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Kevin’s Ute is the biggest Ute because you can place the fate of a nation on it.

Kevin’s Ute can transport voters’ attention away from important issues and take them to the tip of fabricated irrelevance.

Kevin’s Ute is talked about more than the Wheat 4 Weapons scandal.

Kevin’s Ute can carry a heavy load of Governmental fertilizer over Turn Bulls Bluff to the Bank of Rudd’s River faster than you can say, ‘What a load of Crap’.

If anybody wants to buy Kevin’s Ute, they should wake up to themselves because the enormous cost of purchasing such a frivolously fast fiasco is the price of self respect.

Why would any clear thinking person want a G8, fossil fuel burning remnant of a way of life we all should be putting behind us, when they could have a state of the art, environmentally responsible, internet powered juggernaut to transport them towards a future free of lying, scamming, used Ute salesmen.


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