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Whether you consider the Nazi Party as Socialist or Fascist is irrelevant. Whether you think Hitler had a point or not, when the interests of a group overrides the right for others to exist, or seek happiness in an opposing lifestyle, the judgements and actions of society should be called to account. In pre-war Germany anti-Semitic fervour boiled over because simple people failed to recognise the line between Arian pride and National insanity. In my opinion not enough discussion has been had in our country to educate the population on how to recognise the disease our forefathers fought so valiantly, to keep from our shores.

No matter what axe you choose to grind, if you don’t know when to stop you will defeat any good intentions you may have had by taking to the task. We all should be able to recognise the signs of the unsavoury behaviour, which tore Europe apart last century, before it becomes a nightmare. At street level fascism is not hard to recognise when it’s in your face. When your standing on a corner waiting to cross the road with a family of Asian tourists and a car full of strapping young Aussies drive past and hurl foul insults at the visitors, that’s fascism. When you’re sitting on a bus and a schoolie, heading out for a night on the town with his father and uncle, drops his pants and yells at the top of his voice towards a shocked group of Muslims women to suck on this, that’s fascism. Yet those lads would be first to sign up if called to go and fight a Hitler, a Sadam Hussein or a Kim Jong-il and we would support and honour them.

So, something’s not right in our little piece of paradise and not just towards foreigners or different religions. We can be intolerant towards our own, whether it be single mothers, dole bludgers, bikies or druggies. We did it to Commos in the sixties, Hippies in the seventies and Abos since day one, although it definitely wasn’t you.

On the acceptable face of it all we look great and our Media generally powders that face but scratch the surface and the puss begins to ouse. Now my thrust here isn’t aimed at trying to change anyone’s opinion, or to personally attack individuals, but to look at the interested parties that promote and profit by separatism.

Who profited when the English went up against the French? Who gained when America was spit asunder with civil war? Who were the winners, financially, of the first and second world wars and who were the big winners of the war against Iraq?

The answers to these questions should be obvious but lets state it anyway; the weapons manufacturers and their Bankers, the General and the Admirals, the richest and most powerful people in the world today.

These institutions manipulate the conscience of Australian today, they beetle away at our attitudes, they infest our political system, they shape our children’s future and yet we don’t seem to have any say in the way they go about their business. If they choose to have another big war tomorrow, what chance do we have of saying no? What say would you have in preventing your children suffering the same fate as our parent generation of war affected memories?

Anti-authoritarian behaviour can be counter-productive but it can also be the duty of all conscientious human souls who don’t what to go down an unacceptable path. What a different world it could have been if conscientious objectors had of been successful against Hitler and maybe we could of prevented the insanity of Vietnam. Real heroes aren’t always the ones who pick up guns and defend one group of people over another. Sometimes they are the quiet achievers who rot in a jail while fascist rule, like Nelson Mandela, Tank man or Aung San Suu Kyi.

So in conclusion, go ahead and enjoy yourself when your recounting a story of how an Asian held the bus up because they didn’t know enough English or what a bunch of losers boat people are, but if you really want to make a difference try saying no to the profiteers of war.



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