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Today we begin a new era in world affairs as Barak Obama takes over the reins and people everywhere, who have not been happy with the way George Bush has been running things, look forward to seeing improvements. Will this be the outcome, or will we all be disappointed? Analysing what we are looking for in new management, might not be as difficult as the actual implementation of it; so let’s give it ago.


 Firstly, as stated in his election campaign, CHANGE is the ability to move from one state to another. We’ve been in a polarized conundrum for far to long; Republicans hating Democrats, Rich Bankers profiteering from Sub- Prime borrowers, Muslims bombing Christians, Blacks resenting Whites, Good guys against Bad guys, men over women. I have faith we are moving to a more multi-dimensional place where, regardless of your particular handle or field of dreams, you can get a better deal.


Secondly, as eluded to by his anti- war (in Iraq) rhetoric, PEACE comes with a cessation of hostilities. We do not need to solve the world’s problems to arrive at this much prayed for destination, just stop killing one another. We don’t seem to have a problem banning drugs in our communities because they kill people and ruin lives but we seem unable or unwilling to put bullets in the same category. Let’s all keep pushing for a relaxation of hardline policies in the hope it eases tensions and saves lives.


Last but not least on my list, is a MORAL CODE, that doesn’t place the emphasis on critisizing people for their sexual preferences or views on medical procedures, nor looks to Gordon Gecko as a saviour but begins, to value kindness to one another when dealing with people’s rights of opinion or dignity regardless of financial status. Mending fences is an honourable profession as long as it’s done to promote good will between neighbours and not to segregate and sanction. Paternalistic attitudes can be antagonistic when served up by big brother with no humility.


 Set your course to travel the road to a better future by adjusting your moral compass to the headings of, compassion, understanding and forgiveness. Have faith that change will come, hope that peace will prevail and that charity will once again become fashionable.


Here we are poised on the brink of, yet another, New World Order with its particular problems, solutions and policy slants. While we can be ecstatic about getting rid of the ones who got us into our present dilemmas, it is understandable that people are nervous about the incoming regime. For Australian’s the Bush-Blair-Howodd years came with a certain narcotic effect, pleasantly numbing one’s sensibilities to the inevitable cost of empowering money hungry, unecological war mongers and now we are not sure whether an Obama-Rudd coalition of the willing, are going to be able to pull us out of the mire.

Maybe the change we should be looking for is not a new order to the old system but a new system of order? One that is more applicable to the constant changes of modern life in the Twenty first century; not an out dated, dictator producing, paper shuffling bureaucracy that seem to produce an ongoing supply of stumble bums who eloquently brainwash us into what a good job they are doing.

Never before in the history of this planet have the peoples of the world had the opportunities that we have today to initiate and endorse a system that is run for the people, by the people; yet we continue to prop up a style of government that tends to favour the ones that run it. An educational based Internet voting system could provide us with the tools we need to participate in the decision making process that determines how we operate as a society. Any attempt to deride that possibility is an attack on the concept of real democracy; although people I come across continually allude to the ‘fact’ that the masses aren’t intelligent enough to really participate.

This conundrum stands before us like a monolithic obscurity, towering in its potential yet ignored because of its implications. More than any other human trait, bravery stands head and shoulders above all others in shaping that which we all admire in the achievements of our species and maybe, yet again, the quality needed to take the quantum leap forward towards a future we can all contribute to.

There is no valid reason why, with the technology at hand, mankind cannot seize the moment, take the reins and proceed towards a form of self government that could leave anything we have ever had before sadly lacking by comparison. If we actually took this step it would not be without its pitfalls and difficulties, in application ,but as with all things worthwhile its overall value could be directly proportional to this factor and in itself. should not be a reason for inaction.

Now I don’t pretend to have a consummate formula to solve the worlds problems but that doesn’t negate the premise that just because the whole, perfected program doesn’t exist at the moment we shouldn’t pursue the ideal. Only when a committed, sustained, combined effort has been attempted would a feasible alternative emerge and with the enormous potential on tap, it would be a shame if our young talent wasn’t give the encouragement to at least attempt a prototype.

My plea, in attempting to rattle the cage of our existing system, is that you don’t dismiss a possible improvement in Democracy by the use of Cyber techniques just because the ones who are perfectly happy with the flawed version we are stuck with now, don’t want change. Expand your horizons, broaden your mind, allow the room for improvement to permeate your tendency to leave well enough alone. If we all settled for near enough is good enough then you’d still be driving a model T and the landlords would have wedding night rights to your matrimonial bed.

