Nibiru with the instruction of hiding the fact of his hybrid nature. This was because such activity was unheard of and totally forbidden, so while I should be the last to complain ,seeing I am 98% monkey, I do feel caution should be adhered to as this was reported to be the issue the spiritual hierarchy flooded the earth over. So while we can be all patting one another on the back , admiring one another’s amazing intellect, in the end it could be the most stupidest thing any being  any could aspire to do.

However, I do think it is all academic because the incredibly intelligent leaders of our world absolutely shattered the ecology of our mutual nest and in reality, it will be issues other than this, that will decide the fate of the monkeys as well as the ‘whatever’s’.

Austa- la- vista, baby!

I’ve known many FC’s in my time, my first car was an FC; most red blooded boy’s have fantasised on driving an over polished, internally combusted, fuel guzzling, super model on a long legged journey to an exotic destination but I think it’s about time these penile extensions were parked in the museum for really bad idea’s. No longer should rational, accountable, sane individuals have to gaze upon balding executives, exercising their ego’s in Foreign Convertibles as anything other than irresponsible, childish, selfish behaviour. No longer should race cars for the road, be tolerated for any reason, by anybody. There can be no justification for personal transport that needs the power to exceed 300kph nor should public servants be allowed to endorse them in anyway. They should be treated the same way as Tobacco products that kill, the death toll and cost of hospitalization for the victims unacceptable and all efforts made to put an end to the carnage.

The time has come to stand up against car company executives who think they can continue this insanity while they claim compensation from an already heavily taxed public. If they wish to continue trading in our future transport needs, then terms must be struck to make sure safe, reliable, sensibly paced cars are their priority; not Bathurst prepared V8’s. Publicity, promotions and advertisements regulated in the same way as other life endangering products have to be. Sales restrictions to protect the youth, legislation to protect us all and fines for the non-compliant. We have to stop glorifying James Bond’s, Jack Brabham’s and Peter Brock Specials just like we had to stop idolizing the cigarette smoking celebrity if we want to move forward in the evolutionary stakes. It’s not just a matter of protecting the environment, although that’s reason enough but developing a self preservation attitude against irrational self destructive behaviours and leading the next generation in that direction.

You can barge your way through life, blast along country roads when you think no one is watching or cruise the strip in your hot rod if you really want to, no one can stop you but you should not expect that people won’t look at you like your a moron or pretend they think your cool, that’s the privilege of belonging to a liberal society but my suggestion is that you grow up, behave, stop indulging your fantasies at great social cost and don’t be a FC.

For those that choose the sensible path, don’t encourage the feeble minded in their self indulgence; don’t look longingly upon the overpriced planet stuffing machines when your travelling smart-safe, compliment one another on  your intelligent choices and give the PFC’s a wide berth.

Back to Chapter Ten

‘O.K,” conceded Nat “you have convinced me, my view of the events surrounding the passion of Christ, have a latent tendency to be disgusted with men’s obsession with death and the necessity for it. The accounts of those days have been rammed down women and children’s throats for centuries by men who have lauded it over the rest of humanity because of their ability to be enthroned as guardians of all that is holy whilst murdering, raping and plundering the bulk of humanity. The people were not given the opportunity to read and understand the very documents that allowed the clergy to set themselves up as the intercessors between God and man. When we finally get the opportunity to read these documents ourselves and can quite clearly see the errors and fabrications that have been imposed on us, we are told that for the sake of the unity of the corrupt system that has formed around an élite of elegantly clad academics, we should not rock the boat .

Well, I say ‘screw that’ and not because of a feminist rave, as you would suggest, because of a right to object and insist on the real and accurate version instead of a unified boy’s club version, that has only allowed women to join if they shut up and conform to the previously dictated rules that monopolized the system in the first place. I will… don the Arbitrament of Judgment… and sit in a position of one who cares for the whole body concerned, but I will not forgo that which I know to be true for the comfort of those that have lied.”

“Well said,” applauded Buzz “Your appraisal of the situation is spot on, I wouldn’t have you take a different tack on it and what you described about the events we spoke of may well be accurate but my concern was for the consequences, for you, if you attack that Theologically based cabal. They are merciless in their right to be right and have traditionally directed their great resources towards tearing down and persecuting anyone who would disagree with their dogmatic structure. Do not forget that those that you would offend with your alternative view are the most powerful people in the world today. The Pope is not just the head of the largest religion ever but also the friend of the greatest military build-up that the planet has ever known, backed up by the heavily funded security services like the C.I.A and M.I.5+6. It’s not that they care about the truth of the matter but insist on propping up the existing powers because they are the ones that fund their organizations; so if you don’t want to end up like Jesus and left hanging from your particular cross, think twice about your desire to reveal the truth you adequately described. Don’t think for one second I would support their case over yours; if we can formalize it and back it up with a logical thesis, then you will have my total support. It makes a lot of sense and I have faith that the source you have tapped into is authentic and worthy of my heartfelt devotion.”

