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Buzz eventually exhausted his audience and settled for spending some quality time with Natalie, she was keen to discuss their shared experience of visiting the old Sumerian civilization in their combined meditation. They managed to find a cozy corner of an otherwise busied ship, focused on the topic at hand and quickly immersed themselves in a conversation of mutual interest. When they had last spoke of the events surrounding the evacuation of a pre-flood Babylon, the inhabitants had split into two groups.

Nat wanted to quiz Buzz about the ones he had followed and opened with, ‘Did those people who escaped to the mountains of North-eastern Iran eventually settle down?’

‘Good question,’ commented Buzz, before he answered in his usual style ‘In-between Pirate dreams, I looked up the descendants of Noah and the record is quite comprehensive in documenting the spread on nations after the flood. While the sons of Shem, Ham and Japheth were busy rebuilding Babylon, Nineveh and Egypt, the peoples associated with Elam and Aram were establishing themselves in the higher realms of the Himalayas. Now while I can’t be absolutely sure where it was, the final resting place of the Great Golden Eagle and the one’s who transported it, could only describe as the mystical kingdom of Shambhala.’

Natalie recoiled in her seat and looked at Gabriel with a smirk that indicated she was not totally on his wave link. He immediately realized she needed more information and quickly resumed his dialogue before she could even ask a question.

Shambhala has been very real to Buddhists and spiritual seekers for a very long time, albeit not a place you would find on any map today. Never the less I’m asking you to open your mind to the concept that it might have been a real place at sometime in the past.’

“O.K,’ she said, relaxing her poise ‘lay it on me.’

The Medes were the ones who occupied that area during the time we have been speaking about and although they didn’t emerge as a force in the region until the defeat of the Assyrians, their power base was out of the slopes of the North-eastern Iran from before recorded history. If any peoples were associated with the Aryans of Zoroastrian mythology it was them and this was where the stories of Shambhala came from. Ahura –Mazda was the wise lord God of the original inhabitants of ancient Iran and was depicted as a bearded man with the wings of an eagle.’

‘So you think he could have been the leader of the ones who carted the Golden Eagle out of pre-flood Babylon?’

‘Yes,’ answered Buzz ‘the center of an Enid that has dominated eastern mysticism till this day, the head Aryan, a Brahmin kite of mythical proportions and the one who existed before the creation of the world as we know it; a pre-flood deity.’

‘How does this relate to our understanding of the situation and why does knowing about the leader of a mythical kingdom, that people have sought for centuries, help our cause?’ Asked Nat

‘I think it helps to know the origins and legends of a culture that eventually had a great effect in our historical records as the ones who put an end to the Assyrian Empire and established their importance as an empire in their own right; at a time when the Old Testament, as we know it today, was first being penned by the exiled Hebrews.

In 539 B.C.E, to the cheers of the enslaved Jews, (Shah) Cyrus the Great King of the Medes gathered the mountain tribes from the slopes of the Himalayas and over ran the city of Babylon to begin an era of Human rights, multiculturalism and a freeing of slaves. He created the biggest, fairest and most open empire the world had ever known, all under the protecting wings of Ahura-Mazda

So, if there was a time when the Great Golden Eagle was to leave its secret nest, high in the Himalayas and return to a position symbolizing the all encompassing rule of God on Earth, then this was it. Cyrus was the rightful and worthy heir who allowed the return of the Jews to Jerusalem along with their scriptures and all the temple items that made it possible to kick start their claim of being Gods chosen people in that area. This situation prevailed until the rise of the Greeks and Alexander the Greats rampage into Persian and Parthian territories.’

This was Cyrus the Greats territory of 540 B.C.E superimposed over the modern map.

Nat had definably softened towards Gabe’s apostatizing of his view and offered her assistance by suggesting they retire to their stateroom and project themselves further into the research. He was obviously keen but as they bumped their way through the narrow passage, Buzz began speaking like a pirate again and before they could both come to a Shambhala of the mind, he was relaying to her another episode from the edge of the South China Seas.

‘I am Captain of the Sinbad, leave my men alone and deal directly with me,’ he was describing a scene from his minds eye where the Bark of a previous dream was being boarded by a hoard of Asian looking pirates from a large Junk. Even though his men had fought bravely to defend him and their precious cargo, by sheer numbers they were overcome. By bellowing loudly and brandishing his sword in a magnanimous display, the murderous gaggles were distracted from their slaughter and the ensuing chaos minimized. Buzz, the large, became the center of attraction, surrounded by a circle of saber rattling motley crew who, for some strange reason, seemed to be amazed by his enormous sword.

