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The world they had entered was gloomy in a way that someone from our side of the flood would have difficulty understanding because we have never experienced anything like it. The firmament was saturated with moisture quite differently than even a prolonged European winter; the cloud was much higher and the soft diffusion of light hung like a fog. Other than that, they had manifested themselves into another fine Atlantean day.

The Sumerian basin, before it was covered with water and then deep layers of clay, was distinguishable from the modern map in that the now named Persian Gulf was more like a wide river and ran from the old city of Babylon into the Arabian Sea. It was easy to see why no evidence of a previous civilization could be found but Natalie and Buzz knew exactly what they were looking at because of the distinctive towering structures scattered around the whole area. Their familiarity with the famous towers and the abundance of hanging gardens, used as an irrigation technique, acted like a honing beacon for their search. Seeking the geographical center of this ancient swarming mass of humanity became the obvious goal and this was achieved relatively easily because the largest of the stepped structures were visible from any perimeter point of the metropolis.

The invisible presence of our adventurous couple resisted the urge to explore the unfamiliar lifestyles of the unusual occupants of this city and instead bee lined for the center of pre-flood Babylon and its more affluent rulers. As they moved closer to the palatial hub, familiar trappings of authoritarian rule became more noticeable and pointed the way ahead towards locating the more influential persons and their daily activities. Soon the visions of what could only be described as a royal court in session, dominated this sortie into the past.

Eight rays of tribal hierarchy radiated outward from the focus of this purpose built Senature. Centered and raised for effect, sat the suitably attired reigning monarch, effectively presiding over what seemed to be an important day in the lives of this council of men. While they were interacting with one another, almost bickering, a hush flooded over the crowd and without any obvious prompting a solid golden eagle, with a wingspan of three meters or more, was hoisted above the kings’ head from behind the throne.

Words saturated the entire complex as if from some unseen amplification system and had the same effect as if God had parted the clouds and boomed the instructions personally. It must have been a warning about the impending deluge because no sooner had the proclamation been made than the people started to evacuate with haste and the heavy rain began bucketing down. The King stood to leave via his own portal, followed by the eight factional leaders through theirs and this had a tidal wave effect similar to dropping a large bolder into the middle of a mill pond.

Noticeably, some of the inhabitants resisted the flow and it was towards them that Natalie and Buzz concentrated their efforts to understand what had just happened. They seemed to be the attendants to this venue and as the building emptied of its patrons, they busied themselves the way dedicated vassals do after their masters have left, by packing up the valuables and following close behind. An argument broke out over what to do with the Great Golden Eagle and this was what kept our time travellers riveted to the scene. This magnificent and weighty treasure was about to be removed from where it had obviously resided for a very long time and the right to procure it was being decided by a show of swords.

While the victors struggled over the physical task they had won the honour to perform, the vanquished rallied themselves into a force that suddenly had something else on their minds.

It was because Nat recognized some of the faces of this group from a previous foray into the past, that she decided to follow what they were doing instead of sticking with Buzz and the group he was following.

Her intuition turned out to be wise because as they moved out of the Senature, they bee-lined for the temple complex and with no real opposition, waded into a crowd of exiting worshipers like a pack of front row forwards. Soon they had the whole place to themselves and tearing back the veil to the inner sanctum revelled just what Natalie suspected was the purpose of the intrusion, the Golden Ark and our Lady wearing the Breastplate of Narmer.

Buzz followed the men who had removed the Golden Eagle from its ancient nesting place to where they loaded it on to a substantial four wheeled cart and joined a caravan of regal stature as it was hastily leaving the now obviously doomed city. The wealthiest citizens had organized an eastern express route for themselves and all they could reasonably transport on such short notice. The misty air had become heavy with rain, which was making the journey difficult but not impossible because of a well built road connecting this city with their trading partners of the Indus Valley.

