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Russ Cro- magnum man, beat his mighty chest and stared down at the now beaten enemy. ‘Ha-Ha!’ he said ‘Me and my gladiatorial buddies have crushed your evil plan, Fearsome Foursome. We had you out numbered 10 to 1, ever since the senate increased our budget; Super Powers is working for me, ha-ha. He can use his super hearing to eaves drop on you and his super vision to look though walls, we are invincible. HA- Ha, ha, ha-Ha-ha.

Fearsome Foursome rolled over and spat back, ‘Ya big Meany’.

Big Russ turned his mighty back on the defeated FF and addressed the previously famous 300, ‘I have put on another 100 MEN and purchased 400 medals and if you gorgeous heroes had shirts I would pin them on you personally.

My plan worked perfectly, we scoured the land for the weakest, spineless individuals we could find and tricked them into admitting their pathetic plan to attack us.’

‘But they didn’t really have a plan, boss.’ Said Super Powers

‘I know,’ said Russ the invincible ‘that’s the brilliant part of it. We now know what they are thinking before they think it. I am awesome’ he said raising his twin swords to the roof and give out a coded bellow (which was understood immediately by those trained in understanding the code to mean -I am awesome.)

Stay tune for more exciting episodes in 400 the sequel, coming soon to a computer near you.

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