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It would take an extremely large Army of trained personal to monitor and regulate the information that circulates in and out of Australia today. If Kevin Rudd’s Broadband extravaganza, equipped with effective filtering, becomes a reality then we, the public, must fund an even larger Army of Internet Spymasters.

One would assume the job of checking all the activity that goes on each day, every day, not only requires an enormous array of technology, but also the staff required to maintain and upgrade it and whether or not you are a good loyal citizen or a dirty rotten agitator of muck, those technicians are in your living space. Sorting through suspected terrorist’s Recycle bins or keeping children safe from bums and tits, is an essential part of the real world.

My reasons for broaching this subject are not to agree or disagree with Kevin’s Army, not to Question the recent upgrade of public paid solders in the war against terror, pornography, drugs, whatever; but to call for a semblance of accountability to the people they claim to serve. If we can’t know their names or positions, for security reasons, at least we should be given some kind of report on how they conduct themselves because what they do everyday is, or should be, important to you; their financial backers.

Now, if you happen to agree with me or not, tough luck, you won’t get any feedback; not from the ever growing army of people who’s job it is to spy on you because you are part of the suspected majority whom they get paid to monitor, and informing you of their activities would be self defeating, for them, your employees. What a conundrum!

My suggestions for solving this puzzling state of affairs would probably be as abhorrent to those in power as my suggestions for allowing the people they serve, a say in the day to day running of their affairs (other than voting for tweedle-dee or tweedle-dum once every three or four years). But never the less, here goes:

Seeing we have this amazing communications network that connects every home in the country, why don’t we use IT to administer our right, to hold to account, those we pay to look after our best interests by taking the time to educate ourselves on running a Content Management System designed to achieve what we all should want, a more accountable, profitable, better run country. You may scoff, you may huff and puff, but it is possible to put in place an Internet site that has the capability to register all people of tax paying age as voters on issues that concern them and if we did this and a majority of voters elected to do something without asking the permission of politicians, generals or Telstra employees, then what we would have, would be a legitimate tool to run our country, as the first real democracy in the world.


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