The leading soldiers were just pushing people and their goods off the road and into the mud to expedite the progress of the royal caravan. Before the most privileged broke free from the pack, the cart carrying the Golden Eagle had caught up and, as Buzz would recall later, left behind the multitudes to an uncertain fate. The coastal road they were following eventually began to flood; the whole expedition turned north east onto much more dishevelled roads and as the torrential rains increased so did the dreaded mud, slowing the whole process down to a crawl but at least they were staying ahead of the rising waters which was more than you could say for those unfortunates that were left behind.

Meanwhile Nat was following the progress of Mereneith and her loyal band of followers as they gathered her and all they could carry to make their way out of the forsaken city. They headed west against the now flowing tide of waters that was washing down into the gulf; the going was hard from the very beginning of their journey, as opposed to the organize exodus that Buzz was following. It was a miracle the final four even made it to the boat that was waiting upstream for them, even though the heavy carts that were accompanying them had to be diverted to higher ground. Shem, Ham and Japheth said final farewells and made agreements on where to meet up after the rain stopped, pointing in the direction of Mt. Ararat. The last few kilometres were travelled on foot eventually hoisting their Mother onto their shoulders and wading to the now floating Noah’s Ark.

History was adrift and the future rulers of Egypt were its passengers; forty days and nights meant a very long time in the past and unfortunately those who successfully completed the mission of getting the precious artefacts to the high cave in the mountains probably perished, but before they did the treasures they carried were safely stowed in the pre-arrange place.


‘Land ahoy.’ Came the cry from the other side of the hatch that was being knocked on loudly enough to pull Nat and Buzz back into their reality; they were in Grants’ Ship heading towards N.Z.

‘We’re up, we’re up.’ Repeated Buzz, to put a stop to the confounding noise

‘Wow! What a journey we’ve had.’ Said Nat

‘Yes,’ responded Buzz ‘let’s go find the others and discuss it with them while it’s fresh in our minds.’

They quickly dressed and headed for the Galley hoping to find the others and surely enough that’s where they were stuffing themselves with cereals and lashings of freshly expressed coffee, soon they were doing the same.

‘How long till disembarking?’ asked Nat

‘About half an hour or so.’ Answered Jim as Grant indicated he had to get back to the bridge, reluctantly leaving Laurence to quiz his favourite couple on what revelations they might have to impart

‘Please tell us what you have learnt; I can see by the smirks on your faces that it is something fascinating.’

‘You’re not kidding!’ exclaimed Buzz ‘We found just what you were talking about at the heart of a pre-flood Babylon, just before it began to rain.’

‘Describe it to me.’ Said an enthusiastic Laurie

‘The wingspan must have been about three meters, the posture was that of a bird in full flight and its eyes were piercingly alive

with transparent topaz. The weight of the gold was as much as three men could lift and the quality of the workmanship was out of this world. If this artefact is still in existence and hasn’t been melted down then its value would be incalculable.’ Said Nat

‘What about its owner?’

‘The situation in this civilization seemed to be made up of at least two factions; the political arm, led by a ruling monarch and the religious patrons who gravitated towards a temple run by a priestly caste. While this latter group were guardians of the sacred items we are familiar with, it was the more secular types organized into an Enid of authoritarian rule and their king, who ultimately laid claim to the Great Golden Eagle.’

‘What happened to it?’

‘It was taken high into the mountains of north eastern Iran via a series of makeshift camps but I haven’t managed to track it any further than that on its way to a permanent nest.’

Natalie cut into Buzz’s account of their nocturnal journey and added to the overall understanding of the important nature of the structure of power that existed before the flood. ‘I followed the religious leaders which turned out to be those associated with the ones we have come to know as Noah’s crew on the Arc which survived the deluge. Their desire to follow the directions of an unseen creator god separated them from the Enid of authoritarian rule, who brought about the destruction of their world by oppressing those who chose not to worship the system of power that honoured the Golden Eagle you have us searching for, rather than honouring the Word of God which was emanating from the Oracle of the Temple, that all of us here know, from our last adventure.’

Laurence cut into the line of thought she was following ‘Yes, you are probably right about that and I’m sure we all would have been better off if they followed the wisdoms espoused, but this is not about philosophies it’s about tracking down an artefact that will benefit us in our Quest.’

