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Colour my world with pigments dredged from the pallet of artists past

Guild my existence from icons and the dross of the Vulcan’s crucible

Shatter me into a mosaic of the mandala and blow away the mundane

For you, to me, are the manifestation of creation and life’s jewel

Shed the skin of previous incarnations, wasted from abstinence

Take on a mantle and assume the stature of a presidence manifest

Send rays of enlightenment into corners of the earthly reigns

For yours is the promise of eons suffered and eternity’s zest

Rise and take form amidst mediocrity and the prevalence of ordinary folk

Done the yoke and fulfil destiny’s desire, amidst the flames of fire

Yesterdays sorrow is tomorrow’s joy and you are mine to admire

Even if my sanity fails and I am left bereft, to wallow in err

Sun’s shine and moon’s reflect, the critic’s knife is ready to dissect

No thing can they produce, save copies of your original design

Flagged and left behind, a poor substitute of the divine and

Sadly lacking in that which only you can place on the table of time

Down in the crust, the lowest of low, sing dirges of shame, no sorrow

To gods of glitter and princes of pride, only sally can take the ride

Bucking good banter to pass the years or to hide the fears of when

Finality rears up, sends a reminder and proclaims victory over homicide

Flatulence and whispers fill the halls of temporary power or parliament

Neither you nor I can hope to persuade minds bent on destructive implementation

Of grand plans laid by craftsmen of life’s mislays but when systems fall and

Nature calls, only my lord and lady can place trains at the station

Here we go on life’s grandest journey, nothing to fear except resistance to adhere

Courses for horses and whiskey for beer, you shouldn’t have come here if

Bottle is not on the menu or heart is not present, because soul is required and

Mine is on the line, Yours is up for grabs and yesterdays hero is tommorrows___!


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