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Monthly Archives: February 2009

In the cult classic  movie ‘The Matrix’, a tech savvy freedom fighter deserts his post on the good ship Nebuchadnezzar and sells out to an alien power broker for the pleasure of believing a lie. He sits in a virtual restaurant and comments on how good virtual steak tastes, whilst pondering his ‘Judas Purse’ which consists of the hypnotic delusion of freedom, wealth and power. Those who followed the trilogy, know this scene well but for those who don’t I will explain the significance.

In a world where the bulk of humanity is considered a resource to be tapped, agents of the beneficiaries move through the farce with an unstoppable determination to maintain the totality of mass delusion. Anyone who breaks the mould by waking up to the reality of their plight are hunted down, imprisoned, tortured, if not exterminated. Now the reason for the unprecedented success of this fictitious epic is that, for the devoted, it parodies real life. We the ‘milked’ are pleasantly oblivious to the business going on around us, if we wake up and fight the agents, life can become very unpleasant so we choose to chew the virtual steak and chatter to one another on how good it tastes. Every time we laugh at Australia’s Funniest Home Videos we masticate on digital slock, when we waste an hour or two visiting the house of Big Brother we are virtually vegging. You know what I’m saying, whatever your brand of virtual cuisine, we choose that over the mind numbing boredom of the milking shed or the dangers of fighting agents.

If there is a ‘Zion’ where this scenario isn’t true; if freedom, peace and equality aren’t delusional concepts and even if you think all this is a load of crap, how do we distinguish that from which we have now?

When WW2 was in full swing and Hitler ruled Europe, no-one would have had trouble understanding my parable because his agents were very visible and they were sucking the life out of everyone. Propergander was the main tool used to ‘hypnotise the sheep"’ and they used the state of the art media techniques to broadcast the mind numbing messages. Hoards of people bought the ‘virtual steak’  and either died or lived to regret it. Every radio station , newspaper, movie maker and bookseller was working for the beneficiaries and the people lapped it up. In England and America this did not go unnoticed and pretty soon they were doing the same thing to meet their needs.

Very good lies were being broadcast, published and filmed, all over the world, we all know that. I just want to know; when did it stop.


Back to Chapter Twelve

Joseph McHale woke up to another miserable day in the darkened underground cell he had been kept in for the last couple of months. The confines of the meter and a half square concrete box, that had been his torture, were stinking from the smells of his excrement. His skin was festered with the sores that came with the type of treatment they dished at this arse end of the world detention center that was Tadmore. Somehow or other the people who had grabbed him from Kings Cross, Sydney thought all they had to do to get what they wanted from him was to transport him here blindfolded, in fetters and wait till he cracked but they had underestimated his resolve.

He had long since decided he would rather die in his hell hole than give them what they wanted. It meant more to him than life itself to make sure they never got their hands on the Breastplate or his beloved Mereneith. She would sustain him in his hours of need, filling his head with glorious visions of a world void of greedy manipulating Sons of Mammon; he didn’t know how or when but his minds eye was assuring him he would survive this torturous confinement he was living. His keepers were amazed at the inner strength of the man they were trying to break and they kept saying to themselves and the ones they were reporting to, ‘any day now they would have what they required of him and then they would kill him’.

Suddenly as if by a miracle he was ripped from his tomb, thrown into a shower room and hosed off; his painful skin soaked up the cool water as if it were a balm and when they gave him fresh clothes to put on it was like bandages for his wounds. Even though he was handcuffed, hooded, thrown into the back of a utility and bounced around as they sped off, the fresh air in his lungs brought life back to his body; the very sunlight that would have killed a man crossing this desert by foot, nourished his life force.

For the first time since this ugly incident had begun, he was starting to think things were beginning to go his way. Underneath his hood he was smiling and he could sense his captors weren’t happy about it.

Back in Rome, Laurence and Sir Hamish were welcoming their new compatriot back into the surveillance van and congratulating him on a job well done. It had taken him all night to get in and out of the secure compound that used to be his workplace; after he had done what he was instructed to do, he was quite pleased to use the complicated series of underground tunnels that allowed him to escape unnoticed by the Vatican guards. They thought he was still working in his office but surely by now that myth had exploded along with any further credibility he would ever have in those circles again.

