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Shape my sphere with the sacred format drawn from Euclidian stock

Divine my essence from streams hidden beneath Atlantis’ soil

Blend me into the androgynous mix poured from Aquarian urns

For that to me is the purpose of age and reason enough to toil

Give up the ghost of man’s bloated host abundance profit and greed

Become the rose and strike up the pose standing for all to see

Enlighten us now and show the way forward to the sea

Fight the war of peace for all and oceans for the free

Manifest justice and conjure a share for equality between mates

Love is a verb and becoming it is a certainty not so absurd

Today’s the day and tomorrow’s too late for second guessing our fate

Even if so and your will be slow we’ll gratefully await for the word

Sons and daughters reflect the character of parents good or bad

No thing from their loins will exceed your prodigy or seed but

Take note those who do not measure up or fail to take the lead

Your presence is required for a harvest fraught with weed

Ashes to ashes and burn nor rust, mourn for the living with no trust

In god or man and sinners or saints sallying about in vehicles of pride

Just us complaining verbosely over the beers and cheers of chatter

Incognitious of the great southern land where King’s and Queen’s reside

Gross tendencies and lies tend to fly in the face of people’s needs

Wherein the abomination of desolation stands where it should not

In the hearts, minds and desires of those whose happiness depends

On protecting ones possessions considering wife salt and Sodom’s lot

Here we are at the end of two episodes begging to blend, so

Send me your queries and lend me your ears cause he’s about to blow

Smoke up the rear and double digs on the bet but don’t forget, to let

Me be the one returned to for fun and THAT you’ll never regret.


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