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How’s everybody doin’, now it’s the end of the academic year and Xmas is on the horizon?

I’m up to my armpits in another Government sponsored Schoolies on the Gold Coast. So far there’s not as many drunks on the streets as Police and all the Kiwi heavies are doing a good job. McDonalds is safely protected by the largest slab of tattoos you’ve ever seen and the felafel vendors are supplying the music. With an official wristband you can gain free entry into the night clubs, which is almost similar to drug pushers giving away free samples but I’m sure all the responsible accommodation lords are happy.

Pool has won recognition from the Government task force but there’s still no sign of the promised improvements. Lots of current trendy musicians are making their presents felt (from the admin side of things) and various semi-retired collegians are regularly posting on our prize winning site. Our resident prolific exegesis producing professional has excelled himself with a stunning ninety odd pages of revision after nearly a year hanging out with ABC top shelfers and we can look forward to a couple of months free of the generic greying of our front pages by student flying fish.

Rossco’s hanging in there, even though he must be hard at work with the current outbreak of fires. GB’s animals are charming everybody, d’s poetry is coming along nicely and ships full of duffle bags are steaming to there destinations.

Anyhow, that’s about all from me for now, time to start looking for that special tree and all the goodies to go under it.



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