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Once upon a time University students stood up for their rights, now they don’t have the time or the money. As the most neglected group of voters in the country, their cause is probably the most urgent. They suffer daily with the heaviest burdens ever placed on budding citizens. On their young shoulders sit the obligations to acquire an unprecedented amount of knowledge, solve the problems of global warming, end the war on terror, feed the staving multitudes, pay back a mountain of debt and look good while doing it.

What do they receive in the way of encouragement from the government? A kiss my ARS budget reference, a below the poverty line Aus-study, a Hex debt to send shivers down the spine of all but the rich and a sentence to hard labour as the Bar-maids and Suicide-jocks for the one‘s whose retirement they will have to fund.

Now I don’t know about you but if you think this situation is acceptable, then walk a mile in their shoes before you criticize what I have say:

“They should receive a better deal than old age pensioners because they have more expenses than old age pensioners.” If they find the time to raise a protest; I, for one, will support them, WILL YOU?


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