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There’s nothing like a new view; whenever you think you’ve got it all rapt up, step back and take a fresh look and more than likely you will begin to see it (whatever it is) from a better perspective.

My experience, for what it’s worth, is there is nothing that can’t be improved on. Perfection is for the gods, we mere mortals have to be content with muddling along the path. So the chances are, whenever you think you’ve nailed it, you haven’t and if you think you have, you’re up yourself.

I’ll give you a very recent, relevant example; take for instance the George W Bush/ How-odd neo cons, one minute they think they are on top of the world, running everything, pushing everybody around the next minute they are the brunt of everyone’s jokes and look like the biggest pieces of crap the world has ever produced. Why, I’ll tell you why, they failed to take into account the bubbles in the morning light theory while they were murdering, torturing and ripping everybody off.

Now, what we have to look forward to is how the Obama/Rudd team are going to fair, will they get so rapt up in their present success that they forget the bubbles theory or will they move with the times and rise above making the same kind mistakes in Afghanistan and the Carbon debate? Only time will tell.


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