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What never ceases to astound me, is how relatively normal people are kept in a state of Bi-polar disarray by the rhetoric of a system that constantly proclaims the necessity for buying one extreme view, over the opposite extreme view. For example;

If one is so bored, or boring, they find themselves listening to the goings on in the Canberra Headquarters for Bickering Over Fiscal Facts and Indigenous Needs (BOFFIN’s), then what they would be taping into is the torrential flowing river of hot and steamy bovine droppings that forks into two separate and totally incompatible tributaries; the La-boaring and the Lie-beral. The fumes emitted from each of these great national steams are equally toxic, while the air over the middle ground only reeks when the wind is blowing from one direction or the other. Groupings of Gucci clad orators float downstream on rafts of tightly bound policies crying out to potential punters for the support and succour they desperately need to continue on there course. This adds to the acidic nature of the atmosphere and seems to have an intoxicating effect on all, especially when the two parties of rafters are within earshot of one another.

Now this could be viewed as good fun, or a sport, if not for the fact that if one breaths the air for to long they end up mutating into a one eyed monster and because it is a national obsession, the trolls are in plague proportion. If you are relatively unaffected and happen to express an opinion, you will be immediately surrounded by one or another of the optically challenged and beaten with a big stick.

Shocking as this situation is, there could be a way out if those who have managed to keep a clear head could get themselves organised, stem the flow of excrement and divert it into the desert of Who Cares. This would begin a new way of dealing with the Fiscal Fiasco or the War on everything where ordinary citizens could have their views recognised, on any particular issue, without having to go down the old rivers of inane argument and pathetic party policy.

Think for yourself, Kevin is not always right and Malcolm would say anything just to disagree with him. The Tax Payer funds that type of insanity and you should be appalled and insulted when you here the obviously ridiculous bickering’s of the Government and Opposition. Decide how you would deal with it, speak to those you can trust and don’t forget; the One Eyed Monster is out there! .


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