Natalie melted to the words Gabriel had so honestly poured out onto the pallet of conversation which had become the most physiologically intimate she had ever had. Momentarily all they had been talking about started to recede in importance compared to the emotion she was feeling towards her confidant. She squirmed in her chair and weighed up her considerations on weather she should continue the conversation or circum to the heightened feelings she was having towards this man who was fulfilling all her needs. The sharpness of mind she had been experiencing was not confined to maters theological or political but also how she thought about her personal life. Her logic was weighing up how the very establishment they were coming into conflict with were the ones who relegated people’s sexuality to the classification of sinful and at the moment she had no more respect for that aspect of their belief system, than she had for their interpretation of scripture.

The look in her eyes startled Buzz as he was still thinking in the direction that the conversation had been flowing but obviously her mind had shifted, he crossed his legs accordingly. This stunningly beautiful woman in front of him spoke in a voice he had not been privileged to until then and it did not go unnoticed.

“Have you had many women in your life?” she asked


“Have you been involved with many women that you have cared about?”

“Yes, No,” stammered Buzz “I’m experienced with girls.”

“You haven’t been married then?”

“Well no, not exactly”

“Ever been in love?” she asked

“Sort of, kind of”

“So, tell me about the last one.”

“She was a student and until I had to get serious about finishing my degrees, we had an excellent understanding.” He answered

“Did she leave you or did leave her?”

“Neither, we just sort of fell out of love”

“Then it wouldn’t bother you if I did this.” She said as she stood up and straddled him in his chair


She grabbed his head and kissed him like he had never been kissed before, long and passionately. Finally breaking from the kiss he said “I’m flattered.”

She covered his mouth again with her intoxicating lips and by the time she allowed him to breath again, he was speechless. Feeling the need to put him at ease she said “In the way that you described to me about your experiences with girls, I can say to you the same about boys.”

This affected Buzz more than he could have predicted, he responded by taking hold of the moment and kissed her with all the passion he possessed. She moved herself in such a way that melted any reserve he had and prompted him to confirm his good fortune by asking “would you like us to be lovers?”

Natalie answered him by standing up and moving over to the rug in front of the fire and she made herself more comfortable by removing more clothing, before reclining.

Gabriel had to shake himself into the reality of the moment; he stood up and went to her via the table with their drinks on whilst removing his shirt. She purred and giggled at his nervousness which prompted him to pause and pick up his glass, which became his refuge at times like this.

“Don’t panic” she said, trying to keep it light. “Come over here and let me get a good look at you.”

Immediately obeying, he closed the gap between them and knelt down beside her still clutching his brandy balloon. She purposefully ran her gaze over every inch off his body, touching lightly as she went.

“Now there’s no problem here as far as I can see you fulfil all my expectations.”

This again upped the ante and like an epicurean about to start a banquet, that was laid out to impress, his indecision about where to start gave Nat enough time to override him and take control. She swiftly and smoothly took his Benedictine off him and tackled him into a position where she was hovering over him, in anticipation of what to do next. This time she paused and looked like she was going to pour the contents of the glass all over his naked chest.

“What do you expect from a lover?” Nat asked


“Perfect answer and I want to give you love but most of all I want to give you the best experience of love you have ever had.”

“Mission accomplished.”

“Are you saying I could stop right now and you would be perfectly satisfied?” she continued, making it hard for him.

“I have loved you from the moment we first met and it’s been the best experience of love I have ever had.”

“Tell me again how you would back me up against the powers that be even though it would put you in an awkward position.” she said in such away that it brought him out of himself

“Try and stop me.”

She continued to press herself onto him with the words “What if my ideal doesn’t fit your standard?”

She had him in a position where no movement was possible, he had to acknowledge that there wasn’t a lot of room in their relationship for the normal grinds that couples throw themselves into so he said “I don’t have to push my standard.”

This must have been what she was wanted to squeeze out of him before she could relax but not wanting to spoil the moment with premature commitments he remained rock steady and waited for her to fully accept him. So with hands on one another’s hearts, where they could feel the pulsing deep within, without any further words, they came together in understanding that no mater how tight their situation became, for better or for worse, they were in together.

Time melted like a Salvador Dali painting and neither of them could have been sure how long or how repetitive the déjà vu like moment became but eventually Natalie threw back her head with laughter because she had spilt the contents of his brandy balloon all over his naked stomach. She composed herself and found a towel while Buzz just laid there seemingly stunned by the experience, she had to playfully rough him up just to snap him out of it.

“That was unbelievable.” Was the first thing he said as he was coming around?

“I thought you might not be happy with me, it wouldn’t be the first time I spoilt the moment by throwing a drink on someone.”

“I didn’t even notice,” replied Buzz “I was miles away, I felt totally at one with you and the most amazing thing happened you must have felt it too?”

“I felt your heart was beating inside of me,”

“I felt as though I was seeing through your eyes and feeling what you were feeling, at the time.”

“I have never been able to get past that point with anyone before because they didn’t understand what I was feeling, at the time.”

What they had been going through was similar to a private matrimonial confirmation between one another; each needing to be sure in their hearts and minds that their love was genuine. Like an Isis selecting her Osiris, Natalie was weighing the heart of her chosen one and Gabriel was making all the right noises. There was no doubt in either of them they had selected wisely; the bonds that had brought them together were strong; their thoughts were synchronized into a focused application of well considered beliefs. Gabriel had studied long and hard to make himself eligible for partnering the complex Natalie, who had been raised to play the part she was so readily taking on. The unseen forces that had shaped both their lives were pleased with the two; you could feel it in the atmosphere. They were joining in harmony two aspects of humanity, which since time immemorial was acting on the broad canvas of history. Two individual personalities strong in the will and actions that was required whenever a bond of this nature occurred; a pair of egos that would normally clash unless the prerequisites were in place, a kind of union that could be flammable and destructive but when committed to a common goal can become unstoppable in producing positive outcomes.

