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“Wake up you two,” boomed Hamish’s broad Scottish accent “we are nearly there.”

“Where exactly?” asked a sleeps Buzz

“We are high in the Swiss Alps and about to cross a glassier, soon we will be at the top of an old volcano with a lake in it.”

“Are, yes;” commented Natalie “the beautiful St. Bernard Monastery where the old monks used to send out the dogs with brandy around their necks, to save snow bound travellers.”

“Yes,” confirmed Gabriel “I’ve heard about this place and have always wanted to see it.”

“Well,” added Laurence “now’s your chance.”

They chose their positions in the vehicle that allowed a view of the surrounding spectacular scenery; the awesome views brought casual comment from all of them. As the vehicle zigzagged it’s way up a pointy mountain peak, as predicted by Hamish, the road in front of them disappeared into a cavernous hole in the wall and reappeared on the inside of a crater filled with water. The road circled around the high altitude lake and on the opposite side to where they had entered the red and white striped balustrade of a boarder post stood out. Next to the guard booth was an old stone and brick structure that was the alpine monastery spoken about by Nat and the car park that they pulled into seemed out of place in this ancient site, even though a couple of cars occupied it.

St Bernard’s pass in the Swiss Alps.              The access road from the Italian side.

Laurence broke the awed silence by speaking into the intercom system that allowed him to instruct the driver “Go inside and check out the situation before we open the back up.”

After a short moment the driver returned to his cab and intercommunicated back to them that all was secure and that their presence was required inside the monastery. Hamish cracked the back door and the cold mountain air streamed in.

“Lucky it’s summer.” Commented Buzz

“We wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t.” came a reply

“I hope the monastery has central heating.”

“I’m sure it has.” Said Laurence

From the first moment they entered the cloistered environment you could tell it wasn’t still run by monks; there was more of a military feel to the décor. The man who was behind the front desk snapped to attention as the crew approached and blurted out a pre-programmed response in some European language that Laurence seemed to understand. He indicated that our luggage would be taken to our rooms and that the office was the place to be at the moment. Coming out from behind the desk, he frog marched off in front of the group and led the way to a darkened hallway full of doors; he stopped in front of a particularly large one and knocked. The foreign reply came immediately and loud.


This man, behind even a larger desk, had a similar military style but obviously of higher rank. He spoke in perfect English, howbeit with a strong German accent.

“We had somewhat of an altercation with the man you asked us to detain for you. He was not pleased when we insisted that he spend the night here and produced a hand gun thinking that it would solve his predicament. However, my men are well trained at handling that type of situation and without too much fuss disarmed him and placed him in the detention cell. You will find him in the lower sections of our establishment if you wish to interview him. Your men, whom have not been here long, are with him now.

Laurence stepped forward to shake the officer’s hand and began to reply to the report he had just received.” Have you searched the mans car yet?” he asked


“Where are the contents now?”

“We have them secured.”

“My man here, Dr. Izzard, would like to examine them now.”


He snapped a command in his own tongue at the man that had led them to him and the corporal pivoted and indicated to follow.

“I’ll come with you,” sprouted Natalie “I have been dying to see this.”

They marched off down a small staircase at the end of the hallway that they had entered by and into a crypt of underground cubicles, housing God knows what secrets. The uniformed guard stopped in front of one of the small iron doors and begun fumbling with a large ring of keys; he selected the appropriate one and unlocked the ancient hatch. Buzz entered the chamber which housed a cardboard box large enough to contain a medium sized T.V sitting on a table in the middle of the small stone room. He folded back the top flaps, reached in and pulled out one half of the golden replica of the Narmer palette; he turned to show it of to Natalie.

“Not bad hey!”

“Not bad at all.” Replied Natalie

“Good enough to do the job.” Said Buzz

“Could you fault it?”

After further inspection of the other half and a small amount of time to ponder the question; he answered “Not without access to a lab and that’s one place I don’t expect this replica to visit,”

Before he could return it to the box, Laurie appeared at the doorway and commented on the golden apparition.

“So that’s what your friend can turn a couple of kilos of gold into within twenty four hours; it’s an excellent investment.”

“It’s gotten us this far but whether or not it will get us any further will be up to you and your goons.” Said Buzz

“Don’t worry, I think we won’t have any trouble turning the carrier pidgin now that he has failed his master; we are his only friends and I am about to go and impress that on him right now.”

“So you won’t be requiring our assistance with him?” asked Natalie

“No, “returned Laurie “You may check out your accommodation upstairs if you like, we should have everything tidied up down here before morning.”