He had communicated to his master and controller via the secured internal internet site operating inside the closed walls of the Holy palace exclusively, that if they still wanted the item they had sent him to authenticate and obtain for them then they were going to have to turn up with Joseph McHale in front of the Sphinx temple, in Egypt, at the stated time or they would never see the Breastplate or hear from him again. You could say he well and truly made his point and then vanished into the night leaving no trace or options for his unsuspecting ex-colleagues other than the instructions he had left them.

As for now, Hamish and Laurie were going to make their way back to Saddam Hussein’s old villa in France from where Nat and Buzz had just left, after staying the night, and pick up their Jet Plane which was still hangared there. They still had a bit of continent hopping to do and a few errands to run before they could all meet up again, this time hopefully with their old buddy Joe. Just maybe they could arrange a few surprises for their adversaries as well as improve their own chances.

The ship that Natalie and Gabriel were booked on was leaving from Marseilles quite sometime before noon and if they were going to meet the sailing time they had to first acquire the paperwork they would need from an associate of Laurence’s at the port. This was done with a minimum of fuss and by the time they were walking up the gangplank of the beautiful ocean liner they were comfortably looking like any other honeymooning couple that were about to embark on a cruise of the Mediterranean.

They had checked their luggage and shaken the hand of the first mate before being shown to their first class cabin by the bursar. After they had made love and showered together for the second time in two days they were starting to actually feel like a married couple and as they confirmed to one another, that it felt good.

Lunch was next on the agenda in the best restaurant on the boat and when they had adjourned, to having drinks on the deck, there was no land in sight and clean sailing ahead.

The bow of the ship was pointed towards Egypt, as was the aim of their discussions and as they took their place amongst the first class deck chairs on the fore deck Buzz said “now this is the life,” putting his feet up and admired the scenery.

“Don’t get to comfortable,” was the comment Nat came back with “it won’t be long before we’re back in the thick of it.”

“O.K,” conceded Buzz “Let’s take this time to review the situation and make sure we’re ready for them when we get there.”

“Lead on, oh mighty one.” Came the light hearted comment

Buzz moved his sun hat ninety degrees and placed the fingers of his left hand between the chest height buttons of his shirt in a comic gesture, making himself look like Napoleon about to lead off at a bad moment.

Natalie laughed at his antics while trying to steal the ridiculous hat off his head; after wrestling over it for some time the crumpled hat went back on in the right direction and Buzz began to speak in a more serious tone.

“We’ve certainly covered some ground, you and I, since we began our endeavor. I’m delighted you chose me to go through it with and what ever comes our way, be sure I have no regrets. These people we will be coming up against are ruthless and if you feel uncomfortable risking your life in the exchange for your father, then you must know I would be happy to confront them myself.”

“No,” said Nat “absolutely not. We are in this together and you know you need me by your side if we are to have any chance at pulling this thing off.”

“Yes I do,” replied Buzz “although I am positive we can achieve our Goals and can envisage us getting through unscathed, there are a few blind spots in our course that worry me and I wouldn’t like it at all if you were to get hurt.”

“Don’t worry, for no amount of it will help us achieve what I know we will be successful in.”

“O.K. we’re locked, loaded and faith will get us through.” he paused a minute after his confirmation and then changed the subject with a question, “Would you tell me what you know of your mother?”

“Sure,” said Nat “as you know I was raised by my father and it was always difficult for us to talk about her because I don’t think Joe really knew what happened to her. He told me he was a young man when they met and that she was quite a bit older than him; they were very much in love, had a lot in common and while at an archaeological dig in Abydos, not long after I was born, she just went missing with out a trace. He did everything in his power to find her but because of a lack of interest by the Egyptian authorities, he eventually returned me to Australia were I was looked after by a series of nannies and a private school system; he continued to look for her in the best way he could while still returning every chance to spend time with me.”

“That’s it hey!”

“Yeah, How about you?”

“Similar story I’m afraid except I didn’t know anything about either of my parents and I was raised by an elderly couple that are dead now.”