That was exactly what was happening here and they knew it, a marriage of importance, brought together without ceremony but not unnoticed by those that surrounded them. Their union would produce an effect of ongoing movement towards outcomes required in the arena of international importance they were beginning to move in and the consummation of it would be the start of something that those who oppose them will regret. As their evening progressed, all these things and much more confirmed itself in the fabric of their very being and as they reached the deepest parts of one another, realizations flooded into existence that were previously unrealized. The solutions to their problems saturated the sponge of knowledge they both contributed to and eventually as they fell asleep in a shared embrace, they knew they were prepared for whatever the new day would bring.

The loud knocking on the old oak door brought them back into the harsh reality of the moment and they leapt into action. Happy, revitalized and really ready to get going again, Gabriel moved swiftly to the door but paused before opening it. Swinging his head around he saw the rear end of Natalie disappearing into her room.

“Mornin’ ” was the greeting as Sir Hamish moved through the opening doorway, carrying a breakfast tray

“Enter my good man,” came Gabe’s reply” pull up a chair and join us”

“Don’t mind if I do.” Said Hamish as he placed the coffee and croissants on the small dinning table and sat his large frame in one of the chairs surrounding it.

“Did you have a good evening?” asked Buzz

“Very productive, I’ll tell you about it while you eat. Where’s Natalie?”

“She’ll be joining us in a minute.” But it was less than that before she was sitting down with them eating and nodding while Hamish filled them in on what had transpired downstairs the night before.

“The man we have detained turns out to be an over qualified courier that was sent to Zurich on behalf of some very influential people. He eventually came around to seeing things our way and volunteered all the information we need to know to proceed along with our plan.” He finished off with while helping himself to a cup of coffee.

“We know all that.” Said Nat

“Oh, do you now?”

“Yes,” added Buzz “he also told you he was working for the Vatican.”

“Very perceptive”

“What you are wondering about is how we would use this information in our Quest and how would that differ from what you and Laurence have already planned?” pondered Nat

“Now that you mention it”

Natalie took her time finishing off her croissant, while standing up and leaving Hamish waiting for her to speak. She circled him a bit and then took on a dramatic pose in front of the fireplace.

“We have ascertained were my father is and how we are going to get him back; you will have to follow our instructions to the letter. Do you understand?”

“Yes, but how?”

“Don’t worry about how at this moment, just give me your word you and your accomplices will carry out our plan, not interfere and we should all get what we want out of it.”

Sir Hamish was looking a little apprehensive and had a puzzled expression on his face,” where in the world do you think your father is?”

Tadmor Military Prison,  one of the most brutal prisons ever.

“Syria,” answered Buzz “he is being kept in a very small cell under the Tadmor Detention Center, being tortured into revealing the whereabouts of the original Breastplate but he has told them nothing. They have told him he will rot there if he doesn’t co-operate and we feel time is of the essences in getting him out.”

“I thought they got the original Breastplate when they got him.”

“Apparently not, it seems like he had time to send it to some one before they grabbed him and he is very insistent in not telling them who.” Said Nat

“That’s good then”

“Well not for him at the moment.”

“So what do you plan to do about it?” Asked Hamish

Buzz stood up as well and joined with Natalie at the fire place to present a united front,

“We have to convince them the fake breastplate we have is the one they want.”

“O.K you have my commitment.” Pledged Sir Hamish

“It involves you and Laurence escorting our friendly courier to the meeting with his contact in the Vatican, convincing him the breastplate we have is authentic and the only way they are ever going to get their hands on it is to give us Joe McHale. While you are doing that we will be travelling to Egypt with the fake breastplate and positioning ourselves for the exchange in front of the Sphinx.”

“I think we should all go downstairs and explain this to the others.” Said Hamish

“No, I think you should go downstairs, explain this to the others and if they have any problems with it then they should come up here and we will have it out.”

“Yes Mam.” Came the considered reply

Natalie gave Buzz a delightful morning kiss, as Hamish bustled off through the closing door. She radiated with the glow of a woman who was in control of her environment, her emotions and wasn’t shy in expressing her newfound confidence. Gabriel’s approval and admiration was seeping from him, as he received her advances and matched them with some of his own; both were intent on enjoying every moment alone with one another and happily batted away bantering, that only couples in love would truly appreciate. This set the standard for the day as they readied themselves for the expected second advance of the troops and by the time the whole crew was filling into their suite, the air was decisively in their favour. The shuffling into various corners of the shrinking room accentuated Laurence and James’ sheepishness as Natalie berated them for not being totally upfront with her and Buzz.

“I can understand why you might have felt the necessity to keep certain things from us,” she said “but from now on you will be completely honest with us. I know what you are thinking before you think it and until the completion of our goals you will not be able to hide anything from me; so you may as well get anything off your chests before we go any father.”

“What makes you think you can just change plans, mid stream, without consulting me and expect us to just go along with it without question?” asked Laurence

“Because, my dear man, I have seen the outcome of your plan and I don’t think you would like it. If you don’t believe me, then I suggest you contact Dorothy to confirm what it is I am saying to you.”