“Thanks’.” Said Buzz as he finished repacking the box; he then took Natalie’s arm and walked to the stairs while the guard locked up and moved off to join with Laurence and the others.

“All is going smoothly.” Commented Nat

“Yes,” replied Buzz “just as we had planned.”

They found their rooms with the help of a uniformed woman who was quick to point out that the suite that they were going to occupy had two bedrooms and a common area. She explained to them that dinner would be a very plain affair although there was an excellent selection of wines and spirits that could be chosen. Buzz was openly excited when his question of whether Benedictine was on the list, was acknowledged in the affirmative and Nat was equally delighted when Moet Chandon got the nod.

They settled quickly into the common room chairs after freshening up in their respective rooms and by the time they were putting their feet up, Madam Uniform was returning with their food and drinks trolley. She lit the gas lanterns and brought the wood fire to life before wishing them a pleasant evening before retiring to hers.

“I’m glad we have been given time aside from the mechanics of this part of our adventure, I don’t think I would like to be in the interrogation process that is going on downstairs.” Stated Buzz

“Thank God for Laurence and Sir Hamish, I wouldn’t like to be going through this with out them.” Said Nat

“Would you like review what we have been learning over dinner?” asked Buzz

“Yes, I am a bit confused how the breastplate changed hands between Cleopatra and the woman known as Elizabeth in the Greek Christian literature also I am a bit in the dark over how the Marys of the Gospels became intricately involved in the process,

Gabriel took time over the dinner provided whilst he thoughtfully commented on a way to understand the complex nature of the intertwined characters of the period [100 B.C – 100 A.D].

“Your fathers work seemed to be geared to this period and you would know by your newfound intuition that when we look for the spirit of Mereneith, we will find her in-between two opposing cultures weaving her particular brand of reconciliation. I am beginning to understand this and why she would be known by one side as a particular deity and by the other by a different name. If you were to take into account which culture had the upper hand, militarily, at the time then you could discern how one aspect of her personality could be played down.

So as to ascertain the personification of Mereneith at any one particular time or place, you would have to understand the politics of the day; for example: if you lived in Rome at the time of Julius Caesar when he fell from grace and up until then you had honoured his victories by issuing pamphlets, retelling his stories of conquest or as was done at the time minting coins, then if you were to continue after he was stabbed in the back and Octavian was at war with Cleopatra, you to would fall prey to a similar fate. If your business was selling statues of Cleopatra, to promote her as a goddess and had just taken delivery of a large number of expensive hand carved images because you had expected them to rule for many years as divine patrons of Rome then you would have no choice but to change the name of the statues. Similarly, if you were preparing to distribute coins all over the known world with images of Cleopatra on them and your Emperor changed from Mark Antony to Augustus then the name of the image on your coins would have to change, to say Musa.

After Cleopatra and Mark Antony’s defeat at Actium, if they didn’t commit suicide, they would have had to change their names and find somewhere else to live. Jerusalem would have been an obvious choice and if the man that ran that fortress was called Herod then that was just another way of saying King and Herodias would have been what the locals would have called his Queen regardless of what her real name was. Now to answer you concern on how Cleo VII could have been associated with Eli- Sabbath thirty years after her premature demise, I say that by the time of the death of Herod in 4 B.C that if her spirit was still alive and the breast plate had to be passed on then there would have been no other choice than Elizabeth she was in the perfect position and place. Her man Zacharias had just been appointed charge of the temple items and was presiding over ceremonies at the world’s newest and most impressive place of worship that had the Ark at the center. Her name in Hebrew and Aramaic meant Goddess of the Sabbath and as far as I can tell as the Romans moved in to occupy the temple, she and her son John move out of Jerusalem and into the Parthian protected areas of Palestine where she became known as Musa, a Roman refugee who becomes head wife and Queen to the Parthian King Pharaates IV.

She wasn’t a popular choice in the eyes of the people of Parthia because of her Roman connections and after the death of her husband, of which she got the blame, Musa and her son were exiled to the desert regions of the area. The scene was set where the followers of the old ways of Moses, Aaron and Miriam were once again looking for a Messiah to lead them into reoccupying the Promised Land. John began to grow in fame as the Baptist and the ascetic life of the Esseanes monastic practices welled up from the Jordan to concentrate in the Qumran communities of the Dead Sea. The prophecies of the ancient and most revered men of God, Elijah, Isaiah and many more were about to be played out on the chessboard of history with two mighty opponents squaring up to one another where the prophesied Prince of Peace and his Queen of the South would take center stage.”