“I’m so sorry,” said Nat “well at least we have one another now and I am sure that Joe will love you too.”

They had a brief hug that was equally comforting to them both and when they broke, Nat changed the subject with a question, “Can we go over what we know about the original Breastplate?”

“Sure,” said Buzz, settling back in his seat and realizing Nat’s need to occupy her thoughts with a more work related conversation.

“We know it was a bejewelled golden bodice from the pre-flood era, highly prized in Egypt from the First Dynasty till the end of the Old Kingdom around 2200 B.C.E. It was then associated with a developing Europe and Mesopotamia until some kind of natural disaster saw Sarah and her daughters reinstate its predominance at the center of beliefs and worship in Egypt from the time of Sobeck-neferu in 1790 B.C.E till the exodus of Akhenaton in 1355 B.C.E. It turned up again at the time of Solomon’s Temple and then onto the Queen of Sheba with whom it remained till the time of Jezebel and Esther where-in the influence went into exile with the Assyrian conquest of Israel and Judah.

By the time of the fourth century B.C.E, after the fall of Troy when Alexander the Greats influence was at its peak, he defeated Darius’ Empirical rule in 333 B.C.E at Susa and took possession of all his treasures including the breastplate and the women who wore it. After Alexander’s death Ptolemy Sotor took his incorruptible body and the most precious treasures, back to Egypt to officially begin the three hundred year reign of the Cleopatra’s over the barbaric tribes of Macedonians who chose to live in the Nile basin. Then we see the transfer of power from the Greeks to Julius Caesar onto Mark Antony and through to the Herods around the time of Jesus Christ all under the watchful eyes of the women of the Breastplate. Am I missing anything?”

“No,” answered Nat “please continue.”

“With all that backing him, Jesus pronounces disasters on Herod and the oppressors of the poor, peace loving Children of God; deeming the destruction of their temples, the dispersion of their peoples and the predicted absence of his God ‘Eli, Eli, Lama Sabatini’ till the end of days when the ‘Abomination of Desolation stands where it should not’. I believe there were those that took these words seriously.”

“Explain that for me will you?” asked Nat

“Well, Jesus had offered the rulers of the known world at the time a peaceful, just, Kingdom of God on Earth and they answered him with crucifixion and war. He was the Logos of the Piscean era, hence the sign of the fish, and the spokesman for God for that entire period; so considering that would run from then until the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, represented by the mother of pots and the blending the two oils of humanity into one, this was a prophetic way of saying the peace he spoke of would not arrive until the Queen of the South rose in two thousand years time.

The realization mankind was not ready for what he had to offer, must have come as a great disappointment for Him and his loving partner Mary. They realized then and there, it would not be for a time, a time again and half a time, before peace and a united kingdom would come to mankind even though they had done everything in their power to bring that vision of the future into their own time. They knew it would take the threat of something as awesome as the mutual destruction that could be caused by an ‘Abomination of Desolation’ or as we know it, an Atomic Bomb to shock those who would wage war by preference, into wanting peace instead.

Their decision to vanish into obscurity and hide the Breastplate of Authority from the corrupt inheritors of the era, that would be full of war and strife, was the only way to go. The Great Pyramid of Egypt was the perfect place to hide the symbolically powerful Arbitrament but while a decadent Rome was in control of that area, there would be no hurry. Three hundred years later Zenobia, a Parthian warrior Queen and a descendant of Cleopatra, fights her way back into control of Gaza and completes her destiny by secreting ‘the family heirloom’ into the largest manmade structure on earth, for a time capsule fate. She is then taken prisoner by Rome and had her home town of Tadmore or Palmyra, as the Greeks liked to call it, leveled for her trouble.”

Zenobia’s Kingdom (approx. 280 A. D.) The Vatican’s Zenobia

“So there it remained, bricked up behind Davidson’s chamber, in the King’s chamber of the Great pyramid for fifteen hundred and fifty years until Howard Vyse and his British gung-ho mates blasted their way into it in 1837 A.D.” said Nat

“Yes, amazingly enough; a very strange series of events led to not Howard Vyse coming into possession of it, but an Italian sea captain. Caviglia had independently searched Egypt for many years before teaming up with the British and eventually achieving his goal of acquiring the most precious of all artefact finds. He even managed to keep it out of their hands and in Egypt by masterminding a scam whereby a ship loaded with goodies heading for England went down in the Mediterranean and it was ridden off as lost, before they even knew what it was they had.

