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Monthly Archives: September 2009

We all know what it feels like when the turkeys get ya down and the old black dog comes to town but what would life be if not a rollercoaster ride? If we didn’t have the hollows, how can we pick up enough speed to round the high points?

More and more these days I value the blue pits as life’s fibre, in so much as even though they gave you the shits at the time, you feel all the better for it later. It’s a bit like the How-odd years, while they were grumbling away telling everybody how good they were for us, we were all so glad when it was over.

So, with that in mind and looking at the big picture, September eleventh 2001 was like the world went of the platform of stable life and began to plummet into the biggest pit of despair (for the maximum number of people) regardless of your politics. At some point on the journey, depending on your position on the train, you got that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach we were going for a new low point in human history. Now I assume most of us are over that now and looking forward to seeing the pinnacle of new insights that type of ride can bring, but I don’t think we are there yet.

My big hope in life is that at some point we (the collective consciousness) shall rise above previous heights and begin to behave with the new perspective in mind.


Way back in the seventies when stepping out in a pair of flared jeans you were cool, but as the years past the only place you’d be considered cool is at a fancy dress nite. Even into the nineties, in Melbourne, you could be caught out in skin tight stubbies, supporting a mullet and still not get locked up but at some point in time, all fashion changes and if you’re not careful you can look pretty silly.

When Marlon Brando first rocked into town on a trumped up Harley and wearing black leather that was cool, now I don’t know about you but I’m a bit over it. Fifty thousand dollars of accessorized chrome and a colour co-ordinated jump-suit on a fat old man making loud farting noises, just doesn’t have the same effect.

Cars too can have a best before date, in so much as, it’s really easy to go totally over the top and end up looking like you have a deficiency downstairs or at least a bigger wallet than genitals. Never the less, every day I see all sorts go cruising down my street obviously more impressed with themselves than anybody else is (re: the little finger joke).

Now all this is fairly cosmetic and inconsequential, I mean if I want to dress up as a cowboy and ride around on a hobby-horse, thinking I’m cool, what’s it to anybody else? Well I’ll tell you where I draw the line:

* Parking cops on full race Ducati’s

* Your friendly neighbourhood beat cop looking like Robocop all tooled up

* Publicly funded bureaucrats driving around in V8’s supercars

* Top Guns playing in really expensive big boy toys (paid for out of the public purse)

* Public servants where nothing but the best will do

* ASIO types having their martinis shaken and not stirred

* Etc,etc

Anyway, if this current trends keep heading in that direction, I’m regressing back to the seventies and will start flaring up regularly.

Shape my sphere with the sacred format drawn from Euclidian stock

Divine my essence from streams hidden beneath Atlantis’ soil

Blend me into the androgynous mix poured from Aquarian urns

For that to me is the purpose of age and reason enough to toil

Give up the ghost of man’s bloated host abundance profit and greed

Become the rose and strike up the pose standing for all to see

Enlighten us now and show the way forward to the sea

Fight the war of peace for all and oceans for the free

Manifest justice and conjure a share for equality between mates

Love is a verb and becoming it is a certainty not so absurd

Today’s the day and tomorrow’s too late for second guessing our fate

Even if so and your will be slow we’ll gratefully await for the word

Sons and daughters reflect the character of parents good or bad

No thing from their loins will exceed your prodigy or seed but

Take note those who do not measure up or fail to take the lead

Your presence is required for a harvest fraught with weed

Ashes to ashes and burn nor rust, mourn for the living with no trust

In god or man and sinners or saints sallying about in vehicles of pride

Just us complaining verbosely over the beers and cheers of chatter

Incognitious of the great southern land where King’s and Queen’s reside

Gross tendencies and lies tend to fly in the face of people’s needs

Wherein the abomination of desolation stands where it should not

In the hearts, minds and desires of those whose happiness depends

On protecting ones possessions considering wife salt and Sodom’s lot

Here we are at the end of two episodes begging to blend, so

Send me your queries and lend me your ears cause he’s about to blow

Smoke up the rear and double digs on the bet but don’t forget, to let

Me be the one returned to for fun and THAT you’ll never regret.

Colour my world with pigments dredged from the pallet of artists past

Guild my existence from icons and the dross of the Vulcan’s crucible

Shatter me into a mosaic of the mandala and blow away the mundane

For you, to me, are the manifestation of creation and life’s jewel

Shed the skin of previous incarnations, wasted from abstinence

Take on a mantle and assume the stature of a presidence manifest

Send rays of enlightenment into corners of the earthly reigns

For yours is the promise of eons suffered and eternity’s zest

Rise and take form amidst mediocrity and the prevalence of ordinary folk

Done the yoke and fulfil destiny’s desire, amidst the flames of fire

Yesterdays sorrow is tomorrow’s joy and you are mine to admire

Even if my sanity fails and I am left bereft, to wallow in err

Sun’s shine and moon’s reflect, the critic’s knife is ready to dissect

No thing can they produce, save copies of your original design

Flagged and left behind, a poor substitute of the divine and

Sadly lacking in that which only you can place on the table of time

Down in the crust, the lowest of low, sing dirges of shame, no sorrow

To gods of glitter and princes of pride, only sally can take the ride

Bucking good banter to pass the years or to hide the fears of when

Finality rears up, sends a reminder and proclaims victory over homicide

Flatulence and whispers fill the halls of temporary power or parliament

Neither you nor I can hope to persuade minds bent on destructive implementation

Of grand plans laid by craftsmen of life’s mislays but when systems fall and

Nature calls, only my lord and lady can place trains at the station

Here we go on life’s grandest journey, nothing to fear except resistance to adhere

Courses for horses and whiskey for beer, you shouldn’t have come here if

Bottle is not on the menu or heart is not present, because soul is required and

Mine is on the line, Yours is up for grabs and yesterdays hero is tommorrows___!

Invisible borders are an intriguing concept; let’s shed some light on them.

Classic examples of force fields abound in science fiction. When the shields are up on the star ship Enterprise or the Klingons are using their cloaking device, I wouldn’t want to be a pedestrian crossing the galactic road. I’m sure there wouldn’t be any signs around Darth Vardar’s Death Star saying “Caution Tractor Beam in use” but I guess we’d be all right because we’ve all seem the movies. So, are there any similar applications in use around us today that we aren’t aware of?

Everybody knows that when you pass through a checkout and don’t pay for a scannable item, alarm bells ring but who cares if a perimeter has been breached in Toorak? All country houses are protected by termite barriers and electronic pest control can be purchased from most department stores. Cows are now fitted with collars that can electrocute them if they wander to far from their allocated paddocks and day release prisoners are in a similar position. Constant gardeners know how to use an herbaceous border to isolate unwanted species and DOSA’s (Designated Outdoor Smoking Areas) achieve the same objective.

Smart fellows and well educated members of the community know how to protect themselves and their property from undesirable aliens with unseen borders; this I have no doubt but what about the rest of us? If we built a border of Tobacco and abstained ourselves, we could identify the enemy by the big cloud of smoke above their heads and be confident all opposition would, sooner or later, die off. If we wanted to reinforce that barrier with alcohol, the enemy would be all the more venerable. Top it off with some particularly nasty drugs and the battle would be all but won.

Now I wouldn’t like to use those tactics myself but I am confident there are many non-smoking, teatotaling, drug company executives that would; and all power to them. OH Sh–! They all ready have that power, well then just a simple Zig-Hail might do!