“Jesus!” exclaimed Natalie

“And Mary Magdalene.” Added Gabriel

They both took long sips of their respective beverages; a long silence ensued accompanied by vacant stares at non-specific areas of the large room.

Nat was the first to speak with a slow and careful enunciation, “Martha was an important and enigmatic figure in the early years of the first century A.D Holy Land; stories of her permeated the gospels yet there is no record of her in history other than she was the owner of a property in between the Esseanes haunts of the Dead Sea and Roman occupied Jerusalem. She seemed to be a wealthy patron of Jesus and an anomaly in her own right as land ownership was generally a male dominated privilege; the accepted fact that she gave shelter, succour and moral support to the seditious successors of John the Baptists rebellion, makes it inconceivable that she wasn’t well known to the authorities.

At the time of Jesus’ conception, there were two people who would have attested to his divinity and they were his mother, Mary and her cousin Elizabeth. By the time of his crucifixion there were two or three women that stood beside him equally convinced of his ‘godly status’ and they were Martha, Mary of Bethany and Mary of Magdala. These women were the Mother Superiors, Head Priestesses and Matriarchal Icons of a religion that rightfully claimed association with the ideals of the past but set the standards for the future. They sat squarely between the domineering press of Greco-Roman fascism and Syro-Phoenician mysticism under the guise of Judao-Christian pacifism and were the Zeitgeist of the Mereneith.

Martha                        John the Baptist                      Elizabeth

Martha was wise, intelligent and aware of the influence that a woman of her status could wield in the world of her day. She remembered the long reign of the Cleopatra’s, how they had ruled from the time of Alexander’s conquests in 323 B.C. and how Cleopatra VII single handily broke Julius Caesars insane push for world domination; not to forget Mark Antony’s defeats in her home country of Syria. The memories of Herodias’ domineering influence on the men that built the second temple at Jerusalem, Caesarea and Herodium were still fresh in her mind and she had personally known of Elizabeth’s effects on the Parthians.

Many years of study in both Greek and Aramaic gave her the position in life to be involved in the teachings of John the Baptist, Jesus the Christ and Mary of Bethany. No one presumed to be her superior not the Palace, nor the Temple dwelling Sadducees of Jerusalem and certainly not the nomadic desert dwelling interlopers of the Parthian persuasion, who were based at Petra, Damascus, Capernaum and closer to home the Qumran Esseanes.

When John’s head was requisitioned, it was symbolic of the transfer of power and in the tradition of mummifying the remains of previous leaders, totally misunderstood by all. She ruled and Jesus knew it that’s why he presented himself to her and her offsider for his anointing as the Osiris of the age. Her days were coming to an end, she had fought long and hard to establish Gods Kingdom on Earth; Jesus represented all that she could have hoped for in a Messiah and Mary was a suitable candidate for the Isis of her age. After they had performed the ‘walking on the water ceremony’ and the ‘Marriage at Cana’ had taken place, Jesus turned ‘water into wine’ and matured into the leader she had prayed for. Lazarus (old Zach) hadn’t amounted to much, even though Jesus had tried to resurrect him as a plausible leader; Simon turned out to be more of a stumbling block than a rock of strength and denied Jesus three times on the crucial night when the murderous Bar-abbas was released; Saul opposed the reign of a son of David as King of the Jews and began a ten year reign of terror instead, imprisoning, torturing and murdering his way through Jesus’ followers before beginning his own faction of Christianity and justifying his actions by teaching that Jesus had to be crucified to fulfil Old Testament prophecy, eventually becoming Paul the main contributor to the New Testament and the self proclaimed Apostle to the Romans, living to an old age in protective custody while he dictated scripture to his physician Lucius. Martha ended her days in exile, with the ones that would have been great if Jesus had of become the King of Kings in the western world as well as the East.

Gnosticism became the knowledgeable alternative to the Paulinian based doctrines of the Roman Catholic church that would use the patriarchal apologists rhetoric to enslave the very people who Jesus intended to liberate with His teaching that ‘you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free’. The artefacts that would have adorned Jesus’ world center of enlightenment were buried along with the documents that the western authorities labelled Heretical. Copies of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Judas and John the Baptists writings were buried at places like Nag-Hamada in Egypt and caves around the Dead Sea because they disagreed with Peter, Paul and Luke’s versions of events.

