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After a complete search of the whole complex and failing to find the opening to the underground, the Washington couple stood once again in the middle of it all amazed at what just happened and questioning one another on what to do next.

“Where did they go?”

“Who cares, we have what we came for and sooner or later we will have them.”

“What did that crazy woman say?”

“Some kind of riddle, but I must say I was thinking that I had heard it before.”

“Did we get a good recording of it?”

“Yes, I’ll have it decoded when we get back.”

“Finally, we have the famous Breastplate; the master will be very impressed.”

“Now we will really be Set.”

They removed themselves from the temple and eventually out of Egypt, leaving behind a contingent of security men to rake over the area in an ongoing effort to find Joe McHale and his liberators, but it was never to be.

Beneath their feet, in the myriad of passages that honeycombed the Egyptian underworld, Natalie and Buzz held hands and followed her father and the enigmatic red robed woman they now thought as mother; they were being led through the darkness by her personal glowing light. She seemed to know exactly where they were going and the turns, stairs and caverns added up to the fact that they would have been hopelessly lost with out her. Eventually they emerged into the most magnificent crystal chamber and as they centered themselves, facing one another, the walls began to glow.

She recited “This is the Heart of Amen, the Chamber of Osiris, Kenti-Amenti; this is our final destination, these walls contain all the knowledge of Tep-zepi, the first time and all the relevant knowledge since.” With a wave of her hand, they were treated to a visual feast of images from the beginning of time as the sounds of creation filled their ears; time became irrelevant again and they filled there minds with all that was.

The imagery culminated in its entirety; Mereneith wearing only the original bejewelled Breastplate, was standing in between two sphinx like creatures facing one another. Instinctively Joseph joined her in removing her Arbitrament, passing it on to Natalie and indicated that she should put it on.

She said, “This is my Osiris and you are our children, we are now joining as one and in your future you will stand here and do the same. We are leaving you now but we will always be with you.”

With that the walls came alive with twelve deities from the past, repetitively chanting, “Hail to you who come out of the earth and enter the Duat….O’ Re, you shine upon us, for our part we pay homage to you, we salute you. The ways of the hidden places are now open to you and the portals are unfolded, the soul that Nut loves will guide your flight to the heights; Hail and make your passage from between the thighs of the Mother, enter.”

While they embraced, naked before God, they began to rise and shine together. The light became so bright it blinded the stunned Natalie and Gabriel who were prostrate before the transfigured couple and because of the darkness that ensued they couldn’t be absolutely sure how they were transported to the light again.

As they were being welcomed back to the world and the familiar sounds of their friends Laurence and Dorothy, they realized they were safe and ready to travel back home in Sir Hamish’s jet plane. Amazingly enough they popped out of the ground at the very Oasis where their crew was waiting for them, many miles from where their enemies were searching for them. The air, the water and the light of a new dawn revitalized them and as they took off towards the south-east from the land of an old era, the comfort of knowing they were perfectly prepared sunk in.

With the original bejewelled Breastplate, well equipped friends and new headquarters to head for they were a formidable force, prepared to fight the destructive nature of Set and those who coveted the authority of the symbol of God’s presence on Earth for their own selfish desires and not for the benefit of the whole world.

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