‘Alright Laurie, point taken but I think it is important to understand the bi-polar nature of this division of power and how that it has continually had an ongoing effect on the world as we know it and the ones we are going to have to track if we are to understand this mystery better.’ Stated Nat

‘If you two are finished, I would like to get back to what I was saying.’ Said Buzz and since there were no objections he continued ‘I think the archaeological evidence supports the re-emergence of civilizations after the flood as being a multi-cultural affair and not just a Judaic-patriarchal one. The post-flood cradle of civilization in the area that we are interested in was referred to in the biblical record as that of the Elamites. Now Elam was a grandson of Narmer\Noah and a son of Shem, born before the flood and a possible candidate for the power struggle that ensued after the end of the thousand year reign of the Methuselah dynasty.

While most of our previous enquiries into the past centered on the world of the ancient Egyptians, I don’t think it would be very productive to concentrate our efforts in that area this time. Rather we should be looking for clues in the indigenous tribes of the Indus Valley and the hinterland that fed its famous rivers. In the real time world of resent archaeology we should be looking at the artefacts and remains of the civilizations known as the Namazgas, Hongshans and Mehrgaarh.’

‘Brilliant, Dr. Izzard you certainly know your stuff. All those years of study weren’t wasted on you.’ Commented Laurie

‘So what you are inferring,’ added Natalie ‘is that the family split between Noah\ Narmer and their descendants over who was going to govern the post-flood world was an East-West split centered around the Sumerian basin and that the Elamites were connected to the emerging Eastern cultures as well as the ones who are most likely to have had the Great Golden Eagle we are looking for.’

‘Precisely,’ answered Buzz ‘If my memory serves me well, the archaeological evidence of Iran’s interest in Elamite artefacts shows that they were a highly advanced culture who lived in the habitual areas of the real golden eagles and were the first ones to use the image on their earthenware’s and metalwork. They were the first to develop agriculture, herding of animals, weaving, writing in glyphs and producing golden artefacts of great skill. They were the first ones this side of the flood to produce pyramid-like structures and spoke one of the oldest know languages known to man.’

All these things and more evolved out of the caves and slopes of north-eastern Iran into the Zagros mountains and eventually to the Elamite capital of Susa, where they preceded the Babylon of biblical times at ruling the whole of the Sumerian basin. Simultaneously the Harappeans were developing a similar culture in the Indus Valley as their trading partners on the Persian sea. The similarities in the Proto-Elamite written language and the Dravidic script confirm the relationship between the two Arian races.

A member of the crew entered the galley from the direction of the bridge and loudly announced to the engrossed group that it was time to make their way to the stern and prepare themselves for transfer to Owhiro on the service skip that was ready to go; the captain had brought them safely into Kawhia Harbor.

Previously, at thirty thousand feet, Nicks’ secretary had enthusiastically put him to bed; she pulled a short red satin bathrobe out of a bedside draw, slipped it on to her tall slender frame and made her way to the control center which was her regular domain. If she was going to get any rest on this trip it would be when everything that could be done, had been and as it was at the moment, Nick would want answers to enquiries she was yet to make.

‘Hello Silvia, sorry to call you in the middle of the night but we are on route to your part of the world and I wanted to make sure you were up to date on the latest goss.’

‘What?’ came the sleepy reply

‘Good, I knew you wouldn’t mind. You must have heard how William and Hillary got ripped off in Africa last year; well we’re hot on the trail of the perpetrators and they are heading your way.’

‘Why are you telling me this?’

‘Because my dear; you are going to get of you fat ass and rally you coven of morons to conjure up the information Nick is going to demand before we get there or there’s going to be hell to pay.’

Well that should do the trick; she thought to herself as she severed the connection and wandered over to the fridge to extract a cold chicken. Pulling it apart with her bare hands, Elisha B Dogsbody devoured it with the ravenous appetite she always seemed to have after mad sex.

Chapter Three



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