Caves at Qumran- where Dead Sea Scrolls were found- Nag Hamada Texts

Paul portrayed himself as the Set of his day, or as the Greek god Apollo’s manufacturing miracles, writing scripture in the name of God, apologizing for his part in the Crucifixion and ensuing crimes against humanity in the vain hope that human sacrifice would be seen as adequate for the salvation of his followers. In the West his writings were adhered to, his doctrines revered, while the true force of Gods presents on Earth was relegated to the outskirts of history to be mocked and reviled as Harlots and Heresy by the mainstream manipulators of the masses.

This in the end was the fulfilment of the prophecy that the evil one would rule this world until the truth of the mater, along with the Logos of the day would emerge after three days in hell or until the abomination of desolation stands where it should not. The rule of the Kingdom of Satan would end and the beast chained and fettered for a thousand years when the Queen of the South would arise to bring about a thousand years of peace with her Prince of Peace, the Messiah of the poor, the Emanuel of the broken, the crucified Lord of God’s Kingdom and the manifest form of the Eternal Mereneith and her chosen Osiris.”

“Time out, time out, time out.” Came the call from the awestruck Gabriel “This is totally blowing me out, I need a moment here, stop and smell the roses; do you realize what you are saying, are you compos mentors? Speak to me Natalie.”

“Yes, I am here.”

“Good,” returned Buzz “I was starting to worry there for a moment, I thought you had flipped out; do you remember what you were saying?”


“Does it bother you that you just said contravenes all that this reality believes and turns on its head the theology of thousands of recognized scholars of not only the Catholic religion but Protestants, Jews and maybe most importantly of all Masons?” asked Buzz

“I can’t help it; it’s just flowing out. My mind is agreeing with what you are saying but my intuition is overriding and convincing me that all we have been led to believe is a load of shit.”

“Well that’s just great.” Replied Buzz

“I know.” Finished Nat

Gabriel realized he had to consolidate the moment and came up with the appropriate response to equalize. “Don’t panic,” he paused “I think we can work this out, let’s slowly go over what you’ve been saying and pull it apart. On a scale of one to ten this last session has blown the top off what we can realistically assimilate, so settle back in your chair for awhile and let me take the philosophical pruning shears to this overgrown tree of knowledge that you have cultivated in the backyard and we’ll see if I can shape it to fit the known limits of speculation that a sane exponent of critiquing the establishment would feel at home with.”

“O. K” said Nat as she uncharacteristically removed her sweater in front of him and made herself comfortable.

Even if it unnerved Buzz a little to see her in her underwear, he extended the moment by refuelling their glasses. The room had taken on a warm and sensual air and it was difficult for him to remain focused on the intellectual rather than slide into to a more romantic mode. He drew deeply on his reserve of will power and concentrated on the task at hand, finally asking “do you feel these revelations have come from the appropriate place in your reconciliation based ideology, that has driven the spirit of your Great Lady or is this just a feminine rant that is justifiably vented at a male based theology that has traditionally discriminated against the women who have obviously had an important role in these things.?”

“A bit of both I would say.” Answered Nat honestly

“Then what I would suggest is that you become the arbitrator of the two and symbolically don the Arbitrament that we have been seeking. If the breastplate of Narmer has any relevant application in today’s trouble filled world then surely it would be to represent the various parties in disputes of magnitude from the perspective of the Mother of all, male and female, east and west, Catholic and Gnostic, Christian and Muslim, Jew and Gentile. So even though the tendency is to favour the underdog, the pendulum effect can create sanctimonious despots whose revenge filled nature can cause more problems than those they have deposed. For example, the Hebrews were upset because they were being used as slaves, yet forty years after their Exodus they marched into Cana with the intention of exterminating every man women and child in that land.

In modern times Germaine Greer starts a movement for the equality of women and the next minute there are signs going up in universities all over the world ‘castrate all men’. I say be careful of what you create, in seeking justice, balance out the perspectives and build on the positives. Sure, every body knows established religions have lied and used doctrine to control the masses they oversee. Centuries of abuses of power have mapped the route of civilizations all over the world and yes, they have mainly been led by men but don’t forget the women who have benefited from those monopolies.

Many of the platforms we stand on, to clearly see these injustices that you speak of, have been constructed by the very institutions you so rightfully point to as perpetrators in the crimes of keeping the masses ignorant of the truths they probably need to know. So while not being able to fault what you have been saying, my plea to you is that you tread carefully on the hallowed ground of time honoured bullshit and make sure that your facts are sufficiently bound together in such a way as to build a bridge to new understandings; don’t just leap the chasm which has opened up before us.”

Chapter Eleven


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