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Chapter 1

Gabriel and Natalie meet to discuss the case of her missing father.

Their first vision of the past back to the time of the great flood

Chapter 2

They travel to Nat’s home and business dealings in Mycenae vases.

They again travel back to explore the past

We meet the villains

Chapter 3

While escaping to a safe haven between Sydney and Brisbane

Buzz narrates a vision he had of Egypt

They arrive at the home of Sir Hamish Grant

Buzz reviews what they have learn’t so far

When Sir Hamish learns what’s been going on, he reacts surprisingly.

Chapter 4

Nat and Buzz wake up in a castle in Scotland

Nat relates her conversation with Merenith

Nat remembers as Sarah

Buzz meets Laurence

Nat listens to Dora’s story

Chapter 5

Buzz travels to London

While returning to Scotland he Envisions Egypt at time time of Yuya the Vizier

Chapter 6

Nat enquires of the plan to find her fathers detractors

A vision of Solomon and Sheba

Nat continues with a vision of Ahab and Jezabel

Buzz reviews what they have learnt so far

Chapter 7

They fly to the French Riviera to meet up with acquaintances of Jo McHale and discuss plans for his rescue.

Chapter 8

Natalie’s comments on why women’s names were absent from the biblical accounts of the flood

Nat sees though the eyes of Cleopatra

The influence of the Parthians during the time of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Chapter 9

They head towards Zurich in a mobile command centre

Laurence explains the Mason’s interest in the Ark and ORME’s

Buzz and Laurie “discuss” the moral implications

Nat relates her vission of Elisabeth and Mary

Chapter 10

Arrival at St Bernard’s Monastery in the Swiss Alps

Nat and Buzz discuss the involvement of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Chapter 11

Natalie and Gabriel consummate their bond

Chapter 12

Laurie and Sir Hamish accompany Otto back to Rome

Nat contemplates Jesus’s teachings

They share a vision of the Last Supper

Chapter 13

They all travel to Egypt

Buzz reviews how they arrived at this point and place in time

They snatch Joe from his captors to be reunited with Merenith


The Eagle of Shambhala

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Back to Chapter Thirteen

After a complete search of the whole complex and failing to find the opening to the underground, the Washington couple stood once again in the middle of it all amazed at what just happened and questioning one another on what to do next.

“Where did they go?”

“Who cares, we have what we came for and sooner or later we will have them.”

“What did that crazy woman say?”

“Some kind of riddle, but I must say I was thinking that I had heard it before.”

“Did we get a good recording of it?”

“Yes, I’ll have it decoded when we get back.”

“Finally, we have the famous Breastplate; the master will be very impressed.”

“Now we will really be Set.”

They removed themselves from the temple and eventually out of Egypt, leaving behind a contingent of security men to rake over the area in an ongoing effort to find Joe McHale and his liberators, but it was never to be.

Beneath their feet, in the myriad of passages that honeycombed the Egyptian underworld, Natalie and Buzz held hands and followed her father and the enigmatic red robed woman they now thought as mother; they were being led through the darkness by her personal glowing light. She seemed to know exactly where they were going and the turns, stairs and caverns added up to the fact that they would have been hopelessly lost with out her. Eventually they emerged into the most magnificent crystal chamber and as they centered themselves, facing one another, the walls began to glow.

She recited “This is the Heart of Amen, the Chamber of Osiris, Kenti-Amenti; this is our final destination, these walls contain all the knowledge of Tep-zepi, the first time and all the relevant knowledge since.” With a wave of her hand, they were treated to a visual feast of images from the beginning of time as the sounds of creation filled their ears; time became irrelevant again and they filled there minds with all that was.

The imagery culminated in its entirety; Mereneith wearing only the original bejewelled Breastplate, was standing in between two sphinx like creatures facing one another. Instinctively Joseph joined her in removing her Arbitrament, passing it on to Natalie and indicated that she should put it on.

She said, “This is my Osiris and you are our children, we are now joining as one and in your future you will stand here and do the same. We are leaving you now but we will always be with you.”

With that the walls came alive with twelve deities from the past, repetitively chanting, “Hail to you who come out of the earth and enter the Duat….O’ Re, you shine upon us, for our part we pay homage to you, we salute you. The ways of the hidden places are now open to you and the portals are unfolded, the soul that Nut loves will guide your flight to the heights; Hail and make your passage from between the thighs of the Mother, enter.”

While they embraced, naked before God, they began to rise and shine together. The light became so bright it blinded the stunned Natalie and Gabriel who were prostrate before the transfigured couple and because of the darkness that ensued they couldn’t be absolutely sure how they were transported to the light again.

As they were being welcomed back to the world and the familiar sounds of their friends Laurence and Dorothy, they realized they were safe and ready to travel back home in Sir Hamish’s jet plane. Amazingly enough they popped out of the ground at the very Oasis where their crew was waiting for them, many miles from where their enemies were searching for them. The air, the water and the light of a new dawn revitalized them and as they took off towards the south-east from the land of an old era, the comfort of knowing they were perfectly prepared sunk in.

With the original bejewelled Breastplate, well equipped friends and new headquarters to head for they were a formidable force, prepared to fight the destructive nature of Set and those who coveted the authority of the symbol of God’s presence on Earth for their own selfish desires and not for the benefit of the whole world.

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Back to Chapter Twelve

Joseph McHale woke up to another miserable day in the darkened underground cell he had been kept in for the last couple of months. The confines of the meter and a half square concrete box, that had been his torture, were stinking from the smells of his excrement. His skin was festered with the sores that came with the type of treatment they dished at this arse end of the world detention center that was Tadmore. Somehow or other the people who had grabbed him from Kings Cross, Sydney thought all they had to do to get what they wanted from him was to transport him here blindfolded, in fetters and wait till he cracked but they had underestimated his resolve.

He had long since decided he would rather die in his hell hole than give them what they wanted. It meant more to him than life itself to make sure they never got their hands on the Breastplate or his beloved Mereneith. She would sustain him in his hours of need, filling his head with glorious visions of a world void of greedy manipulating Sons of Mammon; he didn’t know how or when but his minds eye was assuring him he would survive this torturous confinement he was living. His keepers were amazed at the inner strength of the man they were trying to break and they kept saying to themselves and the ones they were reporting to, ‘any day now they would have what they required of him and then they would kill him’.

Suddenly as if by a miracle he was ripped from his tomb, thrown into a shower room and hosed off; his painful skin soaked up the cool water as if it were a balm and when they gave him fresh clothes to put on it was like bandages for his wounds. Even though he was handcuffed, hooded, thrown into the back of a utility and bounced around as they sped off, the fresh air in his lungs brought life back to his body; the very sunlight that would have killed a man crossing this desert by foot, nourished his life force.

For the first time since this ugly incident had begun, he was starting to think things were beginning to go his way. Underneath his hood he was smiling and he could sense his captors weren’t happy about it.

Back in Rome, Laurence and Sir Hamish were welcoming their new compatriot back into the surveillance van and congratulating him on a job well done. It had taken him all night to get in and out of the secure compound that used to be his workplace; after he had done what he was instructed to do, he was quite pleased to use the complicated series of underground tunnels that allowed him to escape unnoticed by the Vatican guards. They thought he was still working in his office but surely by now that myth had exploded along with any further credibility he would ever have in those circles again.

He had communicated to his master and controller via the secured internal internet site operating inside the closed walls of the Holy palace exclusively, that if they still wanted the item they had sent him to authenticate and obtain for them then they were going to have to turn up with Joseph McHale in front of the Sphinx temple, in Egypt, at the stated time or they would never see the Breastplate or hear from him again. You could say he well and truly made his point and then vanished into the night leaving no trace or options for his unsuspecting ex-colleagues other than the instructions he had left them.

As for now, Hamish and Laurie were going to make their way back to Saddam Hussein’s old villa in France from where Nat and Buzz had just left, after staying the night, and pick up their Jet Plane which was still hangared there. They still had a bit of continent hopping to do and a few errands to run before they could all meet up again, this time hopefully with their old buddy Joe. Just maybe they could arrange a few surprises for their adversaries as well as improve their own chances.

The ship that Natalie and Gabriel were booked on was leaving from Marseilles quite sometime before noon and if they were going to meet the sailing time they had to first acquire the paperwork they would need from an associate of Laurence’s at the port. This was done with a minimum of fuss and by the time they were walking up the gangplank of the beautiful ocean liner they were comfortably looking like any other honeymooning couple that were about to embark on a cruise of the Mediterranean.

They had checked their luggage and shaken the hand of the first mate before being shown to their first class cabin by the bursar. After they had made love and showered together for the second time in two days they were starting to actually feel like a married couple and as they confirmed to one another, that it felt good.

Lunch was next on the agenda in the best restaurant on the boat and when they had adjourned, to having drinks on the deck, there was no land in sight and clean sailing ahead.

The bow of the ship was pointed towards Egypt, as was the aim of their discussions and as they took their place amongst the first class deck chairs on the fore deck Buzz said “now this is the life,” putting his feet up and admired the scenery.

“Don’t get to comfortable,” was the comment Nat came back with “it won’t be long before we’re back in the thick of it.”

“O.K,” conceded Buzz “Let’s take this time to review the situation and make sure we’re ready for them when we get there.”

“Lead on, oh mighty one.” Came the light hearted comment

Buzz moved his sun hat ninety degrees and placed the fingers of his left hand between the chest height buttons of his shirt in a comic gesture, making himself look like Napoleon about to lead off at a bad moment.

Natalie laughed at his antics while trying to steal the ridiculous hat off his head; after wrestling over it for some time the crumpled hat went back on in the right direction and Buzz began to speak in a more serious tone.

“We’ve certainly covered some ground, you and I, since we began our endeavor. I’m delighted you chose me to go through it with and what ever comes our way, be sure I have no regrets. These people we will be coming up against are ruthless and if you feel uncomfortable risking your life in the exchange for your father, then you must know I would be happy to confront them myself.”

“No,” said Nat “absolutely not. We are in this together and you know you need me by your side if we are to have any chance at pulling this thing off.”

“Yes I do,” replied Buzz “although I am positive we can achieve our Goals and can envisage us getting through unscathed, there are a few blind spots in our course that worry me and I wouldn’t like it at all if you were to get hurt.”

“Don’t worry, for no amount of it will help us achieve what I know we will be successful in.”

“O.K. we’re locked, loaded and faith will get us through.” he paused a minute after his confirmation and then changed the subject with a question, “Would you tell me what you know of your mother?”

“Sure,” said Nat “as you know I was raised by my father and it was always difficult for us to talk about her because I don’t think Joe really knew what happened to her. He told me he was a young man when they met and that she was quite a bit older than him; they were very much in love, had a lot in common and while at an archaeological dig in Abydos, not long after I was born, she just went missing with out a trace. He did everything in his power to find her but because of a lack of interest by the Egyptian authorities, he eventually returned me to Australia were I was looked after by a series of nannies and a private school system; he continued to look for her in the best way he could while still returning every chance to spend time with me.”

“That’s it hey!”

“Yeah, How about you?”

“Similar story I’m afraid except I didn’t know anything about either of my parents and I was raised by an elderly couple that are dead now.”

“I’m so sorry,” said Nat “well at least we have one another now and I am sure that Joe will love you too.”

They had a brief hug that was equally comforting to them both and when they broke, Nat changed the subject with a question, “Can we go over what we know about the original Breastplate?”

“Sure,” said Buzz, settling back in his seat and realizing Nat’s need to occupy her thoughts with a more work related conversation.

“We know it was a bejewelled golden bodice from the pre-flood era, highly prized in Egypt from the First Dynasty till the end of the Old Kingdom around 2200 B.C.E. It was then associated with a developing Europe and Mesopotamia until some kind of natural disaster saw Sarah and her daughters reinstate its predominance at the center of beliefs and worship in Egypt from the time of Sobeck-neferu in 1790 B.C.E till the exodus of Akhenaton in 1355 B.C.E. It turned up again at the time of Solomon’s Temple and then onto the Queen of Sheba with whom it remained till the time of Jezebel and Esther where-in the influence went into exile with the Assyrian conquest of Israel and Judah.

