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from Waynes Word on Web, 22.10.09

The sea, the sea; what draws man to the sea?
A hostile environment that others would flee
Possible engulfment to an oxygen depleted demise
A red flag to a bull but some would shield their eyes

Salt encrusts every molecule, abrasion to the flesh
Unbearable cold or a mind numbing, hydrating mesh
Of incompatible elements fused into a powerful force
So closely welded to the creator or life’s infinite source

We the corruptible creatures, so soft to the touch
Are drawn like moths to the flame of oceans douche
Willingly throw ourselves regularly into the turbulence
Of a living, breathing mass of force, without sense

Of purpose and of insane lust men drown in desire
For fame or for glory, for freedom or for hire
Some even get time to complete their course
While others eternally, woefully, rock back and forth

To the sound of lapping against the normality of land
Sailors in the depths of service, pay a bleeding hand
No possible compensation could hope to reimburse
A conscientious mariner for the troubles or the curse

Of a life, or a death, lived at sea in the bowels of hell
Rotten health or immortality await those that dwell
Things cannot compare with experiences gained
In the waters belched from the earth its self, not rained


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