The discovery that actually led to its unearthing began when Jean-Francois Champollion deciphered the Rosetta stone, beginning a process of understanding Hieroglyphics that wasn’t fully realized until many years later in the time of Wallis Budge, the celebrated British museum curator. Flinders Petrie, Margaret Murray and Dorothy Eady in the early twentieth century began a group of an elite few in the western world that had any idea about this Legendary Breastplate of Narmer.”

Champollion Caviglia Wallis Budge Flinders Petrie Margaret Murray Dorothy Eady

“So what Laurence’s Dora, back in Scotland, told me about her seeing The Lady with the Breastplate in Egypt before the Second World War, was quite possible? Asked Nat

“Yes, but what threw the spanner in the works, was the rise of fascism in the nineteen thirties. Dorothy and her friends decided that rather than risk it falling into the hands of Hitler, they would buried it in the unearthed tomb of Mereneith at Abydos. After the war was over, they went to dig it up again and it was gone. They searched for it all through the sixties and seventies and that’s when the American Research and Enlightenment institute took control of all the digs in Egypt.”

“So somehow or other the Sunnis’ dug it up or get their hands on it and it makes its way into the possession of Saddam Hussein.”


“Then it could have been the real reason they invaded Iraq?”

“Your words not mine.”

“But you are not discounting it?”

“I don’t think it really matters, your father worked it all out and after Saddam had been executed with out revealing where he had hid it, then he knew he was the only person in the world that had a chance of returning it to its rightful owner.” Said Buzz


“Yeah, wow.”

It was about then they realized they’d had enough sun and it was about time they retired to their cabin; while the ship steamed towards a destination that was going to bring all this talk to a head, others were plotting, indicating that these things weren’t happening in isolation. The secret communication channels between London, New York and Rome were abuzz with chatter about these topics and much more. The chains of command were systematically removing the Indians and replacing them with Chiefs, who were starting to come into play.

A well known Washington couple met for the first time in months at a plush boardroom setting and all the black suited figures that had been milling around dismissed themselves and the following conversation was had.

“Have you heard the latest from Rome?” he asked as he moved from the closing double doors and over to the large table that centered the room.

“Yes,” she replied “bloody Catholics couldn’t arrange a piss up in a brewery.”

“I knew I should have gone myself.”

“What do you think about the new arrangements?”

“I’m not sure, but what is it about this Aussie- ass-hole that makes him so important in all of it?”

“I don’t know the man that we had on him has gone missing and so did all his files; I don’t know much about him at all.” She said

“How about the people that have it now?”

“Well we know all about their organization, they are those trouble making Brits; what we don’t know is why they would want to sell us this priceless prize for such a palfrey amount and even more worrying is, now that they have it and the money, why would they swap it for this piece of shit Aussie, Joe McHale.”

“I’m going myself this time, no more room for stuff ups.”

“Not with out me, Dirty Dick; I would have to have it dry cleaned after you and your floozies had finished with it.”

“We’ll do it together then,” he said “nothing like a bit of quality time together to cement the family.”

“I’ll notify security.”

By the time their plane was leaving France for Egypt the long way, Laurence and Hamish were busying themselves with the reorganization of their homes and headquarters, full well knowing they were heading for a confrontation that was going to be catastrophic for the way they had been living and operating up until then. It wasn’t like they were unaware that this was coming up as they had a contingency plan all worked out for quite some time so this was just the final straw of many that was leading to a totally new life.

“Does it bother you that you will have to sell your home?” asked Laurie

“No-o,” replied the Scottish Laird “I’ve had buyers bothering me for a long time now and I’ve already built a new place much more suitable for my present needs, how about you?

“To tell you the truth, I’ve been looking forward to getting out of there for some time now; it’s a little too claustrophobic in winter and Dora and I both agree we would be much happier in a warmer climate, we have only ever been caretakers at that castle any way.”