 The strange thing about the way we have come to think of democracy is that originally it was meant to be a system were all those involved had a vote in the day today decision making process of their nation. If a road was to be built or a war participated in then the concerned citizens gathered together and voted on what the united position would be, but somehow it has deteriorated into once every three or four years you get to vote for someone who makes those decisions for you. While it is not inconceivable that the definition needed to change to accommodate large uneducated populations, in this day and age with Democracy being forced upon people whether they want it or not maybe it’s time we had a fresh look at what it is we are all agreeing to.
 Politicians are a strange breed, they move forwards out of the ranks of daily life to take positions as paid employees of the people that voted for them, as well as those who didn’t, and join in with all the others who are in the same boat to make decisions and laws for the people who liked them enough to agree to pay their wages and honor their elevated positions. So they inherit this from the people who have given up the right to participate because they are busy making the money that pays for the ‘luxury’ of having this type of arrangement, all well and good if that’s what you want but what if that not what you want or they are making decisions that you don’t agree with? You get a chance to vote for someone else in two or three years time who might or might not make decisions that you agree with and so it goes.
 Let’s take a closer look at this and how it works with an issue such as weather or not we want to become a republic, irregardless of what your personal opinion is. Before the Howard years in Australia there was much discussion on the subject and it was generally considered we would soon become one, even the Queen and Prince Charles thought it was an inevitability and not a bad thing. The newest member of the Royal Order of the Garter, Sir John was a just a monarchist in those days and even though nobody had voted for him to lead our great nation with that in mind, all thoughts of going in any direction other than Sir John,s were put and end to with an expensive talk fest and a rigged referendum. Now I am sure that if the people who paid the Howard Government for the next ten years had of got their way instead of yielding to Sir John’s then we would have been waving an Aussie flag at the just past Olympics that represented Australia as a truly independent country, instead of looking like we are still an outpost of the British Empire.
 What about the G.S.T, again irregardless of what you think of it, most people were anti-G.S.T when John Howodd assured us that there would be no G.S.T if he became Prime Minister. Never the less the first thing he did when he got into power was to give us the very tax system he assured us he wouldn’t. What about the war in Iraq, again most people were against it but did that matter? No, we signed up anyway,not because we authorised anyone to make that decision for us, just because John and George thought it was a good idea at the time. Are you getting the gist of what I’m talking about here? It’s not weather you are for or against any of these ideas it’s the fact that our employees made those decisions for us while pretending to be doing what they were elected for, which was to be your voice on the matters. 
 Now there is a simple way around this dilemma for anyone who is interested, if you wanted to become a republic today with the tools for real democracy in our homes and at our finger tips, then all it would take is fifty one percent of the voting population to sign up on the Internet and it would begin to become a reality without having to ask your employees permission.If you didn,t want to buy a bunch of America’s left over war planes and would prefer to spend all that money on your children’s education, then all you have to do is collectively say so. Why isn’t the program up and running that would allow this type of Democracy, maybe it’s because your employees don’t want you to have it. 


    Steam is a useful commodity, try making a decent cup of coffee without it. Gray has a much more useful range of shades than black or white. Bi-polar attitudes, which observe only in the extremes of the full spectrum, can be disruptive or at best, limited in their overall view. Because we live in a world which incorporates all the above truths, it is understandable that conflicts arise and now, with Multi-Dimensional Awareness, we can begin to explore the infinite possibilities of using a  plethora of extreme views to hopefully arrive at solutions which can benefit all. Take for example, a round table of religious or political extremists who have agreed to participate in discussions which, if successful, could improve everyone’s lot. I can hear the cries of disbelief from here; not possible they say, it could never happen, no good will come of it, it’ll end in disaster. Why?

     In the past certain truths were held self-evident but with the passing of time became ridiculous, eg: the flat earth theory, if man were meant to fly he would have wings, it’s as unreachable as the moon and women are the weaker sex. With this in mind, envisioning solutions to problems that previously were thought to be un-workable shouldn’t be out of the question. A future generation of computer savvy kid’s could possibly workout solutions to problems we couldn’t even imagine and therein lies the answers to the table full of yesterday’s hero’s not being able to sort out their differences.