By the time of the fourth century B.C.E, after the fall of Troy when Alexander the Greats influence was at its peak, he defeated Darius’ Empirical rule in 333 B.C.E at Susa and took possession of all his treasures including the breastplate and the women who wore it. After Alexander’s death Ptolemy Sotor took his incorruptible body and the most precious treasures, back to Egypt to officially begin the three hundred year reign of the Cleopatra’s over the barbaric tribes of Macedonians who chose to live in the Nile basin. Then we see the transfer of power from the Greeks to Julius Caesar onto Mark Antony and through to the Herods around the time of Jesus Christ all under the watchful eyes of the women of the Breastplate. Am I missing anything?”

“No,” answered Nat “please continue.”

“With all that backing him, Jesus pronounces disasters on Herod and the oppressors of the poor, peace loving Children of God; deeming the destruction of their temples, the dispersion of their peoples and the predicted absence of his God ‘Eli, Eli, Lama Sabatini’ till the end of days when the ‘Abomination of Desolation stands where it should not’. I believe there were those that took these words seriously.”

“Explain that for me will you?” asked Nat

“Well, Jesus had offered the rulers of the known world at the time a peaceful, just, Kingdom of God on Earth and they answered him with crucifixion and war. He was the Logos of the Piscean era, hence the sign of the fish, and the spokesman for God for that entire period; so considering that would run from then until the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, represented by the mother of pots and the blending the two oils of humanity into one, this was a prophetic way of saying the peace he spoke of would not arrive until the Queen of the South rose in two thousand years time.

The realization mankind was not ready for what he had to offer, must have come as a great disappointment for Him and his loving partner Mary. They realized then and there, it would not be for a time, a time again and half a time, before peace and a united kingdom would come to mankind even though they had done everything in their power to bring that vision of the future into their own time. They knew it would take the threat of something as awesome as the mutual destruction that could be caused by an ‘Abomination of Desolation’ or as we know it, an Atomic Bomb to shock those who would wage war by preference, into wanting peace instead.

Their decision to vanish into obscurity and hide the Breastplate of Authority from the corrupt inheritors of the era, that would be full of war and strife, was the only way to go. The Great Pyramid of Egypt was the perfect place to hide the symbolically powerful Arbitrament but while a decadent Rome was in control of that area, there would be no hurry. Three hundred years later Zenobia, a Parthian warrior Queen and a descendant of Cleopatra, fights her way back into control of Gaza and completes her destiny by secreting ‘the family heirloom’ into the largest manmade structure on earth, for a time capsule fate. She is then taken prisoner by Rome and had her home town of Tadmore or Palmyra, as the Greeks liked to call it, leveled for her trouble.”

Zenobia’s Kingdom (approx. 280 A. D.) The Vatican’s Zenobia

“So there it remained, bricked up behind Davidson’s chamber, in the King’s chamber of the Great pyramid for fifteen hundred and fifty years until Howard Vyse and his British gung-ho mates blasted their way into it in 1837 A.D.” said Nat

“Yes, amazingly enough; a very strange series of events led to not Howard Vyse coming into possession of it, but an Italian sea captain. Caviglia had independently searched Egypt for many years before teaming up with the British and eventually achieving his goal of acquiring the most precious of all artefact finds. He even managed to keep it out of their hands and in Egypt by masterminding a scam whereby a ship loaded with goodies heading for England went down in the Mediterranean and it was ridden off as lost, before they even knew what it was they had.

The discovery that actually led to its unearthing began when Jean-Francois Champollion deciphered the Rosetta stone, beginning a process of understanding Hieroglyphics that wasn’t fully realized until many years later in the time of Wallis Budge, the celebrated British museum curator. Flinders Petrie, Margaret Murray and Dorothy Eady in the early twentieth century began a group of an elite few in the western world that had any idea about this Legendary Breastplate of Narmer.”

Champollion Caviglia Wallis Budge Flinders Petrie Margaret Murray Dorothy Eady

“So what Laurence’s Dora, back in Scotland, told me about her seeing The Lady with the Breastplate in Egypt before the Second World War, was quite possible? Asked Nat

“Yes, but what threw the spanner in the works, was the rise of fascism in the nineteen thirties. Dorothy and her friends decided that rather than risk it falling into the hands of Hitler, they would buried it in the unearthed tomb of Mereneith at Abydos. After the war was over, they went to dig it up again and it was gone. They searched for it all through the sixties and seventies and that’s when the American Research and Enlightenment institute took control of all the digs in Egypt.”

“So somehow or other the Sunnis’ dug it up or get their hands on it and it makes its way into the possession of Saddam Hussein.”


“Then it could have been the real reason they invaded Iraq?”

“Your words not mine.”

“But you are not discounting it?”

“I don’t think it really matters, your father worked it all out and after Saddam had been executed with out revealing where he had hid it, then he knew he was the only person in the world that had a chance of returning it to its rightful owner.” Said Buzz


“Yeah, wow.”

It was about then they realized they’d had enough sun and it was about time they retired to their cabin; while the ship steamed towards a destination that was going to bring all this talk to a head, others were plotting, indicating that these things weren’t happening in isolation. The secret communication channels between London, New York and Rome were abuzz with chatter about these topics and much more. The chains of command were systematically removing the Indians and replacing them with Chiefs, who were starting to come into play.

A well known Washington couple met for the first time in months at a plush boardroom setting and all the black suited figures that had been milling around dismissed themselves and the following conversation was had.

“Have you heard the latest from Rome?” he asked as he moved from the closing double doors and over to the large table that centered the room.

“Yes,” she replied “bloody Catholics couldn’t arrange a piss up in a brewery.”

“I knew I should have gone myself.”

“What do you think about the new arrangements?”

“I’m not sure, but what is it about this Aussie- ass-hole that makes him so important in all of it?”

“I don’t know the man that we had on him has gone missing and so did all his files; I don’t know much about him at all.” She said

“How about the people that have it now?”

“Well we know all about their organization, they are those trouble making Brits; what we don’t know is why they would want to sell us this priceless prize for such a palfrey amount and even more worrying is, now that they have it and the money, why would they swap it for this piece of shit Aussie, Joe McHale.”

“I’m going myself this time, no more room for stuff ups.”

“Not with out me, Dirty Dick; I would have to have it dry cleaned after you and your floozies had finished with it.”

“We’ll do it together then,” he said “nothing like a bit of quality time together to cement the family.”

“I’ll notify security.”

By the time their plane was leaving France for Egypt the long way, Laurence and Hamish were busying themselves with the reorganization of their homes and headquarters, full well knowing they were heading for a confrontation that was going to be catastrophic for the way they had been living and operating up until then. It wasn’t like they were unaware that this was coming up as they had a contingency plan all worked out for quite some time so this was just the final straw of many that was leading to a totally new life.

“Does it bother you that you will have to sell your home?” asked Laurie

“No-o,” replied the Scottish Laird “I’ve had buyers bothering me for a long time now and I’ve already built a new place much more suitable for my present needs, how about you?

“To tell you the truth, I’ve been looking forward to getting out of there for some time now; it’s a little too claustrophobic in winter and Dora and I both agree we would be much happier in a warmer climate, we have only ever been caretakers at that castle any way.”

“It’s going to be strange having Natalie and Gabriel so involved in things that have previously only been for you to decide.” Said Hamish

“That’s assuming they get through this unscathed, they are not out of the frying pan yet and they are about to throw themselves into the fire.”

“Well, they seem very confidant they are going to get Joe back as well as the Breastplate.”

“That will have to be seen to be believed; but we will have to be ready and waiting if they are successful, they will be relying on us. So let’s get busy tying up loose ends and getting this bird to where it can do the most good, I won’t be at ease until we’ve got them onboard.”

The men that were driving Joe McHale towards his rendezvous in Giza were having no trouble getting through the many checkpoints that punctuated their lengthy journey from Syria through Jordan. Their status with the United Nations was coming in quite handy and the fact that they had a prisoner in the back of their mobile lock up, didn’t hinder their progress at all; once they reached the Israelis boarder, at the nominated place, he would be handed over and no longer their problem. When the moment actually arrived Joe noticed the difference between the obvious third world conditions that he had been saturated with suddenly changing along with the accents of the guards. The new transport unit traveled smoothly along well made bitumen roads and the air conditioner, cooling the back section of his panel van prison, mainly served to broaden the smile on his now unhooded face. For him it was like a birthing process and although he imagined he was going to breathe free air again, he knew that the tricky bit and the screaming were yet to come.

It was a new day dawning that highlighted the Eastern horizon as the magnificent luxury liner pulled down the Nile. Natalie and Buzz were awakened at the appropriate time by a phone call from the accommodation steward to witness the sun rising and because their cabin was on the leeside, they didn’t have to get out of their king-sized bed to see it through the large portals of glass that fed the golden rays into their consciousness; it was reminiscent of the visions they had when they first met and began this fast closing adventure.

They just had time for some morning exercise before showering and dressing in the appropriate way for the morning’s itinerary. As they were passing Heliopolis they strutted the deck and made themselves familiar to the other passenger that would be disembarking with them when they got to Giza

Even though they had to board a large modern tourist bus, they still managed to feel quite regal as they were chauffeured towards their first sigh of the Pyramids and even when thy were being organized into two separate groups, the importance of the moment was not lost on Buzz and Nat as they aligned themselves with those who were to visit the Sphinx. The whole Necropolis had a heavy security presence; their only defence was to blend in and do the tourist thing whist being acutely aware that in the immediate area were the people they had to negotiate with to secure her fathers release.

As the tour group split up and began to explore around the pre-flood monolith and its associated temples, our heroic couple inched their way closer to the very spot they had arranged to meet their elusive prey. Natalie could feel the presence and the pain of her much loved parent stronger than ever; when they rounded the front of the Old Kingdom Temple, which was isolated further downhill from everything else and even closer to the sacred Nile, she finally locked eyes on him. A subtle nudge to the ribs of her partner was enough for him to fall into character and start madly photographing everything like a Japanese tourist, giving them the advantage they needed over the men in black that stood, now only feet away from them, ominously guarding their prize.

I don’t know what they were looking for but it certainly wasn’t a sweet looking couple like the ones who snatched Joe McHale from under their noses and ran off into the Temple itself, before they could even un-holster their guns. The strategic benefit of the situation they all found themselves in must have been immediately obvious, as the black suited guards seemed to be caught totally flat footed and didn’t like their chances of following them into the ancient stone complex structure.

Intercom systems were immediately activated and before you could say ‘bullshit’ they had put out the call for all their men to come into play, surround the whole temple, remove any non-combatants out of the area and lock into a siege scenario.

Inside, Buzz had produced an all channels communicator and was yelling instructions down it, demanding to speak to the ones that were in charge several times before things settled down to where the couple from Washington were arguing with him over what was going to happen. While this was happening Natalie and Joseph had time to embrace one another before Joe finally spoke up.

“Just what the hell do you think you are doing?”

“Rescuing you.” Replied Nat

“Some rescue.” Commented Joe; but before he could say anything else, the beauty of the old alabaster temple began to illuminate around them in a very unnatural way and while they where standing in jaw dropped awe at what they were seeing an apparition of the Great Lady herself appeared before them. She stood there with her arms outstretched wearing her red cape that all those there had seen her in before.

Nat and Buzz where struck speechless but Joseph knew exactly what to do; he moved away from the others and into the embrace of his Goddess, surprising them with his intimacy of the divine, far surpassing anything they could have imagined. Time froze and the past, present and future melded into one with the four of them back together again and in some unexplainable way, everything was right; they were exactly where they were supposed to be and as they all realize it they were snapped back into the moment with Joe’s words to Natalie

“This is your mother, cherish her forever.”

Nat didn’t know what to say, she just stood there with her mouth open when the lady in the red cape spoke to her.

“Quickly, remove the fake breastplate; we have to make sure they get it, before we can get out of here.”

Natalie began to move quickly as instructed firstly taking off the blue overcoat she had on, covering the hieroglyphic embossed golden representation of palette of Narmer, the forged replica of a similar fake that must have been firstly made thousands of years ago under similar circumstances. It was shaped into a bodice style breastplate that fitted Nat well enough so as to have not drawn attention it, Buzz helped her unfasten the straps that were holding in on and then passed it over to Joe whilst Nat redressed herself.

“Now, get ready to leave via that tunnel there.” She pointed towards an open door in the floor that the others hadn’t noticed before now.