Laurence stepped back and shifted his gaze towards his shoes before quietly saying, “I already have, she did predict that this was going to happen and tried to tell me that I shouldn’t argue when it did.”

“I know,” said Nat confidently “now, if there are no more objections, I suggest you ready yourselves for your trip to Rome and arrange for James to have a vehicle to drive us back to the Villa.”

“Yes Mam.” Replied Laurence

It was still early as they were all assembling in the car park of the ancient monastery and packing themselves into the two separate modes of transport they’d be using to leave the mountain retreat. Buzz was checking the communication devices that would be utilized to keep in contact whilst they were heading in two separate directions; the need to co-ordinate and make continual adjustments to their plan was going to be an essential part of the unfolding nature of the journey still in front of them. Hopefully everything would go smoothly from there on in and the cruise down from the Alps of the Swiss-Italian border back to the Mediterranean Villa, they felt so welcome at, would be a pleasant affair.

The easing of the tensions of the last few days were beginning to permeate the mood of this day and both Nat and Buzz were feeling like the cover, they were creating, of a honeymooning couple was more reality than invention and although nothing had been resolved, other than the consummation of their union, the backseat of the car James was piloting carried two very happy people.

Chapter Twelve

The strange thing about the way we have come to think of democracy is that originally it was meant to be a system were all those involved had a vote in the day today decision making process of their nation. If a road was to be built or a war participated in then the concerned citizens gathered together and voted on what the united position would be, but somehow it has deteriorated into once every three or four years you get to vote for someone who makes those decisions for you. While it is not inconceivable that the definition needed to change to accommodate large uneducated populations, in this day and age with Democracy being forced upon people whether they want it or not maybe it’s time we had a fresh look at what it is we are all agreeing to.

 Politicians are a strange breed, they move forwards out of the ranks of daily life to take positions as paid employees of the people that voted for them, as well as those who didn’t, and join in with all the others who are in the same boat to make decisions and laws for the people who liked them enough to agree to pay their wages and honour their elevated positions. So they inherit this from the people who have given up the right to participate because they are busy making the money that pays for the ‘luxury’ of having this type of arrangement, all well and good if that’s what you want but what if that not what you want or they are making decisions that you don’t agree with? You get a chance to vote for someone else in two or three years time who might or might not make decisions that you agree with and so it goes.

Let’s take a closer look at this and how it works with an issue such as weather or not we want to become a republic, regardless of what your personal opinion is. Before the Howard years in Australia there was much discussion on the subject and it was generally considered we would soon become one, even the Queen and Prince Charles thought it was an inevitability and not a bad thing. The newest member of the Royal Order of the Garter, Sir John was a just a monarchist in those days and even though nobody had voted for him to lead our great nation with that in mind, all thoughts of going in any direction other than Sir John,s were put and end to with an expensive talk fest and a rigged referendum. Now I am sure that if the people who paid the Howard Government for the next ten years had of got their way instead of yielding to Sir John’s then we would have been waving an Aussie flag at the just past Olympics that represented Australia as a truly independent country, instead of looking like we are still an outpost of the British Empire.

What about the G.S.T, again regardless of what you think of it, most people were anti-G.S.T when John Howodd assured us that there would be no G.S.T if he became Prime Minister. Never the less the first thing he did when he got into power was to give us the very tax system he assured us he wouldn’t. What about the war in Iraq, again most people were against it but did that matter? No, we signed up anyway,not because we authorised anyone to make that decision for us, just because John and George thought it was a good idea at the time. Are you getting the gist of what I’m talking about here? It’s not weather you are for or against any of these ideas it’s the fact that our employees made those decisions for us while pretending to be doing what they were elected for, which was to be your voice on the matters. 

Now there is a simple way around this dilemma for anyone who is interested, if you wanted to become a republic today with the tools for real democracy in our homes and at our finger tips, then all it would take is fifty one percent of the voting population to sign up on the Internet and it would begin to become a reality without having to ask your employees permission.If you didn’t,t want to buy a bunch of America’s left over war planes and would prefer to spend all that money on your children’s education, then all you have to do is collectively say so. Why isn’t the program up and running that would allow this type of Democracy, maybe it’s because your employees don’t want you to have it.

The future of Communications is the Internet, no one doubts that. The future of the Media is the Internet, no well informed commentator doubts that fact. Newspapers, T.V, Movies, Radio, Books, Games, Music and just about anything you can imagine to do with entertainment or current affairs will arrive at your door via your broadband access terminal. The future of Education is the Internet of accumulated knowledge, stored and made accessible to the maximine number of aspiring scholars, wherever they chose to sit. Banking, Social security, Medi-care, Real estate transfer, Consumable purchases, Trading posts and E-Bay’s are undoubtedly online necessities as we prepare for 2010 and beyond. Why is it, that whenever the future of Democracy is discussed nobody seems to be convinced the Internet will have any relevance?