     If there are no simple solutions, to say peace on Earth, then start working on complex solutions by compiling a matrix of everyone’s perspectives at least then you would have a basis for everyone agreeing because their needs are  being considered. A small computer can’t work out problems to large for it’s programing to handle but a super computer with unlimited memory has the capacity to solve any problem. Are not we entering an age where all the worlds problems could be solved, at least in cyber-space, and who wouldn’t want that except those who make it their business to create problems?

     Even troublemakers can be included in solutions if they are relegated to a group that has the right to their opinions but not to a monopoly on actions required. Fire has it’s part to play in making the perfect cup of coffee but amazingly enough you don’t have to get burnt by it to appreciate the brew and similarly water is essential but you don’t want to drown in it.

     For the first time in recorded history we have the tools at our disposal to form and run one planet, like our lives depend on it, for the people by the people and anyone that opposes that goal should not be considered worthy of calling themselves human beings, they are more appropriately human has been’s. Educate yourself and you children to participate in real universal democracy not the half baked dough we are currently being fed, that makes a mockery of the original concept. Where  everyone concerned has a say in the day to day running’s of their world and not just the right to vote for Twiddle-de or Twiddle-dum once in a while. 

    An appropriately run Internet system could be our link to a fair and just future, without it our prospects are limited at least. If we can mix all the elements into an eclectic self governing tool for the benefit of all humanity, not just a privileged few, then war, starvation, poverty, discrimination, ignorance and the like can all become a things of the past along with the flat earth theory and the people who would promote it. All life as we know it has been threatened by fear, greed and ignorance; if we all pull together with love, generosity and intelligence we can win the war against war. Use the tool at your fingertips to have a say in your future, create a simulated paradise and it will become a reality but waste your time playing games, watching Big Brother, leaving it to others to look out for your interests and you may as well kiss your presently enjoyed freedoms goodbye.

     Well, I feel as though if I’ve done my bit for the day; I might just mix some fire, water, a few other ingredients and kick back for awhile although I might just have ago at turning lead into gold, they said that was impossible too.


     In it’s original form religion had a very real value,  it offered a way forward out of the chaos of survival at any cost. The first rule of survival was ‘kill or die’ and the first sign of being more than a self-centred animal was gaining the quality of self-sacrifice, for the benefit of the offspring or the tribe. This evolutionary milestone enabled Mankind to dominate over  the other species and became the basis for the ‘primitive’ religious practices of ancestor worship and shamanism because it’s only natural to want to connect with someone who died for you.

            Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Zoroastrians, Syro-Phoenicians, Egyptians, Mayans, Ancient Greeks, Celts, Africans and a plethora of other native groups, all participated in their own individual interpretations before today’s Judeo/ Christian/ Islamic descendants of Abraham even started arguing over whose particular version of a monotheistic God is best.

           We are all beholding to these religions for our connections to various cultural heritage groups but surely, in this day of mass communication and education, the more enlightened leaders could steer their hoards towards a new world view of an unbiased creator who cares for all the worlds inhabitants instead of just them; irregardless of their differences. This could be the next evolutionary step that allows mankind to continue to be the dominant species on this planet; along with a respect for the creation and if Jesus had any value other than as a human sacrifice, surely it was in his appraisal of the laws of his god into two commandments: Love your creator (by respecting the creation) and Love your neighbour (by respecting their right to exist).