Just then the intercom sparked back into life and blurted out the command, “Identify yourselves.”

On the other side an anxious Washington couple heard the reply load and clear, “I am Re, who is in the heavens, I enter the twilight shadows, I open the gate to the sky in the south, welcome me with your arms.”

“I don’t think you know who you are dealing with,” was the reply

“Behold, I know your place in the Duat, I know your names, the places you hide, your secrets.”

“Come out or we are coming in after you.” They threatened with the authority of those who were prepared to harm them, to achieve there own objectives.

“O’ bitter you are in your cavern, O’ terrifying one, the greatest in hell. Bow down before me, draw back your arms, behold me, I am entering the land of the beautiful south to attend my Osiris and to greet those who are with him.”

Without further ado, the troops were ordered to rush into the temple, followed by their leaders and after an unproductive search of the area to find no one; they stood holding the fake breastplate with the words still ringing in their ears,

“It is done.”

A scroll from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

(From which the above quotes were taken.)


Back to Chapter Eleven

From the moment Laurence and Sir Hamish left behind St Bernard’s and began to wind their way down to Rome, following the ancient path of Hannibal, through the marbled Tuscany Mountains of Northern Italy; they busied themselves with the operational aspects of what had now become their assignment. Via the sophisticated equipment they carted with them in their caravan of electronic wizardry, all the bits and pieces of their new plan began to crystallize into place and they started to feel more and more at ease with it.

Sir Hamish applied himself with keeping the prisoner disorientated, convinced of the hopelessness of his situation and sure that his future safety depended on co-operating with his captors. He repeatedly went over what would be required of him when they got to Rome and underneath the blindfolding hood, the captive could hear Laurence on the two-way radio going over details with various accomplices giving the obvious opinion that resistance would be useless. When ever they didn’t want the prisoner to hear what they were saying Hamish would lock him in the soundproof toilet cubical that was neatly tucked into the corner of the truck; when it didn’t mater or they wanted him to hear he would be returned to his bunk and shackled into place. In the end he would be required to deliver a message, that’s all; but in the meantime he would have to be convinced he was surrounded by villains that wouldn’t hesitate to kill him if he didn’t fully co-operate. His reward for doing everything properly, as instructed, would be his very life.

The problems from Otto’s perspective were insurmountable; when he had taken the assignment he was completely assured it would be a simple uncomplicated process and he would have all the back-up he could possibly need. In Zurich it had certainly been the case but because of how easy it had been to acquire the Breastplate, and how sure he had been of himself, he had dismissed the unit that was assigned to guard him and protect the antiquity, in favor of a low profile return to Rome. Big mistake, by the time he realized that things weren’t going his way and Laurence’s men had surrounded him, it was to late to do any thing about it.

He had been thinking it was quite a smart move not to attract attention to himself by going it alone through the out of the way border crossing instead of having a large contingent of security men by his side. They had picked him off at the right time and place because thinking he was home and hosed; he had just notified his controller in Rome that every thing had gone well and he would be making the delivery on time the next day, so as far as anyone knew that was exactly what was happening.

Otto was sufficiently positioned in his organization so as not to have to take orders from anyone except the very top echelons of power. Many forays into the shadowy world of artifact recovery had made him above suspicion, when it came to his trustworthiness but never the less if he was to abscond at any time with the money or the goods, he knew his life would not be worth living.

Now here he was about to enter the offices of the highest bureaucratic authority in the Holy Sea and tells them he had just bungled away six million Euros of their money and was returning empty handed; he didn’t feel as though his life was very certain at all. The promises of his captors to protect him if he could convince his master and controller of the absolute authenticity of the Breastplate and that it was worth letting him go as well as Joseph McHale to get their hands on it, was going to be the hardest thing he would have to do in his entire life. Even though he hadn’t convinced himself he could do it, he couldn’t see that he had any other options at the moment. Sir Hamish had been absolutely relentless in making sure Otto knew exactly where he stood and that successfully completing their requests was the only way out.

Otto was constantly mulling over in his head the facts as Hamish had presented them, either do it as they prescribed and receive a new identity and a job in some safe corner of the world or die by the hands of his now previous employers. With the inevitability of the approaching bind becoming closer every minute, weighing up the pros and cons of this one was a no brainer; if he didn’t want to walk out on the people he had been associated with before this unfortunate episode had been inflicted upon him, what could he look forward to? Not a lot, all the efforts at becoming the expert in his field had amounted to him being the dogsbody for men he despised; years of bowing and scraping to carve for himself a miserable life in the dusty corners of the dark, dank vaults of a cabal of selfish despots, who liked to occasionally view the secret cashes of undocumented finds, important art and items of rare antiquity.

So why not submit to the demands of his captors? It wasn’t like he would be leaving behind a wife and children, he never had the time or opportunity to make that a reality; the times he had left his gilded prison below the Papal castle was usually to travel to obscure destinations and with military precision acquire trinkets to transport back to his mausoleum of hidden delights. Otto had been bourn into an aristocratic family of European nobles whose status in world affairs had been downgraded because of their connections with Nazi-fascism; he had never really felt part of his family as from a very early age he had been handed over to catholic minders who had brainwashed him into a religion he didn’t have any respect for. Intense schooling had led to an extended period in Seminary vocational positioning and eventually him taking his place as an art expert for the church.

Art hadn’t been one of his personal talents but never the less he had managed to accumulate knowledge that allowed him to top all his classes like Art History; the ability to recognize the work of great masters seemed to be genetically inherited, so to the aura of command that allowed him to move into the position of authority he held within the catholic church. Now he was about to throw all that away to placate these people who had captured him during the course of carrying out his duties and suddenly it didn’t seem all that bad. He was ready to unconditionally agree to aid Sir Hamish and Laurence in convincing the fascist, militaristic wing of the Vatican that the breastplate they had sent him to acquire was indeed worth the added price of the release of Joe McHale.

On his release in front of St. Peters Square, Otto was well primed, wired and equipped to complete the essential task he was given by his new associates and was looking forwards to achieving it so he could get on with the new life they were promising him. Sir Hamish and Laurence had satisfied themselves they could trust him although they would monitor him throughout all the phases he would have to complete for them to succeed in the task at hand.

St. Peter’s Square, Rome

While Natalie and Buzz were in transit back to the Villa on the Mediterranean, they had time to go over the revelations they had received since leaving there the day before. Their conversation had an aspect of privacy about it as James there chuffer had donned a set of head phones and was alternating between two-way conversations with the mobile unit and some of his favorite music which happened to be on storage disc in the consul of the car he was driving .

“How do you fell about Jesus now that you have had insights into the nature of his calling and a rethink about his miraculous birthright” thoughtfully asked Buzz

“Strangely enough I feel much closer than I ever have before; I haven’t been a fan of religion in any form, tending to think of them as trouble making organizations hiding behind a semblance of piety, manipulating old stories to prop up their own authority.

So I hadn’t ever really thought of Jesus except in those terms, but now his teachings are starting to make sense to me.”

“Go on” said Buzz

“My limited knowledge had been gleaned from my school days and the standard tales that were told. His miraculous conception to a woman of no particular importance, the birth in a manger at what I imagined was Israel’s tidy town of Bethlehem and a back-water early childhood as a nobody carpenter. I wondered about his exile into Egypt and thought he mush have received some kind of official education there because when he returned he seemed to be so knowledgeable. Why he waited till he was thirty to start his ministry was a mystery to me and then to go around doing miracles until his death and resurrection seemed like it fell into the same category as Greek mythology. So to sum up what I felt about it all would be; why go thorough all that to appease a god who was so mean he required the torturing and murder of his so called son, only to take him away to a mysterious heaven and leave behind a bunch of inadequate apostles to start a church that didn’t seem to do anything for the benefit of man kind except favor a small portion of Mediterranean types. I’m afraid it didn’t do anything for me except make sure I steered clear of anyone who would want to convince me to believe as it was a faith I had no interest in and any study directed towards that area seemed pointless.”

Buzz cut in and requisitioned further comment, “I repeat my question, what do you think now?”

“In perspective to what we have been learning, I can see clearly where he fits in; the spirit he was connecting to was vastly different to the Santa Clause type god I had assumed was the God of the Old Testament. Suddenly his teachings fill my mind with relevance for all peoples of this Earth of ours regardless of their stated religion. I can envisage Him having no more respect for a Trinity or Godhead that absented the feminine than I do. If the Mary’s, that were so predominant in the gospels, were the descended authority of the Breastplate and he had been educated by them in the Ancient Egyptian and Syro-Phoenician ways as well as the Hebrew-Judaism’s he has been accredited with, then the stories of the woman at the well, the stoning of the woman he saved and his association with Mary Magdalene start to make a lot more sense to me, even though he was beating his head against a chauvinistic brick wall that still exists till this day.”

“What about the Miracles?” asked Buzz, as he propped himself up in the corner of the car, indicating he was ready for a long answer and a good story.

“Well let’s take the walking on the water incident; it seems straightforward enough if you take it on face value as reported in the Koine Greek, New Testament Documents; but as you might know they often wrote in a style called Peshitta, a Syrian Aramaic style that allows the writer to layer the text with deeper meanings for those that have ears. Now I know what it means to have those ears on, I feel as though I can expound on the deeper meaning.

If Jesus was considered a messiah to some of those in the Jewish faction of his entourage, then to those knowledgeable in the Egyptian beliefs he would have been considered a Horus; this would have entitled him to a special education to prepare for the transition towards becoming Osiris. In fulfilling that role Jesus would have been expected to unite the two kingdoms of his day, which we have been learning was the Roman based Greek speaking rulers of the Mediterranean and the Syrian based,

Aramaic speaking Parthians, who had been kicked out of Egypt by Julius Caesar and pursued into Mesopotamian by Mark Antony. Jesus knew that if he was to unite these two long term enemies he was going to have to walk both sides of the river, speak both languages as well as the Hebrew of the Jews who occupied the middle ground and the Holy city of Jerusalem. If he was truly a Prince of Peace, a Horus and was going to become a King of Kings, an Osiris then he would have been expected to walk on the water that occupied the gulf that separated the two cultures as well as raise an army of peaceful disciples and apostles to assist him in bringing about His united Kingdom of God.

From a woman’s perspective, specifically one who had been raised as an Isis, Mary would have seen Jesus as an ideal candidate for the weighing of the heart ceremony. Considering what we have learnt about the authority of the Breastplate and how that power was transferred, Mary Magdalene was perfectly positioned to be that woman and when she anointed Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair, it was symbolic that she had accepted Him as her Osiris.

Now back to the miracle of walking on the water; this was symbolic of his unique ability to walk both sides of the symbolic Nile which at that time ran through the disputed territories of Israel and Judah and even though Jesus and His Osirian mission was destined to be rejected by the western authorities, his presence was welcomed in the east. From the time of His crucifixion the veil of the temple was rent in two, East went east and west went west; this had the effect of pushing Jesus’ followers and the women of the Breastplate deeper into Parthian territory. Confirming this is the fact that Paul, known as Saul at the time, led Military style attacks on followers of the Way into Parthian Damascus for Ten years after the Crucifixion.

Gabriel cut in feeling the need to review what Nat was saying,

“If I am not mistaken what you are saying is, in your opinion, the factions aligned with the European culture surrounding Jesus at the time of His crucifixion robed themselves of the opportunity to be more closely attuned to the teachings and the principles of the authority of the Breastplate by their rejection of Jesus and the women that accompanied Him.”

“Yes” replied Natalie

“So the Greek speaking Roman style Jews like Saul, never had the authority of the Breastplate or the Ark of the Covenant?”

“Not since the time of Cleopatra and Mark Antony’s dedication to the building of the second Temple that Elizabeth and Zacharias withdrew from.”

“Then what follows is if Jesus and Mary had of been received as the Osiris and Isis of their day then they would have been installed as the King and Queen of a united Roman- Parthian peace pact that would have had a correctly operating temple and staff at the heart of a Jerusalem based new world order.” said Buzz

“Instead, when they rejected this by crucifying the Christ, they ignited a war between East and West that we are still feeling the effects today.”