I’ll tell you why; because just as News reporting has been revolutionized by the Blogosphere and journalists are crapping themselves as they see their hard fought for public positions evaporating before their very eyes and the Music industry executives are in the same boat, fighting for relevance in a world that doesn’t need them anymore. Politicians can see the backside of their reign slipping down the gurgler of history as they kiss it goodbye. E-Democracy replacing our existing system; is as inevitable as on-line movies replacing Video stores renting you overpriced DVD’s and they will do anything to delay it, ignore it, pretend it isn’t going to happen or worse, conspirer against you to keep your head buried in the sand.

You can argue against what I am saying here or you can say it won’t work. You can anonymously bark down anybody who dares to talk about it on the net or you can partition your local member to have it banned from public discussion but it won’t stop the onward march of the inevitability that responsible people of the future will be active in their online government’s affairs as sure as they will be educating themselves rather than paying ivory tower dweller’s to pontificate on their future.

Americans have been overzealously proud of their forefathers for having the gumption to form a republic for the environment to play out their version of democracy and England equally proud of their Westminster system but because of the importance of the Internet and the need to rise up and embrace it as proud part of our future governing system, we can either be remembered as the ones that squandered their chance or championed it; don’t be silly enough to delude yourself that it won’t be an issue.

Back to Chapter Nine

“Wake up you two,” boomed Hamish’s broad Scottish accent “we are nearly there.”

“Where exactly?” asked a sleeps Buzz

“We are high in the Swiss Alps and about to cross a glassier, soon we will be at the top of an old volcano with a lake in it.”

“Are, yes;” commented Natalie “the beautiful St. Bernard Monastery where the old monks used to send out the dogs with brandy around their necks, to save snow bound travellers.”

“Yes,” confirmed Gabriel “I’ve heard about this place and have always wanted to see it.”

“Well,” added Laurence “now’s your chance.”

They chose their positions in the vehicle that allowed a view of the surrounding spectacular scenery; the awesome views brought casual comment from all of them. As the vehicle zigzagged it’s way up a pointy mountain peak, as predicted by Hamish, the road in front of them disappeared into a cavernous hole in the wall and reappeared on the inside of a crater filled with water. The road circled around the high altitude lake and on the opposite side to where they had entered the red and white striped balustrade of a boarder post stood out. Next to the guard booth was an old stone and brick structure that was the alpine monastery spoken about by Nat and the car park that they pulled into seemed out of place in this ancient site, even though a couple of cars occupied it.

St Bernard’s pass in the Swiss Alps.              The access road from the Italian side.

Laurence broke the awed silence by speaking into the intercom system that allowed him to instruct the driver “Go inside and check out the situation before we open the back up.”

After a short moment the driver returned to his cab and intercommunicated back to them that all was secure and that their presence was required inside the monastery. Hamish cracked the back door and the cold mountain air streamed in.

“Lucky it’s summer.” Commented Buzz

“We wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t.” came a reply

“I hope the monastery has central heating.”

“I’m sure it has.” Said Laurence

From the first moment they entered the cloistered environment you could tell it wasn’t still run by monks; there was more of a military feel to the décor. The man who was behind the front desk snapped to attention as the crew approached and blurted out a pre-programmed response in some European language that Laurence seemed to understand. He indicated that our luggage would be taken to our rooms and that the office was the place to be at the moment. Coming out from behind the desk, he frog marched off in front of the group and led the way to a darkened hallway full of doors; he stopped in front of a particularly large one and knocked. The foreign reply came immediately and loud.


This man, behind even a larger desk, had a similar military style but obviously of higher rank. He spoke in perfect English, howbeit with a strong German accent.

“We had somewhat of an altercation with the man you asked us to detain for you. He was not pleased when we insisted that he spend the night here and produced a hand gun thinking that it would solve his predicament. However, my men are well trained at handling that type of situation and without too much fuss disarmed him and placed him in the detention cell. You will find him in the lower sections of our establishment if you wish to interview him. Your men, whom have not been here long, are with him now.

Laurence stepped forward to shake the officer’s hand and began to reply to the report he had just received.” Have you searched the mans car yet?” he asked


“Where are the contents now?”

“We have them secured.”

“My man here, Dr. Izzard, would like to examine them now.”


He snapped a command in his own tongue at the man that had led them to him and the corporal pivoted and indicated to follow.

“I’ll come with you,” sprouted Natalie “I have been dying to see this.”

They marched off down a small staircase at the end of the hallway that they had entered by and into a crypt of underground cubicles, housing God knows what secrets. The uniformed guard stopped in front of one of the small iron doors and begun fumbling with a large ring of keys; he selected the appropriate one and unlocked the ancient hatch. Buzz entered the chamber which housed a cardboard box large enough to contain a medium sized T.V sitting on a table in the middle of the small stone room. He folded back the top flaps, reached in and pulled out one half of the golden replica of the Narmer palette; he turned to show it of to Natalie.

“Not bad hey!”

“Not bad at all.” Replied Natalie

“Good enough to do the job.” Said Buzz

“Could you fault it?”

After further inspection of the other half and a small amount of time to ponder the question; he answered “Not without access to a lab and that’s one place I don’t expect this replica to visit,”

Before he could return it to the box, Laurie appeared at the doorway and commented on the golden apparition.

“So that’s what your friend can turn a couple of kilos of gold into within twenty four hours; it’s an excellent investment.”

“It’s gotten us this far but whether or not it will get us any further will be up to you and your goons.” Said Buzz

“Don’t worry, I think we won’t have any trouble turning the carrier pidgin now that he has failed his master; we are his only friends and I am about to go and impress that on him right now.”

