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The powers that be exist, not from any democratic process, but because circumstance deemed it. If you were born with a demographic disability to access education, the chances of you going on to be a Eaton professor, for example, are limited to a small percentage but if you are installed into the process by birth the odds are greatly enhanced. Now while I am conscious of the fact I am going against the grain by stating the obvious, privileges of birth are a fact of life; if not the infallible rule.

The same goes for most chosen aspects of life, in any established field of human endeavour, the more connected your parents the more chance of your success. How many times have you heard the acceptance speech where the recipient first goes on to expound how they never would have been there if it wasn’t for the support of “connected” family? Now I am not bringing this up to just be a negative killjoy or to discourage any aspire ring one offs but it would be nice if the ones who, for whatever the circumstance, having obtained the office of success, would back off a little and stop ramming it down the throats of the underprivileged that anyone can make it if they are prepared to go the extra distance.

While this type of encouragement maybe helpful for the occasional over achiever, the majority of people have to put up with the constant reminder that they have no excuse for being average, and it is very annoying! Recent events have shown to all that the most unlikely candidates can go on to be president of the United States but that is a one in a billion abnormality. What about the other 999,999,999 unfortunate aspiring souls? It’s a big get of your lazy ass and aspire to be something you can’t possible obtain, very depressing and maybe a contributing factor to the gruesome reality the major cause of death for people under thirty five is suicide.

So in conclusion to this most unwelcome commentary, if you find yourself in the small percentage of those who have made it, don’t rub it in the faces of those who haven’t and don’t forget the old adage “there but for the grace of god go I.”


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