“Do I take it for granted that you think Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, as is now commonly suspected?” asked Buzz

“I know they were, but as with everything else we have been learning, you have to put that into perspective with what was going on at the time. I would like you to think about the ‘Wedding at Cana’ which was comprehensively documented as the moment Jesus began His miraculous career by turning ‘Water into Wine’. If we look at the record of that event without our rose colored glasses on and listen to the author with ears that are prepared to hear, then it isn’t difficult to imagine what was going on here was bigger than the simple marriage of two unnamed people. The bringing together of important factions was traditionally celebrated by the pairing off of a princess with a prince and the associated harems and households merging into one.

The type of people that Jesus and Mary were hanging around with were hostile towards the Herodean dictator that overshadowed their lives with threats of death, on a daily basis, for any act that they might deem seditious or blasphemous. The Pharisees and Sadducees, who were the ruling class of the time, would not hesitate to arrest, torture, crucify or cut the head off any one they thought might be plotting to overthrow them or their evil system.”

“So, it doesn’t take a genius to work out, if Jesus’ religious party, that had inherited the followers of the recently beheaded John the Baptist, was going to wed the Syro-Phoenicians Princess, Mary of Magdala in Cana that they wouldn’t have been handing out invitations in Jerusalem.”

“No and if you were so inclined as to be filled with the same spirit as Jesus and Mary in regards to their desire for a new ruling class in Jerusalem then you would have had to learn to keep your mouth shut because Herod II had his spies everywhere. If you wanted to inform others about the recent happy event in which many people were filled with the spirit to support a new kingdom that would treat people fairly, then it would have been wise to use the Peshitta technique of talking about a bridegroom turning vessels that were filled with a low octane content into supercharged versions that were filled with the new high octane spirit so desperately desired at the time.”

“Please continue” said Buzz

“If my explanation of Jesus turning ‘water into wine’ has the deeper meaning of Baptism in the Holy Spirit, then when He called for the empty vessels, that were then filled with water from the well, it was symbolic of saying those that had received the baptism of John and had knowledge of the old ways. When he turned them into being filled with wine it was symbolic of making them priests and priestesses in His coming Kingdom of God and from thereon in considered filled with the Holy Spirit.

One of them was singled out and presented to the Master, who on pronouncing ‘the best had been left to last’ bestowed upon her the honor of becoming His high priestess or Isis, depending on how you looked at it. But this knowledge was only for those that had ears because if the powers that be, of the time, had of got wind of what had been going on they would have been hunted down and slaughtered like dogs; probably by Saul of Tarsus the guy who was responsible for producing most of the Greek New Testament and for teaming up with Simon to become Peter and Paul, the founding fathers of the Catholic Church in Rome.

From then on in whenever Jesus was ‘healing the sick’, ‘giving sight to the blind’, ‘raising the dead’ he would be forgiving their previous shortcomings and enlisting them into the swelling ranks of His revitalized movement for political change and when He ‘fed the multitudes’ he would be educating them in ‘The Way’. The Pharisees’ and Sadducees’ found all this heretical to ‘their way’ of worshiping ‘Yahweh’, their god, but as we know Jesus considered them to be ‘Hypocrites, sons of Satan and a brood of vipers’.

Simon Peter was part of the Pharisee’s dispersia of synagogues in the Roman occupied parts of Palestine like Capernaum, on the Sea of Galilee; so as with other Pharisees he could have been called to report to the ruling class Sadducees that occupied the very best of positions in the city of Jerusalem and worshiped at the Temple daily. It was at one such meeting that he denied Jesus three times, leading to His crucifixion even though the day before when Jesus had predicted that Simon, Peter would do this to Him ‘before the cock crowed three times’ and had said to him ‘get behind me Satan’ for suggesting that Jesus was indeed ‘the Christ’ or in other words the one they intended to nail to a cross.”

“Truly amazing!” exclaimed Buzz “Please continue”

“Saul was a King in Hebrew tradition, a sleazy individual, with the backing of the Empirical power of his day. David was the honorable young man of the people who rose up with the backing of the Edomites, the Arabic speaking peoples of his day, to eventually defeat Saul and unite the Kingdoms from Babylon to Kush. When the peoples started talking about Jesus as being the descendant of David and the Heir to his throne, it was only natural that anyone named after Saul would have been offended; especially if you had of been in with the rulers of Jerusalem at the time, which Saul of Tarsus was. Tarsus was a Greek speaking, Romanized front line town in the war against Aramaic Speaking Parthians from the Province of Pontius in Asia Minor. Pilot, the Roman backed Governor of occupied Judea, the one that washed his hands over the unjust condemning of Jesus to crucifixion by the Sanhedrin of Jewish leaders, was also from that area and must have know Saul personally. It was in this context that Pontius Pilot was asked to judge between acknowledging Jesus as the Davidic King of the Jews or what turned out to be Saul’s choice of the murderous Bar-abbas [Bar, meaning son of. Abbas meaning the fathers] or loosely translated ‘choice of the church fathers’.

Now I think it is extremely relevant to point out at this time that Saul, who was to become Paul, by his own admitions in his Koine Greek letters to the dispersia of roman Christian churches of the first century, begins a ten year reign of terror against the followers of Jesus by pushing them as far back into Parthian territories as possible. Eventually after being captured on a raid into Damascus, classifying himself as a prisoner of Jesus and a stint in Arabia, he reinvents himself as an evangelist and teams up with Simon, Peter the one who denied Jesus three times on the crucial night and Bar-nabbas his cousin to tour around the Mediterranean collecting moneys for the poor people in his church at Jerusalem; to which he failed in delivering.

Call me silly if you like, but I just don’t get it how this man then gets to dictate letters to the seven churches of his day as if he is speaking as God, for God, about Jesus whom he’d crucified on maters of controversial dogmatic doctrine, while he is in jail awaiting trial for his part in the atrocities that were committed in Judea during his time there. When did the people become so naive that they could mistake a murders apologetics as the Word of God and believe him when he says that the man that he murdered died so their sins could be forgiven? Wake up and smell the coffee!”

“What?” grunted Buzz

“Would you like a cup of coffee?” asked James handing over a flask whilst he was still driving

“Yeah, thanks.” Came the reply as he took the container with screw on cup and poured one for him and Natalie to share.

What had just happened was that a long and sustained pause had descended on the conversation because they had drifted off into another vision off the past. Gabe commented on this and began to recount what it was that they had witnessed. “We had been seeing through the eyes of Jesus and Mary while they were reclining in a room with twelve others. There was a low table in the center of the room filled with bread and various dishes of a Mediterranean cuisine; the wine was flowing and the air was filled with the aroma of a Turkish style hooker pipe, which was being shared by all; the women that had provided the feast were hovering on the outskirts of the room and were tending to favor the kitchen area.

Jesus was speaking, everybody’s attention was focused on what it was He was trying to impress on them; the importance of the moment was obvious to all present as he was attempting to summarize His teachings and in going over what He had been saying, He reached into the center of the table and picked up the largest loaf of bread that hadn’t been eaten. When he held it out in front of himself and asked them to consider it the body off his knowledge, Mary sniggered and indicated to Him that she didn’t think they were getting it. He asked them if they could manage to always remember one thing about him when they spoke of this day and that was He knew the geometry of the placebo sphere, he was holding in front of them, in such a way as He could divide it into twelve equal pieces. He did this while handing each of them a piece and saying it represented many things, like the twelve tribes of Jacob or in a simile of the World, a North Pole, a South Pole and ten kingdoms in-between. His understanding of things was multi-dimensional as opposed to the two-dimensional thinking that would divide up a piece of bread like it was a pizza. He invited them to think about that, whenever they sat down to enjoy a meal with one another.

Before he was finished with the lesson but after he successfully plucked twelve crusty bits from the large ball of bread, He dramatically held on to the soft doughy center for Himself, plunged it into a goblet of wine and finally held it up high with the blood red liquid dripping down his arm. It actually looked like he was holding a severed body part when he explained, to His now riveted audience, this was the heart of the matter. He pleaded with them to never forget He sweated blood over the essence of the message he was asking them to take into all the world; in God’s Kingdom all peoples deserved an equal portion, no piece was more important than any other and if they valued the teaching, they would never share wine with anyone without making a point of it.

Dumas and the ones that spoke mainly Aramaic seemed to totally understand what He was saying because He had spoken to them about it in their language; but Simon, Peter and his mates who had only an acquired knowledge of His language, seemed to quibble about the meaning of His display, in their favored language of Koine Greek, saying that they thought He wanted them to eat His body and drink His Blood. Mary laughed again and said that She thought they would never get it.

Jesus was visibly upset as he instructed Judas to go to the Sanhedrin and tell them he was ready to have it out with them; He said that he would be waiting in the garden of Gethsemane for them on his return and he looked at Simon, Peter with distain as he left the room. Mary tried to follow Him but He dismissed Her and said that He would see Her again after the evenings events were over. She knew what was about to happen as they had discussed it many times; He had always maintained that this rebellious right wing Greco- Judean ruling class, as well as the Romans, had the right to participate in the peaceful Kingdom of God even if they were never likely to embrace it. The fact they would probably crucify Him in His attempts to take them His plans was inconsequential to Jesus as His vision of the future had shown Him He would be together with Mary, in their fathers Kingdom, after this part of it was over.

Simon, Peter and his mates were planning to deny Him before the night was out and in doing so would claim that he was only fulfilling scripture and that it had to happen for the salvation of all. This was assuming God was a God requiring Human Sacrifice, even though on several occasions Jesus had said, ‘He had come for compassion not sacrifice’ but their unreasonable desire for Jesus’ blood to cleanse them of their sin was ingrained in their belief system and could not be shaken, no matter what Jesus said.

As it was, the evening’s events played themselves out just as Mary had predicted and it wasn’t till he was hanging on the cross that she saw him again. She was distraught at His suffering but sure He wouldn’t die and was prepared to stay by His side while all others forsook Him. It was her that arranged for the Opium to be sponged to Him on the end of the spear that would eventually piece His side; it was her that begged the Roman soldier not to put the spear in so deep that it would kill him and it was her that waited outside his tomb for him to be revived and doctored back to good health. She alone told the others that He had survived before she went with him into Parthian controlled Tadmore or Palmyra as the Greeks knew it.

From the ancient trading capital deep inside Syria, the descendants of Cleopatra and Elizabeth would rule beside their respective Parthian Kings until the time of the famous Zenobia, two hundred years later, when she would win back Egypt from Roman control and create the environment for what would become Islam. In that part of the world for the next fifteen hundred years, the western powers would regret the day they crucified Jesus instead of accepting His offer of peace. While the Roman Empire crumbled and the Eastern based cultures flourished, the Golden years of Islam put some kind of Balance in what would have been a World wide dictatorship of misguided Caesars.”

Chapter Thirteen

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‘O.K,” conceded Nat “you have convinced me, my view of the events surrounding the passion of Christ, have a latent tendency to be disgusted with men’s obsession with death and the necessity for it. The accounts of those days have been rammed down women and children’s throats for centuries by men who have lauded it over the rest of humanity because of their ability to be enthroned as guardians of all that is holy whilst murdering, raping and plundering the bulk of humanity. The people were not given the opportunity to read and understand the very documents that allowed the clergy to set themselves up as the intercessors between God and man. When we finally get the opportunity to read these documents ourselves and can quite clearly see the errors and fabrications that have been imposed on us, we are told that for the sake of the unity of the corrupt system that has formed around an élite of elegantly clad academics, we should not rock the boat .

Well, I say ‘screw that’ and not because of a feminist rave, as you would suggest, because of a right to object and insist on the real and accurate version instead of a unified boy’s club version, that has only allowed women to join if they shut up and conform to the previously dictated rules that monopolized the system in the first place. I will… don the Arbitrament of Judgment… and sit in a position of one who cares for the whole body concerned, but I will not forgo that which I know to be true for the comfort of those that have lied.”

