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Monthly Archives: August 2009

To veiw this video click on More, then SkyDrive, then Videos to download the file Breastplate3,  open it in your favorite player format. If you wish to read the Exerpts of Chapter 1 go through Archive August 2008  to the exciting Epiloge in April and the beginning of my sequel The Eagle of Shambhala.

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Nothing makes me so angry as people who get angry at someone who is angry and isn’t that a big problem. Take for instance all those right wing angry types who got angry with the ones who were angry enough to fly planes into buildings, they went on to kill more people than the ones who got angry in the first place. Then there is the ones who are so angry at angry people that they would dam them to hell for getting angry, all the time pretending to not suffer from the same infliction themselves. Mater of fact I am angry with all those self righteous types who make lists of natural human behaviours as the worst type of sins and leave out all those unnatural things like, murder, torcher, making atomic bombs, burning people at the stake, disembowelling anyone who disagrees with you, accumulating ridiculous amounts of wealth while other starve and worst of all planet stuffing.

I fell much better after getting angry about all that stuff, so anger is at least good for that. It saved me from having to take Prozac, which would have been a bigger sin because that would have funded the organizations that are making all the amphetamine based substances that seem to make people so angry and while we are on that subject, how come pot used to make people so laid back they couldn’t be bothered to even walk down to the shop to by some munchies for themselves, now it seems to make them so aggressive they go out and attack their dealers who are also moonlighting as crack salesmen. Maybe they are getting there stocks mixed up!!!!

Anyway, I enjoyed the lust and over indulged in the greed so I’m really looking forward to the gluttony and slothfulness to settle me down after the pride and envy

Are you finished being angry and yet over averagely, annoyed with people following you around all the time or maybe just really peeved by everyone talking about you? Then Over Par-Annoyed is for you.

We can provide a space to vent all your frustrations about the endless streams of CIA and ASIO types hanging like a bad smells. Rant and rave till you hearts content at men in black circling in Hummers or all those badly dressed operatives (hiding behind the official secrets act), too afraid to come out from behind their computer screens encase someone notices all the gravy stains on their pants.

Beyond deep purple has combined with OPA to provide a depression free zone, for the exclusive use of all those sick to death of forensic TV show detectives on every screen in the country. Nobody here will be monitoring your emitions or rummaging through your garbage, obsessed with body fluids and missing limbs. This type of paranoia will not be tolerated and anyone indulging in it will be hunted down and given a sever talking to.

Please sign up and feel free to leave your comments in the box below.

Happy venting

There’s nothing like a new view; whenever you think you’ve got it all rapt up, step back and take a fresh look and more than likely you will begin to see it (whatever it is) from a better perspective.

My experience, for what it’s worth, is there is nothing that can’t be improved on. Perfection is for the gods, we mere mortals have to be content with muddling along the path. So the chances are, whenever you think you’ve nailed it, you haven’t and if you think you have, you’re up yourself.

I’ll give you a very recent, relevant example; take for instance the George W Bush/ How-odd neo cons, one minute they think they are on top of the world, running everything, pushing everybody around the next minute they are the brunt of everyone’s jokes and look like the biggest pieces of crap the world has ever produced. Why, I’ll tell you why, they failed to take into account the bubbles in the morning light theory while they were murdering, torturing and ripping everybody off.

Now, what we have to look forward to is how the Obama/Rudd team are going to fair, will they get so rapt up in their present success that they forget the bubbles theory or will they move with the times and rise above making the same kind mistakes in Afghanistan and the Carbon debate? Only time will tell.

Russ Cro- magnum man, beat his mighty chest and stared down at the now beaten enemy. ‘Ha-Ha!’ he said ‘Me and my gladiatorial buddies have crushed your evil plan, Fearsome Foursome. We had you out numbered 10 to 1, ever since the senate increased our budget; Super Powers is working for me, ha-ha. He can use his super hearing to eaves drop on you and his super vision to look though walls, we are invincible. HA- Ha, ha, ha-Ha-ha.

Fearsome Foursome rolled over and spat back, ‘Ya big Meany’.

Big Russ turned his mighty back on the defeated FF and addressed the previously famous 300, ‘I have put on another 100 MEN and purchased 400 medals and if you gorgeous heroes had shirts I would pin them on you personally.

My plan worked perfectly, we scoured the land for the weakest, spineless individuals we could find and tricked them into admitting their pathetic plan to attack us.’

‘But they didn’t really have a plan, boss.’ Said Super Powers

‘I know,’ said Russ the invincible ‘that’s the brilliant part of it. We now know what they are thinking before they think it. I am awesome’ he said raising his twin swords to the roof and give out a coded bellow (which was understood immediately by those trained in understanding the code to mean -I am awesome.)

Stay tune for more exciting episodes in 400 the sequel, coming soon to a computer near you.