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Chapter 1

Gabriel and Natalie meet to discuss the case of her missing father.

Their first vision of the past back to the time of the great flood

Chapter 2

They travel to Nat’s home and business dealings in Mycenae vases.

They again travel back to explore the past

We meet the villains

Chapter 3

While escaping to a safe haven between Sydney and Brisbane

Buzz narrates a vision he had of Egypt

They arrive at the home of Sir Hamish Grant

Buzz reviews what they have learn’t so far

When Sir Hamish learns what’s been going on, he reacts surprisingly.

Chapter 4

Nat and Buzz wake up in a castle in Scotland

Nat relates her conversation with Merenith

Nat remembers as Sarah

Buzz meets Laurence

Nat listens to Dora’s story

Chapter 5

Buzz travels to London

While returning to Scotland he Envisions Egypt at time time of Yuya the Vizier

Chapter 6

Nat enquires of the plan to find her fathers detractors

A vision of Solomon and Sheba

Nat continues with a vision of Ahab and Jezabel

Buzz reviews what they have learnt so far

Chapter 7

They fly to the French Riviera to meet up with acquaintances of Jo McHale and discuss plans for his rescue.

Chapter 8

Natalie’s comments on why women’s names were absent from the biblical accounts of the flood

Nat sees though the eyes of Cleopatra

The influence of the Parthians during the time of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Chapter 9

They head towards Zurich in a mobile command centre

Laurence explains the Mason’s interest in the Ark and ORME’s

Buzz and Laurie “discuss” the moral implications

Nat relates her vission of Elisabeth and Mary

Chapter 10

Arrival at St Bernard’s Monastery in the Swiss Alps

Nat and Buzz discuss the involvement of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Chapter 11

Natalie and Gabriel consummate their bond

Chapter 12

Laurie and Sir Hamish accompany Otto back to Rome

Nat contemplates Jesus’s teachings

They share a vision of the Last Supper

Chapter 13

They all travel to Egypt

Buzz reviews how they arrived at this point and place in time

They snatch Joe from his captors to be reunited with Merenith


The Eagle of Shambhala

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