“Well said,” applauded Buzz “Your appraisal of the situation is spot on, I wouldn’t have you take a different tack on it and what you described about the events we spoke of may well be accurate but my concern was for the consequences, for you, if you attack that Theologically based cabal. They are merciless in their right to be right and have traditionally directed their great resources towards tearing down and persecuting anyone who would disagree with their dogmatic structure. Do not forget that those that you would offend with your alternative view are the most powerful people in the world today. The Pope is not just the head of the largest religion ever but also the friend of the greatest military build-up that the planet has ever known, backed up by the heavily funded security services like the C.I.A and M.I.5+6. It’s not that they care about the truth of the matter but insist on propping up the existing powers because they are the ones that fund their organizations; so if you don’t want to end up like Jesus and left hanging from your particular cross, think twice about your desire to reveal the truth you adequately described. Don’t think for one second I would support their case over yours; if we can formalize it and back it up with a logical thesis, then you will have my total support. It makes a lot of sense and I have faith that the source you have tapped into is authentic and worthy of my heartfelt devotion.”

Natalie melted to the words Gabriel had so honestly poured out onto the pallet of conversation which had become the most physiologically intimate she had ever had. Momentarily all they had been talking about started to recede in importance compared to the emotion she was feeling towards her confidant. She squirmed in her chair and weighed up her considerations on weather she should continue the conversation or circum to the heightened feelings she was having towards this man who was fulfilling all her needs. The sharpness of mind she had been experiencing was not confined to maters theological or political but also how she thought about her personal life. Her logic was weighing up how the very establishment they were coming into conflict with were the ones who relegated people’s sexuality to the classification of sinful and at the moment she had no more respect for that aspect of their belief system, than she had for their interpretation of scripture.

The look in her eyes startled Buzz as he was still thinking in the direction that the conversation had been flowing but obviously her mind had shifted, he crossed his legs accordingly. This stunningly beautiful woman in front of him spoke in a voice he had not been privileged to until then and it did not go unnoticed.

“Have you had many women in your life?” she asked


“Have you been involved with many women that you have cared about?”

“Yes, No,” stammered Buzz “I’m experienced with girls.”

“You haven’t been married then?”

“Well no, not exactly”

“Ever been in love?” she asked

“Sort of, kind of”

“So, tell me about the last one.”

“She was a student and until I had to get serious about finishing my degrees, we had an excellent understanding.” He answered

“Did she leave you or did leave her?”

“Neither, we just sort of fell out of love”

“Then it wouldn’t bother you if I did this.” She said as she stood up and straddled him in his chair


She grabbed his head and kissed him like he had never been kissed before, long and passionately. Finally breaking from the kiss he said “I’m flattered.”

She covered his mouth again with her intoxicating lips and by the time she allowed him to breath again, he was speechless. Feeling the need to put him at ease she said “In the way that you described to me about your experiences with girls, I can say to you the same about boys.”

This affected Buzz more than he could have predicted, he responded by taking hold of the moment and kissed her with all the passion he possessed. She moved herself in such a way that melted any reserve he had and prompted him to confirm his good fortune by asking “would you like us to be lovers?”

Natalie answered him by standing up and moving over to the rug in front of the fire and she made herself more comfortable by removing more clothing, before reclining.

Gabriel had to shake himself into the reality of the moment; he stood up and went to her via the table with their drinks on whilst removing his shirt. She purred and giggled at his nervousness which prompted him to pause and pick up his glass, which became his refuge at times like this.

“Don’t panic” she said, trying to keep it light. “Come over here and let me get a good look at you.”

Immediately obeying, he closed the gap between them and knelt down beside her still clutching his brandy balloon. She purposefully ran her gaze over every inch off his body, touching lightly as she went.

“Now there’s no problem here as far as I can see you fulfil all my expectations.”

This again upped the ante and like an epicurean about to start a banquet, that was laid out to impress, his indecision about where to start gave Nat enough time to override him and take control. She swiftly and smoothly took his Benedictine off him and tackled him into a position where she was hovering over him, in anticipation of what to do next. This time she paused and looked like she was going to pour the contents of the glass all over his naked chest.

“What do you expect from a lover?” Nat asked


“Perfect answer and I want to give you love but most of all I want to give you the best experience of love you have ever had.”

“Mission accomplished.”

“Are you saying I could stop right now and you would be perfectly satisfied?” she continued, making it hard for him.

“I have loved you from the moment we first met and it’s been the best experience of love I have ever had.”

“Tell me again how you would back me up against the powers that be even though it would put you in an awkward position.” she said in such away that it brought him out of himself

“Try and stop me.”

She continued to press herself onto him with the words “What if my ideal doesn’t fit your standard?”

She had him in a position where no movement was possible, he had to acknowledge that there wasn’t a lot of room in their relationship for the normal grinds that couples throw themselves into so he said “I don’t have to push my standard.”

This must have been what she was wanted to squeeze out of him before she could relax but not wanting to spoil the moment with premature commitments he remained rock steady and waited for her to fully accept him. So with hands on one another’s hearts, where they could feel the pulsing deep within, without any further words, they came together in understanding that no mater how tight their situation became, for better or for worse, they were in together.

Time melted like a Salvador Dali painting and neither of them could have been sure how long or how repetitive the déjà vu like moment became but eventually Natalie threw back her head with laughter because she had spilt the contents of his brandy balloon all over his naked stomach. She composed herself and found a towel while Buzz just laid there seemingly stunned by the experience, she had to playfully rough him up just to snap him out of it.

“That was unbelievable.” Was the first thing he said as he was coming around?

“I thought you might not be happy with me, it wouldn’t be the first time I spoilt the moment by throwing a drink on someone.”

“I didn’t even notice,” replied Buzz “I was miles away, I felt totally at one with you and the most amazing thing happened you must have felt it too?”

“I felt your heart was beating inside of me,”

“I felt as though I was seeing through your eyes and feeling what you were feeling, at the time.”

“I have never been able to get past that point with anyone before because they didn’t understand what I was feeling, at the time.”

What they had been going through was similar to a private matrimonial confirmation between one another; each needing to be sure in their hearts and minds that their love was genuine. Like an Isis selecting her Osiris, Natalie was weighing the heart of her chosen one and Gabriel was making all the right noises. There was no doubt in either of them they had selected wisely; the bonds that had brought them together were strong; their thoughts were synchronized into a focused application of well considered beliefs. Gabriel had studied long and hard to make himself eligible for partnering the complex Natalie, who had been raised to play the part she was so readily taking on. The unseen forces that had shaped both their lives were pleased with the two; you could feel it in the atmosphere. They were joining in harmony two aspects of humanity, which since time immemorial was acting on the broad canvas of history. Two individual personalities strong in the will and actions that was required whenever a bond of this nature occurred; a pair of egos that would normally clash unless the prerequisites were in place, a kind of union that could be flammable and destructive but when committed to a common goal can become unstoppable in producing positive outcomes.

That was exactly what was happening here and they knew it, a marriage of importance, brought together without ceremony but not unnoticed by those that surrounded them. Their union would produce an effect of ongoing movement towards outcomes required in the arena of international importance they were beginning to move in and the consummation of it would be the start of something that those who oppose them will regret. As their evening progressed, all these things and much more confirmed itself in the fabric of their very being and as they reached the deepest parts of one another, realizations flooded into existence that were previously unrealized. The solutions to their problems saturated the sponge of knowledge they both contributed to and eventually as they fell asleep in a shared embrace, they knew they were prepared for whatever the new day would bring.

The loud knocking on the old oak door brought them back into the harsh reality of the moment and they leapt into action. Happy, revitalized and really ready to get going again, Gabriel moved swiftly to the door but paused before opening it. Swinging his head around he saw the rear end of Natalie disappearing into her room.

“Mornin’ ” was the greeting as Sir Hamish moved through the opening doorway, carrying a breakfast tray

“Enter my good man,” came Gabe’s reply” pull up a chair and join us”

“Don’t mind if I do.” Said Hamish as he placed the coffee and croissants on the small dinning table and sat his large frame in one of the chairs surrounding it.

“Did you have a good evening?” asked Buzz

“Very productive, I’ll tell you about it while you eat. Where’s Natalie?”

“She’ll be joining us in a minute.” But it was less than that before she was sitting down with them eating and nodding while Hamish filled them in on what had transpired downstairs the night before.

“The man we have detained turns out to be an over qualified courier that was sent to Zurich on behalf of some very influential people. He eventually came around to seeing things our way and volunteered all the information we need to know to proceed along with our plan.” He finished off with while helping himself to a cup of coffee.

“We know all that.” Said Nat

“Oh, do you now?”

“Yes,” added Buzz “he also told you he was working for the Vatican.”

“Very perceptive”

“What you are wondering about is how we would use this information in our Quest and how would that differ from what you and Laurence have already planned?” pondered Nat

“Now that you mention it”

Natalie took her time finishing off her croissant, while standing up and leaving Hamish waiting for her to speak. She circled him a bit and then took on a dramatic pose in front of the fireplace.

“We have ascertained were my father is and how we are going to get him back; you will have to follow our instructions to the letter. Do you understand?”

“Yes, but how?”

“Don’t worry about how at this moment, just give me your word you and your accomplices will carry out our plan, not interfere and we should all get what we want out of it.”

Sir Hamish was looking a little apprehensive and had a puzzled expression on his face,” where in the world do you think your father is?”

Tadmor Military Prison,  one of the most brutal prisons ever.

“Syria,” answered Buzz “he is being kept in a very small cell under the Tadmor Detention Center, being tortured into revealing the whereabouts of the original Breastplate but he has told them nothing. They have told him he will rot there if he doesn’t co-operate and we feel time is of the essences in getting him out.”

“I thought they got the original Breastplate when they got him.”

“Apparently not, it seems like he had time to send it to some one before they grabbed him and he is very insistent in not telling them who.” Said Nat

“That’s good then”

“Well not for him at the moment.”

“So what do you plan to do about it?” Asked Hamish

Buzz stood up as well and joined with Natalie at the fire place to present a united front,

“We have to convince them the fake breastplate we have is the one they want.”

“O.K you have my commitment.” Pledged Sir Hamish

“It involves you and Laurence escorting our friendly courier to the meeting with his contact in the Vatican, convincing him the breastplate we have is authentic and the only way they are ever going to get their hands on it is to give us Joe McHale. While you are doing that we will be travelling to Egypt with the fake breastplate and positioning ourselves for the exchange in front of the Sphinx.”

“I think we should all go downstairs and explain this to the others.” Said Hamish

“No, I think you should go downstairs, explain this to the others and if they have any problems with it then they should come up here and we will have it out.”

“Yes Mam.” Came the considered reply

Natalie gave Buzz a delightful morning kiss, as Hamish bustled off through the closing door. She radiated with the glow of a woman who was in control of her environment, her emotions and wasn’t shy in expressing her newfound confidence. Gabriel’s approval and admiration was seeping from him, as he received her advances and matched them with some of his own; both were intent on enjoying every moment alone with one another and happily batted away bantering, that only couples in love would truly appreciate. This set the standard for the day as they readied themselves for the expected second advance of the troops and by the time the whole crew was filling into their suite, the air was decisively in their favour. The shuffling into various corners of the shrinking room accentuated Laurence and James’ sheepishness as Natalie berated them for not being totally upfront with her and Buzz.

“I can understand why you might have felt the necessity to keep certain things from us,” she said “but from now on you will be completely honest with us. I know what you are thinking before you think it and until the completion of our goals you will not be able to hide anything from me; so you may as well get anything off your chests before we go any father.”

“What makes you think you can just change plans, mid stream, without consulting me and expect us to just go along with it without question?” asked Laurence

“Because, my dear man, I have seen the outcome of your plan and I don’t think you would like it. If you don’t believe me, then I suggest you contact Dorothy to confirm what it is I am saying to you.”

Laurence stepped back and shifted his gaze towards his shoes before quietly saying, “I already have, she did predict that this was going to happen and tried to tell me that I shouldn’t argue when it did.”

“I know,” said Nat confidently “now, if there are no more objections, I suggest you ready yourselves for your trip to Rome and arrange for James to have a vehicle to drive us back to the Villa.”

“Yes Mam.” Replied Laurence

It was still early as they were all assembling in the car park of the ancient monastery and packing themselves into the two separate modes of transport they’d be using to leave the mountain retreat. Buzz was checking the communication devices that would be utilized to keep in contact whilst they were heading in two separate directions; the need to co-ordinate and make continual adjustments to their plan was going to be an essential part of the unfolding nature of the journey still in front of them. Hopefully everything would go smoothly from there on in and the cruise down from the Alps of the Swiss-Italian border back to the Mediterranean Villa, they felt so welcome at, would be a pleasant affair.