Before too long, one of the multitudes stepped forward and asked quite politely, for a barbarian ‘Where did you get that from?’

Buzz, the now magnificent, didn’t think that it was such an unreasonable request at the time and began a long slow answer in a language all seemed to understand. He explained to all the now becalmed villains exactly how he had acquired it and the obvious huge golden eagle that just happened to be strapped to the deck at the time. This timely story seemed to calm down the whole situation and before he was finished they were all sitting at his feet enthralled by every word that proceeded forth from his mouth.

The man who had asked the question eventually stood up and began giving orders, which were immediately adhered to. Prisoners were being bound, sails were being set, ropes fastened and soon Buzz realized what was happening; they were being taken prisoners and lock, stock and barrel, back to the base of these alien marauders to suffer whatever fate had in store.

Within twenty four hours, their smallish craft had been sailed into a hole in the wall cavern somewhere between the South China and the Sulu Seas, where they were presented to the King or whatever he was, obviously an important figure, as he imposed himself over the faithful and the obedient.

‘So you say you have met my daughter!’ boomed the majestically presented figure of a man high from his throne as they were brought before him.

‘And who might you be?’ hailed back Captain Buzz with an air of arrogance not suitable for a man in his position

‘I am Chang and it is my treasure you have plundered.’

‘Not so, this is the Great Golden Eagle of Shambhala and I intend to return it to its nest high in the mountain kingdom of my forefathers.’

‘You speak bravely for a man who is about to die a horrible death.’

Buzz, the now not so sure, looked around and summed up the situation to himself; here I am thousands of miles from home in an underground fortress of a despot of merciless infamy, surrounded by his warriors with a great big, heavy bird, acquired by seducing the daughter of the man who held his fate in the palm of his hand.

‘I gave it to him!’ echoed a feminine voice from behind the light of the circle of all who were involved in the moment up until then.

‘You,’ exhaled our hero as he swung around to envision the tattooed, jewel encrusted beauty; now more modestly attired than the last time he saw her.

‘Yes, it is I who provide protection for this man and his crew; yet you detain him on his noble journey’ she said addressing the King as she moved further into the circle of light.’

‘He has stolen my property and I will have my right to judge.’

‘No,’ she said ‘he has stolen nothing; I have restored the icon to its rightful owner.’

‘What right do you have to over ride me, the one who has given you everything.’

‘You have given me nothing, I take my right to decide these matters,’ with those words the cavern was suddenly over run with the followers of this most amazing woman and without a drop of blood being shed, she was now in charge.


Nick and Elisha were rudely awakened, after a night of serious debauchery, by the constant rapping on the door of their resort suite. Eli launched herself towards the offending noise and ripped open the eight by four chunk of wood separating the naked banshee from her pray.

‘What the hell do you think you are doing, making such a racquet at this ungodly hour?’ She screeched at the now frozen and terrified figure standing before her ‘Come on explain yourself.’

‘I, I, it’s just that we have received an unusual phone call from a submerged captain who said he was having trouble contacting you and that it was imperative we informed you immediately.’

‘Oh,’ replied Eli, suddenly aware her implants were at eye level ‘well get back to whatever you were doing and take your drool with you.’

The door slammed and our vixen moved swiftly towards the lap top, positioned not five meters from were she swiveled. Soon she was talking directly to the captain of the sub who had been pursuing our band of rebels, via video link, and still she hadn’t bothered to cover herself.

Nick who had been listening to all this, finally came out of the bedroom in a dressing gown and took over from her.

‘So you finally have them in your sites,’ he said

‘Yes sir.’ Came the Captains reply

‘Well what are you waiting for; blow the bastards out of the water.’

‘But that would be an act of war!’

‘Against who?’ Questioned Nick

‘I thought you would know,’ said the Captain


‘Aye, aye, SIR.’

Nick turned away from the screen and gave the still naked Eli a full look up and down, ‘Can you try to have some clothes on when you deal with the Grunts.’

But before she could answer him, a sweet looking nubile wandered out of the main bedroom and asked ever so politely

‘What’s all the yelling about?’

‘Never you mind,’ answered Eli ‘just turn around, jump back into bed and we will be in soon.’


Chapter Seven





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