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When most of us blatantly tell lies, we expect repercussions sooner or later, but on the National stage that factor seems to be irrelevant. On any given day our media pours out bucket loads of tripe, followed with torrents of spin and all with the guarantee we, the gullible public, will lap it up. The act of honest reporting is masked with the face of responsibility, clothed with the cape of invisibility and shod in such a manner that we admire the snakeskin, while it crushes our trachea.

Now I’m not on about any particular issue, just the consistencies of the fertilizer Aussie kids grow in. I’m not having a go at the Murdock’s or the Packers for doing what their good at, nor their fake tanned employees for dishing out the daily dose, I’m talking’ to you good citizen. Actually I’m asking the rhetorical question with no hope of an answer, do you buy it? Do you really believe it when weapons of mass destruction are reported to be in Iraq or that they didn’t find any? Did you gasp in horror when the Dingo ate the baby, or Monica- the president? Was Kevin really in a Washington meatworks or is Osama bin Laden gay? Who would know, who would care, who would stand up and tell the world it’s all smoke designed to keep you from asking for reality TV to be, well, real? Oh, for newspapers to actually report honest news or that somebody would commission Australian broadcasting to champion an alternative way other than recycling the trash.

OK, we all know that in times of war it is the media’s patriotic duty to fabricate stories, to throw the enemy off track and protect the security of the nation, but it seems as though their will never be an end to war. So does that mean we are destined to never have confidence in our providores of information or that they are selling us porky pies on the side for their own benefit?

My answers to these perplexing puzzles are to find some fortitude, move up the evolutionary scale, pioneer honesty. Reject rolling in the dung of propaganda, climb the leg of the beast that shat it, feast on the sweetmeats of viewing life from a higher perspective and take to the air ways of just doing it like it’s never been done before and if you have no president, just WING IT!


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