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A meditation on top of the falls

Clear as a bell I heard the calls

To sojourn in the sea of salt

An invitation to good to fault

The nearest beach was miles away

Somewhere near our Byron Bay

But a walking track was not so far

And I finished the last part in a car

On the sand at waters edge I see

A six foot closeout barring me

From entry to the glassy rack

Forming nicely out the back

I grab the board with no leg rope tied

And paddle for hell against the tide

Under lips that were pushing me

On to the bottom of the sea

My dash for the back was almost done

When looming there against the sun

Stood a briny pyramid ten foot high

Blocking my vision to the sky

To make things worse and me quite glum

My board had gone and I had no gun

Five dolphins lay readied on the crest

To speed my way and piece my chest

I dived as deep as I could go

Only to be pulled up into the show

Opened my eyes as wide as I could

Flapped my arms and patiently stood

In the wave that was ten tones thick

I was worried I would shit a brick

Five noses coming straight for me

At thirty knots and no time to flee

One went directly over my head

And two at my hands I could have fed

Two at my feet but they quickly past

A star of energy and a memory to last


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