The easing of the tensions of the last few days were beginning to permeate the mood of this day and both Nat and Buzz were feeling like the cover, they were creating, of a honeymooning couple was more reality than invention and although nothing had been resolved, other than the consummation of their union, the backseat of the car James was piloting carried two very happy people.

Chapter Twelve

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“Wake up you two,” boomed Hamish’s broad Scottish accent “we are nearly there.”

“Where exactly?” asked a sleeps Buzz

“We are high in the Swiss Alps and about to cross a glassier, soon we will be at the top of an old volcano with a lake in it.”

“Are, yes;” commented Natalie “the beautiful St. Bernard Monastery where the old monks used to send out the dogs with brandy around their necks, to save snow bound travellers.”

“Yes,” confirmed Gabriel “I’ve heard about this place and have always wanted to see it.”

“Well,” added Laurence “now’s your chance.”

They chose their positions in the vehicle that allowed a view of the surrounding spectacular scenery; the awesome views brought casual comment from all of them. As the vehicle zigzagged it’s way up a pointy mountain peak, as predicted by Hamish, the road in front of them disappeared into a cavernous hole in the wall and reappeared on the inside of a crater filled with water. The road circled around the high altitude lake and on the opposite side to where they had entered the red and white striped balustrade of a boarder post stood out. Next to the guard booth was an old stone and brick structure that was the alpine monastery spoken about by Nat and the car park that they pulled into seemed out of place in this ancient site, even though a couple of cars occupied it.

St Bernard’s pass in the Swiss Alps.              The access road from the Italian side.

Laurence broke the awed silence by speaking into the intercom system that allowed him to instruct the driver “Go inside and check out the situation before we open the back up.”

After a short moment the driver returned to his cab and intercommunicated back to them that all was secure and that their presence was required inside the monastery. Hamish cracked the back door and the cold mountain air streamed in.

“Lucky it’s summer.” Commented Buzz

“We wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t.” came a reply

“I hope the monastery has central heating.”

“I’m sure it has.” Said Laurence

From the first moment they entered the cloistered environment you could tell it wasn’t still run by monks; there was more of a military feel to the décor. The man who was behind the front desk snapped to attention as the crew approached and blurted out a pre-programmed response in some European language that Laurence seemed to understand. He indicated that our luggage would be taken to our rooms and that the office was the place to be at the moment. Coming out from behind the desk, he frog marched off in front of the group and led the way to a darkened hallway full of doors; he stopped in front of a particularly large one and knocked. The foreign reply came immediately and loud.


This man, behind even a larger desk, had a similar military style but obviously of higher rank. He spoke in perfect English, howbeit with a strong German accent.

“We had somewhat of an altercation with the man you asked us to detain for you. He was not pleased when we insisted that he spend the night here and produced a hand gun thinking that it would solve his predicament. However, my men are well trained at handling that type of situation and without too much fuss disarmed him and placed him in the detention cell. You will find him in the lower sections of our establishment if you wish to interview him. Your men, whom have not been here long, are with him now.

Laurence stepped forward to shake the officer’s hand and began to reply to the report he had just received.” Have you searched the mans car yet?” he asked


“Where are the contents now?”

“We have them secured.”

“My man here, Dr. Izzard, would like to examine them now.”


He snapped a command in his own tongue at the man that had led them to him and the corporal pivoted and indicated to follow.

“I’ll come with you,” sprouted Natalie “I have been dying to see this.”

They marched off down a small staircase at the end of the hallway that they had entered by and into a crypt of underground cubicles, housing God knows what secrets. The uniformed guard stopped in front of one of the small iron doors and begun fumbling with a large ring of keys; he selected the appropriate one and unlocked the ancient hatch. Buzz entered the chamber which housed a cardboard box large enough to contain a medium sized T.V sitting on a table in the middle of the small stone room. He folded back the top flaps, reached in and pulled out one half of the golden replica of the Narmer palette; he turned to show it of to Natalie.

“Not bad hey!”

“Not bad at all.” Replied Natalie

“Good enough to do the job.” Said Buzz

“Could you fault it?”

After further inspection of the other half and a small amount of time to ponder the question; he answered “Not without access to a lab and that’s one place I don’t expect this replica to visit,”

Before he could return it to the box, Laurie appeared at the doorway and commented on the golden apparition.

“So that’s what your friend can turn a couple of kilos of gold into within twenty four hours; it’s an excellent investment.”

“It’s gotten us this far but whether or not it will get us any further will be up to you and your goons.” Said Buzz

“Don’t worry, I think we won’t have any trouble turning the carrier pidgin now that he has failed his master; we are his only friends and I am about to go and impress that on him right now.”

“So you won’t be requiring our assistance with him?” asked Natalie

“No, “returned Laurie “You may check out your accommodation upstairs if you like, we should have everything tidied up down here before morning.”

“Thanks’.” Said Buzz as he finished repacking the box; he then took Natalie’s arm and walked to the stairs while the guard locked up and moved off to join with Laurence and the others.

“All is going smoothly.” Commented Nat

“Yes,” replied Buzz “just as we had planned.”

They found their rooms with the help of a uniformed woman who was quick to point out that the suite that they were going to occupy had two bedrooms and a common area. She explained to them that dinner would be a very plain affair although there was an excellent selection of wines and spirits that could be chosen. Buzz was openly excited when his question of whether Benedictine was on the list, was acknowledged in the affirmative and Nat was equally delighted when Moet Chandon got the nod.

They settled quickly into the common room chairs after freshening up in their respective rooms and by the time they were putting their feet up, Madam Uniform was returning with their food and drinks trolley. She lit the gas lanterns and brought the wood fire to life before wishing them a pleasant evening before retiring to hers.

“I’m glad we have been given time aside from the mechanics of this part of our adventure, I don’t think I would like to be in the interrogation process that is going on downstairs.” Stated Buzz

“Thank God for Laurence and Sir Hamish, I wouldn’t like to be going through this with out them.” Said Nat

“Would you like review what we have been learning over dinner?” asked Buzz

“Yes, I am a bit confused how the breastplate changed hands between Cleopatra and the woman known as Elizabeth in the Greek Christian literature also I am a bit in the dark over how the Marys of the Gospels became intricately involved in the process,

Gabriel took time over the dinner provided whilst he thoughtfully commented on a way to understand the complex nature of the intertwined characters of the period [100 B.C – 100 A.D].

“Your fathers work seemed to be geared to this period and you would know by your newfound intuition that when we look for the spirit of Mereneith, we will find her in-between two opposing cultures weaving her particular brand of reconciliation. I am beginning to understand this and why she would be known by one side as a particular deity and by the other by a different name. If you were to take into account which culture had the upper hand, militarily, at the time then you could discern how one aspect of her personality could be played down.

So as to ascertain the personification of Mereneith at any one particular time or place, you would have to understand the politics of the day; for example: if you lived in Rome at the time of Julius Caesar when he fell from grace and up until then you had honoured his victories by issuing pamphlets, retelling his stories of conquest or as was done at the time minting coins, then if you were to continue after he was stabbed in the back and Octavian was at war with Cleopatra, you to would fall prey to a similar fate. If your business was selling statues of Cleopatra, to promote her as a goddess and had just taken delivery of a large number of expensive hand carved images because you had expected them to rule for many years as divine patrons of Rome then you would have no choice but to change the name of the statues. Similarly, if you were preparing to distribute coins all over the known world with images of Cleopatra on them and your Emperor changed from Mark Antony to Augustus then the name of the image on your coins would have to change, to say Musa.

After Cleopatra and Mark Antony’s defeat at Actium, if they didn’t commit suicide, they would have had to change their names and find somewhere else to live. Jerusalem would have been an obvious choice and if the man that ran that fortress was called Herod then that was just another way of saying King and Herodias would have been what the locals would have called his Queen regardless of what her real name was. Now to answer you concern on how Cleo VII could have been associated with Eli- Sabbath thirty years after her premature demise, I say that by the time of the death of Herod in 4 B.C that if her spirit was still alive and the breast plate had to be passed on then there would have been no other choice than Elizabeth she was in the perfect position and place. Her man Zacharias had just been appointed charge of the temple items and was presiding over ceremonies at the world’s newest and most impressive place of worship that had the Ark at the center. Her name in Hebrew and Aramaic meant Goddess of the Sabbath and as far as I can tell as the Romans moved in to occupy the temple, she and her son John move out of Jerusalem and into the Parthian protected areas of Palestine where she became known as Musa, a Roman refugee who becomes head wife and Queen to the Parthian King Pharaates IV.

She wasn’t a popular choice in the eyes of the people of Parthia because of her Roman connections and after the death of her husband, of which she got the blame, Musa and her son were exiled to the desert regions of the area. The scene was set where the followers of the old ways of Moses, Aaron and Miriam were once again looking for a Messiah to lead them into reoccupying the Promised Land. John began to grow in fame as the Baptist and the ascetic life of the Esseanes monastic practices welled up from the Jordan to concentrate in the Qumran communities of the Dead Sea. The prophecies of the ancient and most revered men of God, Elijah, Isaiah and many more were about to be played out on the chessboard of history with two mighty opponents squaring up to one another where the prophesied Prince of Peace and his Queen of the South would take center stage.”

“Jesus!” exclaimed Natalie

“And Mary Magdalene.” Added Gabriel

They both took long sips of their respective beverages; a long silence ensued accompanied by vacant stares at non-specific areas of the large room.

Nat was the first to speak with a slow and careful enunciation, “Martha was an important and enigmatic figure in the early years of the first century A.D Holy Land; stories of her permeated the gospels yet there is no record of her in history other than she was the owner of a property in between the Esseanes haunts of the Dead Sea and Roman occupied Jerusalem. She seemed to be a wealthy patron of Jesus and an anomaly in her own right as land ownership was generally a male dominated privilege; the accepted fact that she gave shelter, succour and moral support to the seditious successors of John the Baptists rebellion, makes it inconceivable that she wasn’t well known to the authorities.

At the time of Jesus’ conception, there were two people who would have attested to his divinity and they were his mother, Mary and her cousin Elizabeth. By the time of his crucifixion there were two or three women that stood beside him equally convinced of his ‘godly status’ and they were Martha, Mary of Bethany and Mary of Magdala. These women were the Mother Superiors, Head Priestesses and Matriarchal Icons of a religion that rightfully claimed association with the ideals of the past but set the standards for the future. They sat squarely between the domineering press of Greco-Roman fascism and Syro-Phoenician mysticism under the guise of Judao-Christian pacifism and were the Zeitgeist of the Mereneith.

Martha                        John the Baptist                      Elizabeth

Martha was wise, intelligent and aware of the influence that a woman of her status could wield in the world of her day. She remembered the long reign of the Cleopatra’s, how they had ruled from the time of Alexander’s conquests in 323 B.C. and how Cleopatra VII single handily broke Julius Caesars insane push for world domination; not to forget Mark Antony’s defeats in her home country of Syria. The memories of Herodias’ domineering influence on the men that built the second temple at Jerusalem, Caesarea and Herodium were still fresh in her mind and she had personally known of Elizabeth’s effects on the Parthians.

Many years of study in both Greek and Aramaic gave her the position in life to be involved in the teachings of John the Baptist, Jesus the Christ and Mary of Bethany. No one presumed to be her superior not the Palace, nor the Temple dwelling Sadducees of Jerusalem and certainly not the nomadic desert dwelling interlopers of the Parthian persuasion, who were based at Petra, Damascus, Capernaum and closer to home the Qumran Esseanes.

When John’s head was requisitioned, it was symbolic of the transfer of power and in the tradition of mummifying the remains of previous leaders, totally misunderstood by all. She ruled and Jesus knew it that’s why he presented himself to her and her offsider for his anointing as the Osiris of the age. Her days were coming to an end, she had fought long and hard to establish Gods Kingdom on Earth; Jesus represented all that she could have hoped for in a Messiah and Mary was a suitable candidate for the Isis of her age. After they had performed the ‘walking on the water ceremony’ and the ‘Marriage at Cana’ had taken place, Jesus turned ‘water into wine’ and matured into the leader she had prayed for. Lazarus (old Zach) hadn’t amounted to much, even though Jesus had tried to resurrect him as a plausible leader; Simon turned out to be more of a stumbling block than a rock of strength and denied Jesus three times on the crucial night when the murderous Bar-abbas was released; Saul opposed the reign of a son of David as King of the Jews and began a ten year reign of terror instead, imprisoning, torturing and murdering his way through Jesus’ followers before beginning his own faction of Christianity and justifying his actions by teaching that Jesus had to be crucified to fulfil Old Testament prophecy, eventually becoming Paul the main contributor to the New Testament and the self proclaimed Apostle to the Romans, living to an old age in protective custody while he dictated scripture to his physician Lucius. Martha ended her days in exile, with the ones that would have been great if Jesus had of become the King of Kings in the western world as well as the East.

