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Are you finished being angry and yet over averagely, annoyed with people following you around all the time or maybe just really peeved by everyone talking about you? Then Over Par-Annoyed is for you.

We can provide a space to vent all your frustrations about the endless streams of CIA and ASIO types hanging like a bad smells. Rant and rave till you hearts content at men in black circling in Hummers or all those badly dressed operatives (hiding behind the official secrets act), too afraid to come out from behind their computer screens encase someone notices all the gravy stains on their pants.

Beyond deep purple has combined with OPA to provide a depression free zone, for the exclusive use of all those sick to death of forensic TV show detectives on every screen in the country. Nobody here will be monitoring your emitions or rummaging through your garbage, obsessed with body fluids and missing limbs. This type of paranoia will not be tolerated and anyone indulging in it will be hunted down and given a sever talking to.

Please sign up and feel free to leave your comments in the box below.

Happy venting


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