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It came to exist at the same time as me

And was originally called a Holden FE

My dad bought one and he called it fun

The maiden voyage, the Queensland run

First photos of Wayne were at the wheel

It was then that I knew I had the feel

For beautiful cars, and the wild life

Even though it would lead to strife

Sixteen years latter I had my own

The ancient equivalent of a mobile phone

If you couldn’t hook up, with one of these

Chances are you had mange, or fleas

My best mate had one with a back

A panel van, wide wheels and board racks

Mobile freedom and a bed on the go

We had it made with flairs and a fro

Double Jay concerts and days at the beach

No party or venue was out of our reach

Girls on the make and grog near at hand

We really were, kings of the land

No car could match it for style and grace

Even though you’d get beat in a race

Didn’t mater what anyone said

Fords were only for extreme rev heads

V8 Holden’s were for Peter Brock types

We were above that and better at nights

Rolling along with Hendrix and songs

Girls in the back were wearing their thongs

If you wanted a drag my bike would suffice

Twelve second quarters at a Honda price

Would leave them crying in my wake

With all the horse power they could rake

Yep Holden’s ruled there’s no doubt about that

Believe what you want with out knowing the fact

While you were dreaming outside in the back

We were nailing it, in the old FC hack


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