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Friends and Romans send me your cheers because I am gathering up all the wasted adorations and will attempt to make something useful of them.

Those who frequent the coliseums are a strange breed, we regularly make our way into the various arenas, some virtual, to bond with our fellow enthusiasts and barrack for the chosen few. At great personal cost we put aside whatever it is we should be doing and dutifully assume the position. How satisfying it is when they kick the sacred ball through the upright posts of incredible achievement or cross the finish line in front of someone else? When our favourite hero launches him/herself above the herd, we are there to cheer.

So it is with that in mind, without employing complex mathematics, I begun adding up the sums of capital required to putting on these extravaganzas of human achievement:

· National football codes run in every city for almost every week of the year. BILLIONS+

· Handball games in ever increasing numbers BILLIONS+

· Bat and Ball series encompassing the world BILLIONS+

· Track and Field, Swimming and other Olympic style activities (not every four years anymore)

· Fuel burning competitions: TRILLIONS+

a. Formula One (car, bikes, boats, planes and snowploughs) BILLIONS+

b. Indy style alternatives BILLIONS+

c. Production racing and modified versions eg; Bathurst BILLIONS+

d. Rally and Moto X BILLIONS+

e. Drifting BILLIONS+

f. Monster Trucks BILLIONS+

g. Drag racing BILLIONS+

· Yachting eg; Sydney to Hobart & America’s cup BILLIONS+

I had the audacity to imagine what we could be using it for, if we were to transfer our worship and money to other fields of excellence in;

· Kicking goals in ending world poverty

· Saving endangered species

· Racing towards equality of the sexes

· Punching holes in racial discrimination

· Rallies for the latest Carbon neutral technologies

· Formula 1 (planetary salvation division)

· Sickness to Health plot race

· Animal Rights Golf

· Human Dignity Tennis

· Education 4 all ( online activity)

· Government for the people by the people ( on line activity)

This leads me to ask the eternal question,

Et tu Brutus?


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