“So you won’t be requiring our assistance with him?” asked Natalie

“No, “returned Laurie “You may check out your accommodation upstairs if you like, we should have everything tidied up down here before morning.”

“Thanks’.” Said Buzz as he finished repacking the box; he then took Natalie’s arm and walked to the stairs while the guard locked up and moved off to join with Laurence and the others.

“All is going smoothly.” Commented Nat

“Yes,” replied Buzz “just as we had planned.”

They found their rooms with the help of a uniformed woman who was quick to point out that the suite that they were going to occupy had two bedrooms and a common area. She explained to them that dinner would be a very plain affair although there was an excellent selection of wines and spirits that could be chosen. Buzz was openly excited when his question of whether Benedictine was on the list, was acknowledged in the affirmative and Nat was equally delighted when Moet Chandon got the nod.

They settled quickly into the common room chairs after freshening up in their respective rooms and by the time they were putting their feet up, Madam Uniform was returning with their food and drinks trolley. She lit the gas lanterns and brought the wood fire to life before wishing them a pleasant evening before retiring to hers.

“I’m glad we have been given time aside from the mechanics of this part of our adventure, I don’t think I would like to be in the interrogation process that is going on downstairs.” Stated Buzz

“Thank God for Laurence and Sir Hamish, I wouldn’t like to be going through this with out them.” Said Nat

“Would you like review what we have been learning over dinner?” asked Buzz

“Yes, I am a bit confused how the breastplate changed hands between Cleopatra and the woman known as Elizabeth in the Greek Christian literature also I am a bit in the dark over how the Marys of the Gospels became intricately involved in the process,

Gabriel took time over the dinner provided whilst he thoughtfully commented on a way to understand the complex nature of the intertwined characters of the period [100 B.C – 100 A.D].

“Your fathers work seemed to be geared to this period and you would know by your newfound intuition that when we look for the spirit of Mereneith, we will find her in-between two opposing cultures weaving her particular brand of reconciliation. I am beginning to understand this and why she would be known by one side as a particular deity and by the other by a different name. If you were to take into account which culture had the upper hand, militarily, at the time then you could discern how one aspect of her personality could be played down.

So as to ascertain the personification of Mereneith at any one particular time or place, you would have to understand the politics of the day; for example: if you lived in Rome at the time of Julius Caesar when he fell from grace and up until then you had honoured his victories by issuing pamphlets, retelling his stories of conquest or as was done at the time minting coins, then if you were to continue after he was stabbed in the back and Octavian was at war with Cleopatra, you to would fall prey to a similar fate. If your business was selling statues of Cleopatra, to promote her as a goddess and had just taken delivery of a large number of expensive hand carved images because you had expected them to rule for many years as divine patrons of Rome then you would have no choice but to change the name of the statues. Similarly, if you were preparing to distribute coins all over the known world with images of Cleopatra on them and your Emperor changed from Mark Antony to Augustus then the name of the image on your coins would have to change, to say Musa.

After Cleopatra and Mark Antony’s defeat at Actium, if they didn’t commit suicide, they would have had to change their names and find somewhere else to live. Jerusalem would have been an obvious choice and if the man that ran that fortress was called Herod then that was just another way of saying King and Herodias would have been what the locals would have called his Queen regardless of what her real name was. Now to answer you concern on how Cleo VII could have been associated with Eli- Sabbath thirty years after her premature demise, I say that by the time of the death of Herod in 4 B.C that if her spirit was still alive and the breast plate had to be passed on then there would have been no other choice than Elizabeth she was in the perfect position and place. Her man Zacharias had just been appointed charge of the temple items and was presiding over ceremonies at the world’s newest and most impressive place of worship that had the Ark at the center. Her name in Hebrew and Aramaic meant Goddess of the Sabbath and as far as I can tell as the Romans moved in to occupy the temple, she and her son John move out of Jerusalem and into the Parthian protected areas of Palestine where she became known as Musa, a Roman refugee who becomes head wife and Queen to the Parthian King Pharaates IV.

She wasn’t a popular choice in the eyes of the people of Parthia because of her Roman connections and after the death of her husband, of which she got the blame, Musa and her son were exiled to the desert regions of the area. The scene was set where the followers of the old ways of Moses, Aaron and Miriam were once again looking for a Messiah to lead them into reoccupying the Promised Land. John began to grow in fame as the Baptist and the ascetic life of the Esseanes monastic practices welled up from the Jordan to concentrate in the Qumran communities of the Dead Sea. The prophecies of the ancient and most revered men of God, Elijah, Isaiah and many more were about to be played out on the chessboard of history with two mighty opponents squaring up to one another where the prophesied Prince of Peace and his Queen of the South would take center stage.”

“Jesus!” exclaimed Natalie

“And Mary Magdalene.” Added Gabriel

They both took long sips of their respective beverages; a long silence ensued accompanied by vacant stares at non-specific areas of the large room.

Nat was the first to speak with a slow and careful enunciation, “Martha was an important and enigmatic figure in the early years of the first century A.D Holy Land; stories of her permeated the gospels yet there is no record of her in history other than she was the owner of a property in between the Esseanes haunts of the Dead Sea and Roman occupied Jerusalem. She seemed to be a wealthy patron of Jesus and an anomaly in her own right as land ownership was generally a male dominated privilege; the accepted fact that she gave shelter, succour and moral support to the seditious successors of John the Baptists rebellion, makes it inconceivable that she wasn’t well known to the authorities.