   On pondering the big subjects, religion, poltics, best football codes and so on, the one that superceeds the rest for me is the nature of good and evil; personkind has mulled over that one since Adam stole Gods best buds from the fruiting tree of the knowledge. Eversince a mella felt the need to partake, peoples of all cultures, religions, political parties and even footy clubs have chewed till their gums have bled along with anyone who dared to disagree with their findings. When we masticate on these things we tend to set up judisharies, however unqualified the participants might be, police forces and armies to enforce our opinions; sometime to the extremes of exterminating critics, races or religions because we have deemed them evil.
  Let’s take the example of Hitlers mob wipping out six million Jews; where between good government, sencible economic policies, national defence and national insanity did they overstep the mark? After their defeat, at Nurenburg, some tried to justify their behaviour by saying they were only being good pest controlers but to consiencous people on mass, their behaviour was a manifestation of pure evil. Speaking as someone in their fifties, I have chewed on that particular piece of bitter fruit for far to long and after having watched every episode of Hogan’s Heros twice, I can see both sides of the story; after all who could hate Sergent Shultz. Never the less my initial gut feeling that fasism was to blame never went away along with the bad taste in my mouth. 
  Recently we have had a dump of Eden’s best, with the war in Iraq, neo-cons labeling radical Islamists as evil and  Moslems countering with similar claims againt the Judao- Christian eliete, the cold war revisited as China and Nth Korea loom large, millions of Indonesians and Terrorists on our doorstep, genocide in Serbia and Africa, war in Lebonon not to mention Afganistan; I need a sedative, a laxative and a dose of saline for my belly ache. Luckilly it all came in one small package, a short story by Australia’s Thomas Keneally ‘By the line’ or as it was called when first published in 1965 ‘The Fear’. It’s highly recomended as the covernotes confirmed,’One of the most exciting events to arrive on the Australian literary front….what James Joyce did for Dublin, T.K will articulate for Sydney.’ P.G the Bulletin. ‘T.K’s The Fear is clearly the most important Australian fiction to be issued this year.’ Max Harris, Aust. Book Review and most amazingly ‘The Fear is a novel of brilliant originality.T.K stands head and shoulders above the ruck of Aust. novelists a master of pace, realism, dialogue and a sinewy brand of lyricism. It’s a book to exult over, one to press urgently on your friends.’ Derick Whitlock, ABR.
  If that wasn’t enough to get me in then the linear notes were; ‘the main character, called  "The Comrade" was mesmeric and terrorfying as he dominates the lives of his wife, sons and the neighbours young son Daniel. His "tyranical zeal" has a devistating efect on the lives of the working class who live by the train lines in war time Sydney. T.K explores the effects of ridged adherence to Communist Dogma and the often fine line between inner-sence and guilt;’ or as i was saying earlier, the line between good an evil. I wont comment much on the content of this story for it is suffice to say Mr Keneally takes a meat cleaver to "the comrade" or "Mr. Red" as he is somstimes calls him and leaves us beying for his blood by the end. I could see why you would want to recomend it to all your friends if you were a raving McArthyite, seeing reds under the bed, but as for the rest of us the story line was thin at best and the "realism" in a "sinuewy way" was only that if you didn’t grow up "by the line" as I did surrounded by the "realism" of corrupt authorities and drunken returned soldiers. 
  What I had here, in this little book, was a panacea for my retchard condition; taken in a quick swallow with strong drink, I was transported backwards through time to where I was rewritting it in pre-war Nazi Germany just by changing "the comrade" into "the Jew" and setting it in lovely downtown Berlin. Hitler and his mates loved it;  I got rave reviews, plenty of accolades and with an expediated "kristalnight" on its way, most importantly of all lots of money to buy a ticket to Australia where i could live out my life as a retired author. But enough of flights of fancy, in the real world today I would have to change his name to "Mohamed" and get it published by Random House so I better hurry or before you know it I will have to rewrite it again using the name "Ching Chong the CHinaman" and the way housing prices are going up around here that wouldn’t leave me much time to live out my life as a retired author.
   Seriously though, Thomas Keneally does deserve you attention; take for instance his larger, more widely known masterpiece, the award winning, Booker prize shortlisted "Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith." If you didn’t get to read it when it first came out in the seventies, you got to see it on the BIG screen when the Australian Film Board handed over more money than it had ever done before to an ex-Victorian used car dealer come producer. Fred Schepsi’s previously unknown tallent shines, in a Sullivan-styled way, as Jimmy and his black’s camp mates hack their way through a perfectly lovely Aussi family over nothing more than an arguement over some suger and flour. The hunt is then on to "blow the brains out of those murderous black bastards" as Mr Keneally’s particular brand of sinuewy lyricism so aptly put it. 
