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The Grinch that tried to force an early election

Once upon a time there was a pinched Grinch who lived in the place where they kept all the money. He conspired with his rich friend to take back all the Christmas presents the Ruddy King had given everybody, earlier that year. They thought they could make it happen with a magic potion called Double Dish Allusion. But their God (they call Media) found out about it and planned to tell everybody before the evil pair and big Joe the Sleigh driver, could spread the stuff around. While everyone was still sleeping, Media pasted pictures on all the cereal boxes in the land, clearly showing the Godless Grinch and the rich man passing a faked piece of paper off as a real document. This made everybody very suspicious (when they finally woke up) and to this day they don’t trust anybody who plans to force an early election.

God 1- Grinch 0


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