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Water under the bridge

from Waynes Word on Web, 23.10.09

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Or do trolls bar your way

Do fortunes favour the brave?

Or bloody idiots keep them at bay

The metaphor is completely simple

And the meaning o so plain

You can travel the path before you

Or turn and take the train

Quite often the road is narrow

And maybe fraught with travail

But on the other hand, safe carriages

Can often leave the rail

So consider this when travelling

The roads of life’s possibilities

You can’t always predict

Which dog will have the fleas!

Shatter the imagery

Is there something blocking your way?

Spirits to watch and record every move

Suddenly, things are not so clear

The isolation is not that of a grove

Changing fortunes come and go

Below the frame another picture

Offsetting, off-putting the moment

Creating an atmosphere that’s unsure

This type of feeling comes and goes

With uncertainty of safety negotiated

Allegiances, pacts made, not honoured   

Leaves one to the ravages of fate dilated

Still, no use stopping now

It’s all or nothing this far in

Whether the air is fine or foul

Only time will tell, hesitation’s a sin

Emerge and see the way

Now the path is clear and the view pristine

No need for panicking or to run and hide

Clarity in vision and a peace of mind

Looking very different from the other side

Sacred sanity, smoothing every thought

Craziness has gone from the moment

Direct purpose has taken its place

Pasts uncertainties have been spent

Here we go off towards a goal

Striking while the iron is hot

Pitching the proposed plan

Selling that which once was not

Sunrise creates the morning glow

Bringing light to the world of possibility

Shinning down on endless paths

Where there was fear now serendipity


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