  If T.K’s previously mentioned literary masterpiece had of recieved a similar treatment by Fred, then it could have been called "Fear the Commy" and this one sequelled as "Fear The Abo". They could have saved some of the people’s money by using the same poster artwork for both, a black axe on white with red blood dripping. "Fear the terrorist is currently playing all around the country and if you are a contributing author, director, producer, actor or in anyway conected to this long running doc-u-drama then enjoy your wages, you deserve it. If on the other hand you are part of the paying public that are buying into it, applauding it, honoring it, feeding it, addicted to it like it was an episode of Neighbours or Big Brother, then keep up the good work and there will be plenty more where that came from.
  My advice, for what it’s worth, is don’t feed the fear; it’s dangerous. Think about it for one second, did the people who fed Hitler’s fear of the Jew do themselves or anyone else any good. Sure the machine went on to bigger and better things but the people that fed it got shit on. The only thing to do with a fear machine is starve it to death. What if the Germans had of be led to love Jews, if they had of been shown how to live together, labour together, build together, sustain together, then truely they would be a fomidable empire second to none and not a bunch of nasties afraid their past will one day be revealed. 
  Now, keep that thought going for just awhile longer, what if T.K had of taught us to love instead of fearing, what if we the paying public had of honored a book and film that showed a Jimmy that went on to become a great man who led his people to prosperity. A step by step guide to crawling out of poverty, providing a prosperous lifestyle to educate his family and refused to stop untill all his people were upstanding citizens of a modern day Australia. Alas there I go again drifting off to a fantasy past, in a Joe Bejelky Peterson led Queensland a literary critic possitivly reviewing that style  would have been laughed off the stage, just as sure as a positive reviewist  of "Love the Jew" in Hitler’s Germany would have been shot.
  So to the cold hard reality of today: What if I authored a masive work of pure genius and plastered it all over the net on how to run a politicaly correct, unbiggoted, unbiased, fair country where everyone irreguardless of their roots had an equal say in the day to day runnings of this fine tourist destination and could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt where an internet voteing system could provide the worlds first real democracy in which polititions were relegated to the status of check-out chicks. Where we the people could decide weather or not we wanted to become a repubilic without having to ask the polies permisison. Where we could decide whether or not to sell coal to the Chinese or Uranium to India. Would my heartbreaking work of staggering brilliance be well reviewed by the critics or ridiculed and removed from the net pending sedition charges?
  Sadly I conclude that it would not matter how well I mastered pace, realism, dialogue, (even if it was presented in a sinewy lyrical style) you wouldn’t be encouraged to exult over it, I wouldn’t go on to do for you what James Joyce did for Dublin and most obviously you wouldn’t be urged to press it on your friends. If I persisted in claiming my briliance, I could find myself worse off than David Hicks or worse still, diagnosed as having delusions of grandure and give some special treatment in the Richmond Clinic Mental Health Scheme. Anyway that’s about all for now, I might just take a dose of Mylanta, a couple of prozak, hit the sack and dream of the Future.
 If you wanted to fit in with the Guardians of literature and wern’t content with writing in a style of populous pulp, then there were a few guidelines that should have been posted on the ivory walls of the Literary tower; if they had of been decent enough to have made themselves clear on the subject.
  #When writing any thing likely to be read by the unwashed masses, it is a good idea to start with a meaniless show of your abillity to knit words together in such a way as to demonstrate your skill in hyptnotizing chickens. A simple prologue to transport them from their current missery, into your cozy world of a downy underwing.
  #You are now free to guide them through your first chapter, which should be structured in such a way as to resemble a tour of ward three in the Royal Assylum of Writers with nothing to say but many words to say it with. You will be well judged by your peers if you platform yourself above the unfolding tradgedy of normality; which you are so skillfully describing.
  #As you are developing your main characters,who will be (no doubt) hard to understand, make out like you can read their twisted (and perverse would help) thoughts.
  #Don’t try to feed your readers a sencible diet of three course predictability,instead make them a junket of tit-bits liberaly doused with the liqueur of discriptive prose. Serve up an intoxicating concoction studded with chocolate for the mind, full of little treats in the form of words they will assosiate with a smell or an emotion. Soon you will have them lining up for more, but take heed; if you try to educate them with facts about their unfortunate condition, they will run a mile.
   #Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can over-do the adjectival content of your efforts. One or two hundred words on the discripton of a flower we have all seen, is almost a page of plot or storyline you won’t have to waste your time on. Multiply that phenomenon by a couple of hundred times and you have got a salient book.
  #Finally, make you women beyond critersism, your men beyond redemption and your heros’ beyond belief. If there is someone to hate in your work, make sure they are your editors enemies and if there is some one to admire, your publishers friends. Leave everyone with the sence that your next work may very well be worthy and for Gods sake don’t stray to far from this pattern; Lest we forget, that which keeps us above the mire.