“It’s going to be strange having Natalie and Gabriel so involved in things that have previously only been for you to decide.” Said Hamish

“That’s assuming they get through this unscathed, they are not out of the frying pan yet and they are about to throw themselves into the fire.”

“Well, they seem very confidant they are going to get Joe back as well as the Breastplate.”

“That will have to be seen to be believed; but we will have to be ready and waiting if they are successful, they will be relying on us. So let’s get busy tying up loose ends and getting this bird to where it can do the most good, I won’t be at ease until we’ve got them onboard.”

The men that were driving Joe McHale towards his rendezvous in Giza were having no trouble getting through the many checkpoints that punctuated their lengthy journey from Syria through Jordan. Their status with the United Nations was coming in quite handy and the fact that they had a prisoner in the back of their mobile lock up, didn’t hinder their progress at all; once they reached the Israelis boarder, at the nominated place, he would be handed over and no longer their problem. When the moment actually arrived Joe noticed the difference between the obvious third world conditions that he had been saturated with suddenly changing along with the accents of the guards. The new transport unit traveled smoothly along well made bitumen roads and the air conditioner, cooling the back section of his panel van prison, mainly served to broaden the smile on his now unhooded face. For him it was like a birthing process and although he imagined he was going to breathe free air again, he knew that the tricky bit and the screaming were yet to come.

It was a new day dawning that highlighted the Eastern horizon as the magnificent luxury liner pulled down the Nile. Natalie and Buzz were awakened at the appropriate time by a phone call from the accommodation steward to witness the sun rising and because their cabin was on the leeside, they didn’t have to get out of their king-sized bed to see it through the large portals of glass that fed the golden rays into their consciousness; it was reminiscent of the visions they had when they first met and began this fast closing adventure.

They just had time for some morning exercise before showering and dressing in the appropriate way for the morning’s itinerary. As they were passing Heliopolis they strutted the deck and made themselves familiar to the other passenger that would be disembarking with them when they got to Giza

Even though they had to board a large modern tourist bus, they still managed to feel quite regal as they were chauffeured towards their first sigh of the Pyramids and even when thy were being organized into two separate groups, the importance of the moment was not lost on Buzz and Nat as they aligned themselves with those who were to visit the Sphinx. The whole Necropolis had a heavy security presence; their only defence was to blend in and do the tourist thing whist being acutely aware that in the immediate area were the people they had to negotiate with to secure her fathers release.

As the tour group split up and began to explore around the pre-flood monolith and its associated temples, our heroic couple inched their way closer to the very spot they had arranged to meet their elusive prey. Natalie could feel the presence and the pain of her much loved parent stronger than ever; when they rounded the front of the Old Kingdom Temple, which was isolated further downhill from everything else and even closer to the sacred Nile, she finally locked eyes on him. A subtle nudge to the ribs of her partner was enough for him to fall into character and start madly photographing everything like a Japanese tourist, giving them the advantage they needed over the men in black that stood, now only feet away from them, ominously guarding their prize.

I don’t know what they were looking for but it certainly wasn’t a sweet looking couple like the ones who snatched Joe McHale from under their noses and ran off into the Temple itself, before they could even un-holster their guns. The strategic benefit of the situation they all found themselves in must have been immediately obvious, as the black suited guards seemed to be caught totally flat footed and didn’t like their chances of following them into the ancient stone complex structure.

Intercom systems were immediately activated and before you could say ‘bullshit’ they had put out the call for all their men to come into play, surround the whole temple, remove any non-combatants out of the area and lock into a siege scenario.

Inside, Buzz had produced an all channels communicator and was yelling instructions down it, demanding to speak to the ones that were in charge several times before things settled down to where the couple from Washington were arguing with him over what was going to happen. While this was happening Natalie and Joseph had time to embrace one another before Joe finally spoke up.

“Just what the hell do you think you are doing?”

“Rescuing you.” Replied Nat

“Some rescue.” Commented Joe; but before he could say anything else, the beauty of the old alabaster temple began to illuminate around them in a very unnatural way and while they where standing in jaw dropped awe at what they were seeing an apparition of the Great Lady herself appeared before them. She stood there with her arms outstretched wearing her red cape that all those there had seen her in before.

