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Now, I don’t have any trouble with Skulls (matter of fact I have one) and Bones (where would we be without them?), but cross them, stick them on a pole and you can guarantee there’s DANGER ahead. Run it up a flag pole, see who salutes it and then you know who you can trust.

Buccaneers don’t value democracy, fairness or being nice. The guy with the biggest sword rules, so in the long run, swords inevitably cross and isn’t that the problem with the right to bear arms. It starts with a 38, quickly moves to M16’s or AK47’s and before you know it, every body wants an Atomic Bomb.

You can’t base a democracy on the rule of the gun because it ends up being run by Pirates. You can’t bring democracy to a dictator’s ship with an army of gun toting, rum running, rabble because you just replace one dick for another. People who want democracy should concentrate their efforts on disarming all the players, only then can the policies of free speech be enacted. While we have a bunch of armed thugs running around with loaded guns, who dares to disagree with them?

In the end, governments have to stop dealing in death. They have to stop making bullets, bombs and F111’s, they have to stop empowering some to have them and others not. They have to stop profiteering from the sale of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, just as we would expect the government of places like Afghanistan too, if they want to join our “democracy”.

Double Standards are the sign of the worst kind of trash that sailed the seven seas, one minute they are approaching you flying the flag of some friendly nation, next minute they are boarding you under the Skull & Crossbones to rape, murder and steal your personal stash.

If you truly value Democracy, don’t vote for warmongers, drug dealers or arms manufacturers. Create armies of whistleblowers ever ready to point to an armed and dangerous pusher of bullets, drugs or somebody else’s property, weather or not they are part of a recognized government or just filthy pirates.


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