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We all know what it feels like when the turkeys get ya down and the old black dog comes to town but what would life be if not a rollercoaster ride? If we didn’t have the hollows, how can we pick up enough speed to round the high points?

More and more these days I value the blue pits as life’s fibre, in so much as even though they gave you the shits at the time, you feel all the better for it later. It’s a bit like the How-odd years, while they were grumbling away telling everybody how good they were for us, we were all so glad when it was over.

So, with that in mind and looking at the big picture, September eleventh 2001 was like the world went of the platform of stable life and began to plummet into the biggest pit of despair (for the maximum number of people) regardless of your politics. At some point on the journey, depending on your position on the train, you got that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach we were going for a new low point in human history. Now I assume most of us are over that now and looking forward to seeing the pinnacle of new insights that type of ride can bring, but I don’t think we are there yet.

My big hope in life is that at some point we (the collective consciousness) shall rise above previous heights and begin to behave with the new perspective in mind.


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