Nat and Buzz where struck speechless but Joseph knew exactly what to do; he moved away from the others and into the embrace of his Goddess, surprising them with his intimacy of the divine, far surpassing anything they could have imagined. Time froze and the past, present and future melded into one with the four of them back together again and in some unexplainable way, everything was right; they were exactly where they were supposed to be and as they all realize it they were snapped back into the moment with Joe’s words to Natalie

“This is your mother, cherish her forever.”

Nat didn’t know what to say, she just stood there with her mouth open when the lady in the red cape spoke to her.

“Quickly, remove the fake breastplate; we have to make sure they get it, before we can get out of here.”

Natalie began to move quickly as instructed firstly taking off the blue overcoat she had on, covering the hieroglyphic embossed golden representation of palette of Narmer, the forged replica of a similar fake that must have been firstly made thousands of years ago under similar circumstances. It was shaped into a bodice style breastplate that fitted Nat well enough so as to have not drawn attention it, Buzz helped her unfasten the straps that were holding in on and then passed it over to Joe whilst Nat redressed herself.

“Now, get ready to leave via that tunnel there.” She pointed towards an open door in the floor that the others hadn’t noticed before now.

Just then the intercom sparked back into life and blurted out the command, “Identify yourselves.”

On the other side an anxious Washington couple heard the reply load and clear, “I am Re, who is in the heavens, I enter the twilight shadows, I open the gate to the sky in the south, welcome me with your arms.”

“I don’t think you know who you are dealing with,” was the reply

“Behold, I know your place in the Duat, I know your names, the places you hide, your secrets.”

“Come out or we are coming in after you.” They threatened with the authority of those who were prepared to harm them, to achieve there own objectives.

“O’ bitter you are in your cavern, O’ terrifying one, the greatest in hell. Bow down before me, draw back your arms, behold me, I am entering the land of the beautiful south to attend my Osiris and to greet those who are with him.”

Without further ado, the troops were ordered to rush into the temple, followed by their leaders and after an unproductive search of the area to find no one; they stood holding the fake breastplate with the words still ringing in their ears,

“It is done.”

A scroll from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

(From which the above quotes were taken.)


I don’t think anybody would disagree; Mobsters ruin communities, when they do what they do, in any society. To get a picture in your mind, of what I am on about, just think Chicago during the prohibition years. Al Capone and Frank Nitti rode rough shot over a whole metropolis, while they ran Gambling, Prostitution and sold booze and drugs on every street corner. Now stop for a moment and ask yourself who carries out that tradition in our society today?

Mobster require one main ingredient to formalize their rule, a mob; so regardless of who’s the boss, it’s the mob that empowers. The average person empowers the big bosses of this country and every time they put money in a slot machine, back a horse, buy grog or suck on a bit of smoko weed, they are financing a system that is responsible for the bulk of family hardships, illness and death. Now I hear the cries: surely not. Our responsible leaders of industry and government should not be put in the same category, they don’ carry machine guns, they don’t mow down innocent people in the course of maintaining their monopolies, or do they?

Our society doesn’t tolerate irresponsible, profiteering, drug dealing, pimps because they prey on peoples weaknesses for their own greedy ambitions. Well call me a liar, if you want to, but when  the big company executives and governmental bodies budget for large profits in the fore mentioned areas, are they not doing exactly the same thing? You may well put forward an argument  in support of this kind of irresponsible behaviour, quoting the fiscal necessity and the befits of job retention, as overriding the moral imperative but then you are exactly the problem I am talking about.

For those who get it; you may well say ‘what can we do about it, we are just the victims’ or ‘that’s the way it always been and after all you can’t change city hall’. Well to that I say ‘BULLS*IT; don’t  curtail social reform for those reasons, fight for you children’s rights to live  in a better era’. There IS no rational reason that we have to put up with mobsters running our lives and making bad decisions that affect the very core of our existence. Demand substantial social reforms and don’t hand over your power to representatives that don’t have the highest moral agenda on this issue, because if you do, then you are the mob.