Gnosticism became the knowledgeable alternative to the Paulinian based doctrines of the Roman Catholic church that would use the patriarchal apologists rhetoric to enslave the very people who Jesus intended to liberate with His teaching that ‘you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free’. The artefacts that would have adorned Jesus’ world center of enlightenment were buried along with the documents that the western authorities labelled Heretical. Copies of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Judas and John the Baptists writings were buried at places like Nag-Hamada in Egypt and caves around the Dead Sea because they disagreed with Peter, Paul and Luke’s versions of events.

Caves at Qumran- where Dead Sea Scrolls were found- Nag Hamada Texts

Paul portrayed himself as the Set of his day, or as the Greek god Apollo’s manufacturing miracles, writing scripture in the name of God, apologizing for his part in the Crucifixion and ensuing crimes against humanity in the vain hope that human sacrifice would be seen as adequate for the salvation of his followers. In the West his writings were adhered to, his doctrines revered, while the true force of Gods presents on Earth was relegated to the outskirts of history to be mocked and reviled as Harlots and Heresy by the mainstream manipulators of the masses.

This in the end was the fulfilment of the prophecy that the evil one would rule this world until the truth of the mater, along with the Logos of the day would emerge after three days in hell or until the abomination of desolation stands where it should not. The rule of the Kingdom of Satan would end and the beast chained and fettered for a thousand years when the Queen of the South would arise to bring about a thousand years of peace with her Prince of Peace, the Messiah of the poor, the Emanuel of the broken, the crucified Lord of God’s Kingdom and the manifest form of the Eternal Mereneith and her chosen Osiris.”

“Time out, time out, time out.” Came the call from the awestruck Gabriel “This is totally blowing me out, I need a moment here, stop and smell the roses; do you realize what you are saying, are you compos mentors? Speak to me Natalie.”

“Yes, I am here.”

“Good,” returned Buzz “I was starting to worry there for a moment, I thought you had flipped out; do you remember what you were saying?”


“Does it bother you that you just said contravenes all that this reality believes and turns on its head the theology of thousands of recognized scholars of not only the Catholic religion but Protestants, Jews and maybe most importantly of all Masons?” asked Buzz

“I can’t help it; it’s just flowing out. My mind is agreeing with what you are saying but my intuition is overriding and convincing me that all we have been led to believe is a load of shit.”

“Well that’s just great.” Replied Buzz

“I know.” Finished Nat

Gabriel realized he had to consolidate the moment and came up with the appropriate response to equalize. “Don’t panic,” he paused “I think we can work this out, let’s slowly go over what you’ve been saying and pull it apart. On a scale of one to ten this last session has blown the top off what we can realistically assimilate, so settle back in your chair for awhile and let me take the philosophical pruning shears to this overgrown tree of knowledge that you have cultivated in the backyard and we’ll see if I can shape it to fit the known limits of speculation that a sane exponent of critiquing the establishment would feel at home with.”

“O. K” said Nat as she uncharacteristically removed her sweater in front of him and made herself comfortable.

Even if it unnerved Buzz a little to see her in her underwear, he extended the moment by refuelling their glasses. The room had taken on a warm and sensual air and it was difficult for him to remain focused on the intellectual rather than slide into to a more romantic mode. He drew deeply on his reserve of will power and concentrated on the task at hand, finally asking “do you feel these revelations have come from the appropriate place in your reconciliation based ideology, that has driven the spirit of your Great Lady or is this just a feminine rant that is justifiably vented at a male based theology that has traditionally discriminated against the women who have obviously had an important role in these things.?”

“A bit of both I would say.” Answered Nat honestly

“Then what I would suggest is that you become the arbitrator of the two and symbolically don the Arbitrament that we have been seeking. If the breastplate of Narmer has any relevant application in today’s trouble filled world then surely it would be to represent the various parties in disputes of magnitude from the perspective of the Mother of all, male and female, east and west, Catholic and Gnostic, Christian and Muslim, Jew and Gentile. So even though the tendency is to favour the underdog, the pendulum effect can create sanctimonious despots whose revenge filled nature can cause more problems than those they have deposed. For example, the Hebrews were upset because they were being used as slaves, yet forty years after their Exodus they marched into Cana with the intention of exterminating every man women and child in that land.

In modern times Germaine Greer starts a movement for the equality of women and the next minute there are signs going up in universities all over the world ‘castrate all men’. I say be careful of what you create, in seeking justice, balance out the perspectives and build on the positives. Sure, every body knows established religions have lied and used doctrine to control the masses they oversee. Centuries of abuses of power have mapped the route of civilizations all over the world and yes, they have mainly been led by men but don’t forget the women who have benefited from those monopolies.

Many of the platforms we stand on, to clearly see these injustices that you speak of, have been constructed by the very institutions you so rightfully point to as perpetrators in the crimes of keeping the masses ignorant of the truths they probably need to know. So while not being able to fault what you have been saying, my plea to you is that you tread carefully on the hallowed ground of time honoured bullshit and make sure that your facts are sufficiently bound together in such a way as to build a bridge to new understandings; don’t just leap the chasm which has opened up before us.”

Chapter Eleven

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The doors of the large pantec truck opened and Sir Hamish was standing above an unfolding staircase waving to them as they crossed from the villa to the idling unit; he indicated that they should quickly ascend to his level. As they entered the well equipped modern and technologically advanced mobile communication center, the unseen driver lurched forward beginning their chase. Buzz looked around the ample setting and picked out a place for him to sit, the bottom bunk in a stack of three seemed the obvious. Laurence deposited his stately frame in the swivel chair in front of a group of monitors, Sir Hamish and Natalie shared the couch and table.

“Where are we heading for?” asked Nat

“We have been advised that our pigeon has left Zurich and is heading for the Italian Boarder, we will be trying to intercept him where ever he chooses to stay tonight.” Answered Laurie

“Will we be returning to the villa?” Nat questioned further

Sir Hamish cut in and began to explain the logistics of the plan so far, “All our things will be loaded onto the jet and if we don’t have to return the plane will be flown to wherever we are, so your fathers’ things will be well looked after and you don’t have to worry your pretty head about it my dear Natalie.”

Buzz stood up from his bunk and walked over to where Laurence was now monitoring movements on his electronic equipment.

“So how does all this work? He quizzed

Laurie flipped a few switches and turned his attention to Gabriel

“This monitor here shows us where our target is moving, it’s a combination G.P.S and state of the art mapping device, we can pull up the route of a target and look at it in real time, so as to get an accurate picture of what’s going on at street level. Over here we have a similar unit that monitors our route and feeds back a constant steam of information, ensuring we get to where we want to go with a minimum of fuss. This computer here is linked with all the emergency services for the whole of Europe and scans police activity where ever we go so as can never be intercepted by surprise or wander unannounced into a police action.”

“Very impressive.” Stated Buzz “Anything else I should know about?”

“We have access to all mainstream communications channels as well as a secured network of private agents where ever we are likely to go; a small army of loyal men can be put together anytime, anywhere at very short notice.”

“That’s very handy.” Quipped Buzz

“We have a man that is following our target, at a sustainable distance, since he left Zurich an hour ago. He is travelling at a very subdued pace, almost like a legitimate tourist and he will be available to us by the time we all rendezvous. You can speak to him or the man we have waiting at the border, through this microphone any time you like.”

“It seems as though you have it all well in hand. Seeing we didn’t have time to eat before we left, is there any thing to eat on this bus?” he asked

“Open that cupboard over there and you will find a fully equipped kitchen that is well stocked with some rather excellent microwave dinners.” Recommended Laurence

“Is there any good music to be had?”

“There is a digital system loaded for most music tastes and a set of headphones for every bunk.”

“Awesome dude, do you mind if I smoke?”

“Yes,” said Laurence with no sign of amusement on his face “this is a non- smoking environment.”

Buzz waited till his meal pinged in the microwave oven, collected it, moved back to his bunk and stuck the headphones on.

Sir Hamish and Natalie had been having a pleasant conversation on the lounge about her most recent revelations.

“The last I heard you were connecting with Sarah and her descendants from the bible; how is that going?” asked Hamish

“I have been having a personal panoramic view on the importance of the spirit of Great Lady through out history and I have been trying to verbalize it through a series of conversations with Gabriel. You could ask me about many historical figures like the Queen of Sheba, Jezebel or Cleopatra and I could relate to you any number of stories from a personal perspective. I could tell you exactly how ultimate power shifted between Egypt and the Sumerians, Assyria and the Greeks or even the Greeks and the Romans. It all seemed to rely on who had the Breastplate or the Golden Fleece as Homer knew it. The Hebrews attributed it to the Ark of the Covenant and although this was partly true, until you have seen Miriam wearing the Breastplate in front of the Arc, you can’t properly understand.” Stated Nat

“Do you know why no-one knew about this?” asked Hamish

“I feel there were many reasons, survival for one, but I think that it was a very personal thing for her; sharing the actual event was only ever going to happen with an intimate partner, her Osiris.”

“What was the purpose and ramifications of her act of worship?”

“Again there were many answers to that question but I think that the most important was enabling her to participate in an eternal ongoing relationship with the creative force behind the shaping of humanity. When all the pieces were in place, when she wasn’t being manipulated by oppressive regimes and when she wasn’t being forcibly separated from the antiquities then her work before the Ark in the temple would provide all the knowledge required for an eternal ongoing Kingdom of peace and equality.” Answered Nat

“Could you tell me what would happen in the temple when she was conducting her work?” asked Hamish

“Have you ever heard of Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements or Meissner fields and how research in these areas have been associated with the Ark of the Covenant?” interjected Laurence

“No.” replied Natalie

“For hundreds of years famous Masons like Isaac Newton, Christopher Wren and Robert Boyle have pondered the things you are now learning. You could say that an understanding of the workings of the Ark and the scholars that pursued it are the foundation stones of science as we know it today. Modern Freemasonry owes its existence to unlocking the secrets of Solomon and his temple at Jerusalem. Preceding its establishment in the eighteenth century an order of warlike monks known as the ‘Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon’ liberated Jerusalem from the Saracens and relocated the Ark to Paris in the eleventh century.”

“I didn’t know these things,” said Natalie “please tell me more.”

“France was the center of western civilization at the time and ‘The Children of Solomon’, who worshipped the Ark at the Paris chapter of the Knights Templar, were the only alternative to a recalcitrant Catholic Church. They eventually warred against one another and by the fourteenth century France was not safe for Templar’s and their treasures so they relocated to Scotland where Robert the Bruce presided as grand master over the “Elder Brethren of the Rosy Cross. The St Clair’s, Barons of Roslyn, became the keepers of the Treasures of the French Templar’s and laid the foundation for the Roslyn Chapel that would house the Ark. William Sinclair and Mary De Guise formalized relationships extending to the Americas along with their fleet of ships that discovered it. They formed The Orders of Garter and Thistle for the protection of women that were associated with their Lodges and that tradition continues till this very day with the Order of the Eastern Star and Modern day Freemasonry.” Declared Laurence

“So what you are telling me is that what I have been learning about the Spirit of the Great Lady and her work in front of the Ark are incorporated into the beliefs of your organization?” asked Nat

“Absolutely, although not many people outside the Order would have ever known that and not all those in the various Orders would have either, it’s been privileged information.”

Arms of the United Grand Lodge of England

Avdi- Vide- Tace is the motto it means Hear, See and be Silent

“So famous women we all know, would have been incorporated in this conspiracy?” commented Nat, continuing her line of questioning

“Worship of the feminine in connection with the Ark and the Godhead of the patriarchal system of mainstream churches have traditionally been rewarded with execution or ostracism at least.