At the time of Jesus’ conception, there were two people who would have attested to his divinity and they were his mother, Mary and her cousin Elizabeth. By the time of his crucifixion there were two or three women that stood beside him equally convinced of his ‘godly status’ and they were Martha, Mary of Bethany and Mary of Magdala. These women were the Mother Superiors, Head Priestesses and Matriarchal Icons of a religion that rightfully claimed association with the ideals of the past but set the standards for the future. They sat squarely between the domineering press of Greco-Roman fascism and Syro-Phoenician mysticism under the guise of Judao-Christian pacifism and were the Zeitgeist of the Mereneith.

Martha                        John the Baptist                      Elizabeth

Martha was wise, intelligent and aware of the influence that a woman of her status could wield in the world of her day. She remembered the long reign of the Cleopatra’s, how they had ruled from the time of Alexander’s conquests in 323 B.C. and how Cleopatra VII single handily broke Julius Caesars insane push for world domination; not to forget Mark Antony’s defeats in her home country of Syria. The memories of Herodias’ domineering influence on the men that built the second temple at Jerusalem, Caesarea and Herodium were still fresh in her mind and she had personally known of Elizabeth’s effects on the Parthians.

Many years of study in both Greek and Aramaic gave her the position in life to be involved in the teachings of John the Baptist, Jesus the Christ and Mary of Bethany. No one presumed to be her superior not the Palace, nor the Temple dwelling Sadducees of Jerusalem and certainly not the nomadic desert dwelling interlopers of the Parthian persuasion, who were based at Petra, Damascus, Capernaum and closer to home the Qumran Esseanes.

When John’s head was requisitioned, it was symbolic of the transfer of power and in the tradition of mummifying the remains of previous leaders, totally misunderstood by all. She ruled and Jesus knew it that’s why he presented himself to her and her offsider for his anointing as the Osiris of the age. Her days were coming to an end, she had fought long and hard to establish Gods Kingdom on Earth; Jesus represented all that she could have hoped for in a Messiah and Mary was a suitable candidate for the Isis of her age. After they had performed the ‘walking on the water ceremony’ and the ‘Marriage at Cana’ had taken place, Jesus turned ‘water into wine’ and matured into the leader she had prayed for. Lazarus (old Zach) hadn’t amounted to much, even though Jesus had tried to resurrect him as a plausible leader; Simon turned out to be more of a stumbling block than a rock of strength and denied Jesus three times on the crucial night when the murderous Bar-abbas was released; Saul opposed the reign of a son of David as King of the Jews and began a ten year reign of terror instead, imprisoning, torturing and murdering his way through Jesus’ followers before beginning his own faction of Christianity and justifying his actions by teaching that Jesus had to be crucified to fulfil Old Testament prophecy, eventually becoming Paul the main contributor to the New Testament and the self proclaimed Apostle to the Romans, living to an old age in protective custody while he dictated scripture to his physician Lucius. Martha ended her days in exile, with the ones that would have been great if Jesus had of become the King of Kings in the western world as well as the East.

Gnosticism became the knowledgeable alternative to the Paulinian based doctrines of the Roman Catholic church that would use the patriarchal apologists rhetoric to enslave the very people who Jesus intended to liberate with His teaching that ‘you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free’. The artefacts that would have adorned Jesus’ world center of enlightenment were buried along with the documents that the western authorities labelled Heretical. Copies of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Judas and John the Baptists writings were buried at places like Nag-Hamada in Egypt and caves around the Dead Sea because they disagreed with Peter, Paul and Luke’s versions of events.

Caves at Qumran- where Dead Sea Scrolls were found- Nag Hamada Texts

Paul portrayed himself as the Set of his day, or as the Greek god Apollo’s manufacturing miracles, writing scripture in the name of God, apologizing for his part in the Crucifixion and ensuing crimes against humanity in the vain hope that human sacrifice would be seen as adequate for the salvation of his followers. In the West his writings were adhered to, his doctrines revered, while the true force of Gods presents on Earth was relegated to the outskirts of history to be mocked and reviled as Harlots and Heresy by the mainstream manipulators of the masses.

This in the end was the fulfilment of the prophecy that the evil one would rule this world until the truth of the mater, along with the Logos of the day would emerge after three days in hell or until the abomination of desolation stands where it should not. The rule of the Kingdom of Satan would end and the beast chained and fettered for a thousand years when the Queen of the South would arise to bring about a thousand years of peace with her Prince of Peace, the Messiah of the poor, the Emanuel of the broken, the crucified Lord of God’s Kingdom and the manifest form of the Eternal Mereneith and her chosen Osiris.”

“Time out, time out, time out.” Came the call from the awestruck Gabriel “This is totally blowing me out, I need a moment here, stop and smell the roses; do you realize what you are saying, are you compos mentors? Speak to me Natalie.”

“Yes, I am here.”

“Good,” returned Buzz “I was starting to worry there for a moment, I thought you had flipped out; do you remember what you were saying?”


