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Invisible borders are an intriguing concept; let’s shed some light on them.

Classic examples of force fields abound in science fiction. When the shields are up on the star ship Enterprise or the Klingons are using their cloaking device, I wouldn’t want to be a pedestrian crossing the galactic road. I’m sure there wouldn’t be any signs around Darth Vardar’s Death Star saying “Caution Tractor Beam in use” but I guess we’d be all right because we’ve all seem the movies. So, are there any similar applications in use around us today that we aren’t aware of?

Everybody knows that when you pass through a checkout and don’t pay for a scannable item, alarm bells ring but who cares if a perimeter has been breached in Toorak? All country houses are protected by termite barriers and electronic pest control can be purchased from most department stores. Cows are now fitted with collars that can electrocute them if they wander to far from their allocated paddocks and day release prisoners are in a similar position. Constant gardeners know how to use an herbaceous border to isolate unwanted species and DOSA’s (Designated Outdoor Smoking Areas) achieve the same objective.

Smart fellows and well educated members of the community know how to protect themselves and their property from undesirable aliens with unseen borders; this I have no doubt but what about the rest of us? If we built a border of Tobacco and abstained ourselves, we could identify the enemy by the big cloud of smoke above their heads and be confident all opposition would, sooner or later, die off. If we wanted to reinforce that barrier with alcohol, the enemy would be all the more venerable. Top it off with some particularly nasty drugs and the battle would be all but won.

Now I wouldn’t like to use those tactics myself but I am confident there are many non-smoking, teatotaling, drug company executives that would; and all power to them. OH Sh–! They all ready have that power, well then just a simple Zig-Hail might do!


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