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from Waynes Word on Web, 10.12.09

This week on the ABC’s radio national, I was treated to a display of academic delusion, proportional to the biggest trees in the world not being able to be seen because of an immense forest of them obscuring the view. Now while I do not want to ridicule presenters, or the “experts” they employ because, as we full well know, that would be just shooting fish in a barrel; I would ask poolies to bear with me while I tear strips off the concept they were attempting to pontificate on.

The topic was the seven deadly sins and sloth in particular. Weeks of effort had gone into taking seriously the Catholic presumption that certain human traits were worthy of death, even though they never mention the foulest applications of the mortal condition, regularly committed over the millenniums by the very institution that compiled the list. Never once did they contemplate the possibility that these abominations of judgemental cliché’s were the product of a bourgeoisie who lorded it over a proletariat of pew warmers frozen by the concept normal human behaviours were “sins” of monumental proportions.

As a finale to the epically mundane series, a panel of (ex-spurt) experts were gathered to summarize the anal deliberations and select a “sin” to top the list. One, with his head so far up the proverbial, stood out to such an extent he would have given an ouroboros a run for his money. With an agenda to drive, he deemed sloth the worst sin of all, labelled dole bludgers as “ the lowest of low and the worst type of people, quoted the irrefutable “evidence” lazy people destroy civilizations and stated “we would be all doomed if chilling out became the norm”. Now if he had of bothered to check any evidence to support his dangerously stupid presumption, he would have been overwhelmed with the reality weapon carrying, marching, early rising, ant like morons and overzealous Nazi types were the main cause of destruction in any of the big civilization levellings. Take one second and contemplate the hell productive types caused in Europe in the Forties, look at what the Romans armies did to Carthage, wake up and smell the coffee; if in the end we as a species are standing on the edge of extinction and discussing the cause of our predicament, will guy’s like our expert still be trying to blame it all on dope smoking dole bludgers or will an over valued protestant work ethic be the main culprit?


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