“Does it bother you that you just said contravenes all that this reality believes and turns on its head the theology of thousands of recognized scholars of not only the Catholic religion but Protestants, Jews and maybe most importantly of all Masons?” asked Buzz

“I can’t help it; it’s just flowing out. My mind is agreeing with what you are saying but my intuition is overriding and convincing me that all we have been led to believe is a load of shit.”

“Well that’s just great.” Replied Buzz

“I know.” Finished Nat

Gabriel realized he had to consolidate the moment and came up with the appropriate response to equalize. “Don’t panic,” he paused “I think we can work this out, let’s slowly go over what you’ve been saying and pull it apart. On a scale of one to ten this last session has blown the top off what we can realistically assimilate, so settle back in your chair for awhile and let me take the philosophical pruning shears to this overgrown tree of knowledge that you have cultivated in the backyard and we’ll see if I can shape it to fit the known limits of speculation that a sane exponent of critiquing the establishment would feel at home with.”

“O. K” said Nat as she uncharacteristically removed her sweater in front of him and made herself comfortable.

Even if it unnerved Buzz a little to see her in her underwear, he extended the moment by refuelling their glasses. The room had taken on a warm and sensual air and it was difficult for him to remain focused on the intellectual rather than slide into to a more romantic mode. He drew deeply on his reserve of will power and concentrated on the task at hand, finally asking “do you feel these revelations have come from the appropriate place in your reconciliation based ideology, that has driven the spirit of your Great Lady or is this just a feminine rant that is justifiably vented at a male based theology that has traditionally discriminated against the women who have obviously had an important role in these things.?”

“A bit of both I would say.” Answered Nat honestly

“Then what I would suggest is that you become the arbitrator of the two and symbolically don the Arbitrament that we have been seeking. If the breastplate of Narmer has any relevant application in today’s trouble filled world then surely it would be to represent the various parties in disputes of magnitude from the perspective of the Mother of all, male and female, east and west, Catholic and Gnostic, Christian and Muslim, Jew and Gentile. So even though the tendency is to favour the underdog, the pendulum effect can create sanctimonious despots whose revenge filled nature can cause more problems than those they have deposed. For example, the Hebrews were upset because they were being used as slaves, yet forty years after their Exodus they marched into Cana with the intention of exterminating every man women and child in that land.

In modern times Germaine Greer starts a movement for the equality of women and the next minute there are signs going up in universities all over the world ‘castrate all men’. I say be careful of what you create, in seeking justice, balance out the perspectives and build on the positives. Sure, every body knows established religions have lied and used doctrine to control the masses they oversee. Centuries of abuses of power have mapped the route of civilizations all over the world and yes, they have mainly been led by men but don’t forget the women who have benefited from those monopolies.

Many of the platforms we stand on, to clearly see these injustices that you speak of, have been constructed by the very institutions you so rightfully point to as perpetrators in the crimes of keeping the masses ignorant of the truths they probably need to know. So while not being able to fault what you have been saying, my plea to you is that you tread carefully on the hallowed ground of time honoured bullshit and make sure that your facts are sufficiently bound together in such a way as to build a bridge to new understandings; don’t just leap the chasm which has opened up before us.”

Chapter Eleven

Is Malcolm Turn coat bull, the Paul Revere of the Australian Republic Movement or NOT?

This giant paradox, of the leading republican becoming the replacement for the leading monarchist, in the organization most responsible for paying homage to Britain’s Empirical rule of Australia, is the Elephant in the room but none dare say the obvious.

Nothing more than this could possibly be greater motivation for changing the system away from the type of manipulative control that allows Rhodian style politics (cover both sides for the Empire) over real democracy, towards a republic where honesty, openness and a fair go become the catch cry for a nation on the verge of Global significance.

Desiring a flag that screams out to the world, we are in charge of our own decisions and destiny, should in no way be considered unpatriotic nor disrespectful to the veterans who fought under the union jack. The level of brainwashing that has gone into keeping us loyal vassals to the monarchy of a foreign power should peak and diminish with the appointment of our previous leader to the elitist fraternity designed to uphold and protect the longevity of a icon that has no relevance to the smooth running of our country.

The Royal Order of the Garter and Sir John Howard no longer represent the people of Australia. Anyone who places those primitive ideals above our present well being, and an autonomous future for our children, is the epitome of an enemy that was worthy of the famous night ride that pre-empted Americas rise to greatness as a republic, independent of colonial ties. Don’t be mislead or distracted from the urgency in becoming masters of your own fate. Don’t procrastinate on the immediate need to take charge of your own political processes and above all, demand a head of state that represents you and the system you choose for electing and maintaining  your choices. Anything less is and always will be, traitorous to your nation and your descendants.

Give the Boxing Kangaroo a fair go. The Green and Gold of our universally recognized national emblem, can wash away the stains of red, white and blue from the backside of our shorts and reinstate some much needed dignity after a long period of mismanagement by the tri-coloured coalition of the willing. Don’t underestimate the rejuvenating effects of a fresh start, especially when financial concerns depend, now more than ever, on a non bias nor bigoted world view.

Australian Rules on the level playing field defined by our oceans, maintained by our people and managed by our united desire for equality, transparency, fairness, friendliness and honesty for all. This would be a better class of game than has been played up until now where the deck has been stacked in favour of those with Empirical connections, it’s just not cricket.