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The trouble with ying and yang is that it’s a two-dimensional concept in a multi-dimensional universe. It works if you are bi-polar and only see things in black and white but as we all know, there are infinite shades of grey (not to mention colour).

An unevolved basic brain might not be able to see anything because it can’t distinguish shades. For example if everything was perceived as black there could be a whole world before you but you wouldn’t know it because all you would see is blackness, a worms eye view or as I like to think of it, mono-polar.

In our world today we have the equivalent in people with perfectly good vision, they only seem able to see things one way, theirs and if you don’t agree with them they label you bi-polar (as if it is a disease). You might recognise this problem in crazy Muslim terrorists, right wing Christian fundamentalists or, god forbid, evolutionary zealots.

Real evolutionary progress is to be had in the form of round table thinking, where in the evolved being takes his/her/whatever, place at the table, as an equal with only a perspective to be argued not a truth revealed. Whenever we thump the table and demand to be adhered to, we regress and trouble ensues.

So, it is with that in mind, I ask all evolved souls to be patient when dealing with the mono-brains even if they are exploding bombs, bashing bibles or kicking heads because after all, THEY have a mental problem.


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