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Please bear with me on this one because I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and that only a few million poor souls bought into the Oprah Winfrey backed extravaganza, but ‘The Secret” really bites if you are one of the unfortunates who don’t ever get to partake of the promised benefits because it could not possibly work for every one the way it is being proposed at the moment.
For those that are not aware of the secret it is a Cult of almost unprecedented proportions, promising unlimited fame and fortune for its practitioners and marketed on the international stage like no other in history. The author and main protagonist is a one Rhonda Byrnes and in my opinion she is cashing in on one of the oldest principles of building the Berlin wall between the rich and the poor that antiquity has to offer. If there’s any reality to Rhonda Byrnes’ marketing fiasco don’t you think that somewhere along the line some big and powerful organization would have picked up on it before it was released to the general public? Oh dear, I hear the reply; so ergo, a quick glance around and we seem to be surrounded by monoliths that have mastered the secret, Google, Microsoft, The Pope, The Rothschild’s, The Masons, The Mormons, The Dali-Lama? The list seems to be endless, so my enquiry is; how could an individual practitioner of ‘The Secret’ compete with the consolidated will of the organized practitioners, when they seem to be intent on profiteering from the masses? Would not the bigger positive law of attraction override the individuals desires?
The Catholic Church is an interesting case study. Over the thousands of years it has practiced the secret to monopolizing money and power; it has a track record of keeping the pew warmers in their place while revelling in its own success. Same thing with the Rothschild’s even though their Ashkenazi power base can only be traced back hundreds of years or so. The Masons really had the bit between their teeth by the time they signed the American Declaration of Independence and Cecil Rhodes engineered his own Empirical ambitions. Adolf Hitler seemed to have a particularly good handle on the application until an even bigger positive thinker came along to put an end his run. McCarthyites pitted their strength of unity against the Stalinists and now it’s Christians against Muslims.
I think you get the gist of what I’m saying, the power of attraction works until a bigger magnet comes along, this is why big companies like Gunns in Tasmania, send trouble makers into the greenies, so their magnet doesn’t get to powerful and planet stuffing pulp producers are put out of business. The real secret to power and wealth is UNITY and while we have individual power brokers plying their trade, with the intent of their own interests above others, chaos in the ranks will prevail and solo seekers doomed to failure.
We, the manipulated, need to get organized if we want to compete in our future. We the masses have the potential for having the biggest magnet on the playing field. We, the poor and meek pins in the fabric of society, have the ability to inherit the Earth if we could galvanize ourselves into a solid body and WE could ensure that all our collective children could have an equal portion with out having to slave for the privileged minority till eternity.
The concept of a central data bank with equal access to education, health advice and a say in the running of a real democracy, is the right of every child of the future and could provide the basis for sustainable, peaceful government by the people for the people, into the immediate future and beyond. Use ‘the secret’ to get out from under tyrannical rule, not for personal gain. Play Rhonda Byrnes’ game as long as it benefits all and don’t rub your success in the face of those who haven’t got it yet because it will do nothing for providing the unity we will all need if we are ever going to have a chance of heaven on earth or solve some of the problems we are presently facing.



  1. compelling read so true and great thought provoking

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