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Pass through this door and it will be like choosing the red pill instead of the blue.

What if nothing was as you had perceived?

What if all available channels were about keeping you out of the loop?

Suspend the part of your brain that keeps you locked into “reality” as we know it, and drift with me into the void of alternative possibilities.

Population control might not be as simple as keeping it to a minimum, it could be more advantageous to keep them ignorant. After all, power presides on a principle that is not for the ears of the multitude, but for the edge of privilege. Religion, for instance, has benefited by being so inclined for millenniums. So it is with that in mind, if you knew the secret, and it was within your capabilities to either reveal or stifle, how would you proceed?

Firstly, revealing might jeopardise all you know and love yet open up a world of possibilities far beyond any comprehension. Empowering the masses might be a scary thing if you didn’t include yourself in the numbers. Unleashing truths only ever uttered behind closed doors could have a tidal wave effect, previously shied from by greater entities than you. Yet somehow or another, you know it would be the right thing to do.

Secondly, stifling would continue a way of life that has become obviously unsustainable. Refusing to state the obvious seems as logical as hiding an advanced pregnancy. At this point you could be hailed as a hero or wait a minute and be panned as a villain; to be or not to be, that’s a question.

Forever Kings and Popes have denied knowing of the things that keep them perched above swarming humanity, without ever flinching from the task. The despots and divine mutually, have languished in knowledge not for the aspiring. Our great leaders are in no less a place but for the march of accountability. The times are upon them and the moment is at hand, just as if it had bean deemed inevitable from the ancients of days gone by. Keeping the people ignorant has passed it’s best before date, no one has the mandate, no one has the right.

Take the blue pill if you will but inevitably you will be sleeping on your own.

Maintain the charade if you have to but eventually you’ll look like Marcel Marceau.

Come out of the closet, lay it on the table and you may just be accepted for who you are, a dinosaur who made it into a future full of diversity and promise.


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