Even heads of government and European royalty have fallen foul of that particular intricacy of an inquisition based regime. The fear of exposure has stifled the sciences as well as the facts of history. What the bulk of mankind has been fed, in the name of religion, has been superstition, propaganda and outright lies; while those that know the truth have used that truth to monopolize their power. By playing their cards close to their chests a privileged class has built a wall to the exclusion of the bulk of the peoples, now that wall has become a prison with no way out and depending on which side you are with, a dangerous game.” Concluded Laurence

“Now that I have been made aware of these things, am I destined to be bound by the same restraints, I mean what good can I do, for that mater what’s the purpose of enlightening me to it all?”

“That is the question, if I could simply click my fingers and change it then there would be no reason for involving you or Gabriel. From what I understand and have observed of you and your abilities, we will be looking towards you for answers. All that I can say is that you have my full support and with the blessing of the Great Lady herself I believe there is a solution. This journey we are on has enriched my enthusiasm and heightened expectations that a new era is dawning; meeting you and hearing you speak so clearly on things that have only been whispered about compel me to be more determined than ever to do whatever I can to help change the downward slide that the establishment has locked onto. My earnest desire to locate the Breastplate and your father has become my quest as well as yours.” Finished Laurence

Natalie stood up from the lounge where she was seated with Hamish and walked over to grasp Laurie’s hands, gave him the loving look of a faithful daughter and kissed him on his balding forehead. “Thank you” she said “now explain to me what you were talking about before on Orbital Rearranged Monatomic Elements and how that relates to the work before the Ark.”

“Oh yes, what I can tell you about is the substance that was termed the philosophers stone and what it meant to the men that sorted out an understanding of it. In the Ancient Egyptian world it was referred to as the bread of life and Sobekhotep, the crocodile headed deity, was in charge of its distribution. It was supposed to be a powder of white gold and when ingested prolonged the life of the user; as far as all the study that was done on the subject and I can assure you it was vast, this was monatomic gold. It’s created in the immense heat of a Meissner field and that’s exactly what we assume is the nature of the Ark. When it’s positioned correctly positioned and suspended so as the energy doesn’t ground then the build up of the Meissner field around it provides the environment for pure gold to be transmuted into a colloidal powder suitable for digestion and this was associated with the wearer of the breastplate and her work in front of the Ark.”

I’ve been seeing that in my visions but up till now I didn’t know what it was about.” Said Nat

“If you were keeper of that secret, would you want it to become well known?” asked Laurence

“It depends”

“The ones that have been charged with that duty have had to consider it and now it’s your turn; I only ask that you search yourself deeply and understand the implications before making your decision, it will be the most important one you’ll ever be likely to make.”

“Please tell me more about those that have been in that position.” Requested Natalie

“What you are asking me to do is explain to you secret rites of Masonry that my oaths, as a Master of the craft and its thirty three degrees, forbid me to do. What we have been discussing, as you already know, has been protected information that has only passed between initiates of the most elite fraternities. The Order of the Rosa Cruces with such distinguished Grand Masters as Sir Francis Bacon, Queen Elizabeth the first’s illegitimate son and James the first, a Stuart King of England carried the secret works of Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel. These Fourteenth century alchemists were reported to have found the secret of the Philosophers Stone and eternal life in an ancient document from Abrahams and Sarah’s time. They were said to have faked their own deaths and lived on under assumed names as was Sir Francis and his lover Elizabeth Hatton two centuries later. These founding Masons thought that the secrets were important enough to put in place a series of codes and devices that are still in place today, it is reported that there are people who are prepared to kill to keep that system in tact; do you understand what I am saying to you?”

Engravings from Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel’s empty tomb (dated 1410).

King James I Francis Bacon Elizabeth Hatton Elizabeth I

Natalie only had time for a quick “Yes” to Laurence’s question, when Gabriel cut into the serious nature of their conversation with a lighthearted comment,

“Sounds like you need a little comic relief. Did you hear about the constipated accountant? He couldn’t budget.”

That was enough to ease the tension and bring a roar of laughter from Sir Hamish.

“I told you he was a Mr. Smarty pants.” He declared to Laurence who turned and spoke directly to Buzz

“Don’t you forget to be serious when the time comes and it will come sooner or later?”

“O.K Mr. Master Mason, tell me then, if we were to reveal some of these thing you have been speaking about, would it be you that we would have to worry about?”

“No, lucky for you I am of a more liberal philosophy that would like to see things more out in the open but I wouldn’t like to be the one that pushed it. If you could come up with some solutions for the problems it would create then you’ll have my full backing.”

Buzz paused a minute to allow Laurence’s words to sink in and then came back with, “You mean if every one could extend their life expectancy then we would have a population explosion that couldn’t be sustained.”

“Yes, doesn’t that bother you?”

“No, I’ve heard all the arguments for reductionism, eugenics and I don’t subscribe to them. I think that if as much effort when into educating people than as does keeping them ignorant, then a sustainable level of population could be archived whatever the circumstance.”

“Bravo!” exclaimed Hamish “and what do you say Natalie?” he finished off with

“I don’t claim to be an expert on it, but I tend to agree with Gabriel. I think that if we could educate and assist people to live sustainable lifestyles then a lot of the world’s problems could be solved. If the people that are making fortunes out of raping the world’s resources were to invest in mass producing the technology we need then larger groups of humanity could lead responsible, productive and wealthier lifestyles, narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor.”

“Well said “interjected Buzz “but they have no intention of doing that because it suits their cause to widen the gap, it’s no use being filthy rich unless you can have a morel reason to subjugate the masses into slaving for you and then applauding you for what a good job your doing.”

“Spoken like a good communist.” Stated Laurie

“Spoken like a good cold war warrior.” Said Buzz

“You’re not going to tell me that Russia was right.”

“You know Laurie that’s what’s wrong with your generation, you only see things in black and white, good or bad, Labor or Conservative; let me tell you something about the modern world we see things in color, multi-dimensional thinking verses a bi-polar mentality; no way is totally right and no way is totally wrong, round tables instead of a Westminster system. In my world of thinking everyone has a right to their opinion and everyone should have a vote, real democracy instead of a type of democracy that gives you the choice between tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum.”

There was an uneasy pause in the conversation when Laurence finally said “Finished?”


“You might be right Mr. Smarty pants but the reality that I live in is bi-polar, you are either with them or you are against them and they hold the gun. So my advice to you is to keep your head down or you just might get it shot off.”

“Well I think we can agree on that, thanks for the advice.” Finished off Buzz

Laurence swung his swivel chair around and returned to his monitors while Hamish decided it was time for him to eat. He moved over to the kitchenette and begun shuffling items. Nat looked at Buzz and shrugged her shoulders in away that satisfied him that she was significantly on his side but didn’t fully understand what it was all about.

“Could we do a bit more work on our sorties into the past while we have the chance? I thought we were on a breakthrough moment when all this interruption began and I would like to get back to where we were.”

“Sure,” said Buzz “let’s focus on Elizabeth.” As he settled himself down on the couch next to Nat

“Elizabeth resided within the fortified walls of Jerusalem since the time of Mark Antony who had been protector of the harem left over from the time of Cleopatra, after the defeat at Actium. She became the head priestess of the Temple and in charge of the Virgins who had been set aside in an isolated part of Herod’s palace. They had remained unmolested since Herod had become paranoid and removed himself to his desert fortress, near Bethlehem in the south. The Sanhedrin of elite Jews were ruling Jerusalem and Zachary had been elected to carry out the duties of Head Priest. On a day when all those involved with the operation of the Temple had gathered, it was his duty was to carry the golden tithes into the inner sanctum as an offering to their God Yahweh. He alone was responsible for the most sacred part of the ceremony that was performed in front of the Ark of the Covenant and would enter beyond the veil where no prying eyes were to gaze. If all went as planed God would receive their gold and return to them ‘Manna’ or the white powder known as ‘the bread of life’ for distribution to the faithful.

He was nervous as he received the golden tithes from the leaders of the twelve tribes, who were there ‘en mass’ to protect their investment and to tell the truth, most of them expected to receive favors for their taxes not the fabled white powder as promised but never delivered. Many had never attended an event such as this before and had only heard tell of it, Zachary too, had often wondered if the legends were true but when it became his turn to lead the others in this ceremony; Elizabeth had assured him that all would go well and he would be remembered for his participation in this momentous event.

Wearing the bejeweled Breastplate of Aaron, he moved slowly into the inner sanctum laden with the hopes of Israel and its’ Gold. The darkness of the room was varied only by the light coming from the Ark, but as his eyes adjusted he realized he wasn’t alone. Behind the Alter stood Elizabeth wearing only the Golden Bejeweled Breastplate of Narmer distinguished by its feminine shape. She spoke softly to him and he moved directly in front of the Ark, placing the offering on it and as he did it began to glow brighter.”

At this point in the telling of Natalie’s story, Gabriel had lost consciousness and was feeling as if he were there in the temple with them. He was witnessing the event firsthand and as Elizabeth began to glow along with the Ark he could see that she had shaved off all of her hair and seemed as though she was wearing the ‘Horns of Isis’. As the intensity of the moment grew her radiance became unworldly and she rose above the Ark, which was exactly where he was viewing it from. Her face, strangely now resembling Natalie’s, leveled with his and as she was looking him directly in the eyes she uttered his name. They seemed to become one but as the light was so bright it was impossible to tell.

Zachary had stepped backwards and had fallen on his bum but his eyes were riveted to the event now taking place high above him, gradually he lost consciousness. When he began to awaken in the dark and empty inner sanctum, he wasn’t sure whether he had dreamt it, although Elizabeth had instructed him what to do when this moment came. What was it he remembered? Get up, leave the temple and speak to no one; he repeated it to himself over and over till he had summoned the courage to do exactly that.

Buzz had snapped back into the moment and awoke to Natalie smiling face; she had her finger to her lips and didn’t say a thing but he knew exactly what she meant. He waited an appropriate amount of time and then said to her

“That was incredible let’s do it again.”

He quickly looked around and realized that Hamish and Laurence were totally unaware of what had just happened, they were busying themselves with their various activities. Nat leaned over and whispered into his ear and Buzz acknowledged her words with a look that could only have meant, ‘I wish that we were alone’, but as that wasn’t the case he said

“What about Mary?”

“Elizabeth’s cousin?” questioned Nat

“Yes.” Replied Buzz

“Well let’s find out shall we?”


“Concentrate” said Nat

They both settled back into their corners and began to think about Mary, the woman she was before she was the mother of Jesus. After awhile Natalie spoke in a low tone that just managed to pierce his consciousness.

“Young Mary enjoyed her time in the solitude of the convent like women’s quarters of the palace; she had not known anything else. Daily prayers and ceremonial rituals had not become mundane to her as it obviously had too many of the older Virgins. When the gaggle would begin their sniggering over maters sexual and the women that had ‘tended the well’ offered advice to the ones that had yet to attain that status, Mary would bury herself in contemplation of the sacred secrets that the reverential Elizabeth had confided to her alone.

It was this that separated her from the group and everyone had noticed; her simple dedication to the spiritual matters and her innocence to the world singled her out as ‘blessed among the women’. When the time came to select a special one the choice was obvious. Mary had never had any knowledge of men, except the neutered asexual guards that protected her and the others, so it was a shock to all the women including Elisabeth when the Sanhedrin elders ordered the eunuchs to bring young Mary to them in the temple without the chaperoning of the reverend mother.

The self appointed leaders of the twelve tribes of Israel and Judah had been having regular meetings in the temple to discuss the state of their nation. They represented a privileged class, who up until then had obtained their status by backing the various war lords from the time of Julius Caesar. Now that Herod the Greats time was coming to an end a rebellious attitude presided over their arguments over who would be the next King of the Jews. Herod and his obedience to Rome was an abomination to them, his bastard children were either dead by his hand or as insane as the man himself. They had decided that they alone would choose who their tribes would swear allegiance to in the coming Kingdom of God that they were planning. Seeing that they were never going to agree on whose descendant the honor would fall to, it was decided that they would mix their seed in the womb of a chosen one and allow God to decide.

Mary was led into the temple by the eunuchs she had trusted all her life and she only started to panic when they striped her naked in front of the heavily bearded and ornately adorned group of men. Her heart was thumping as never before when she was laid across the alter; she was sure she was about to be slaughtered and if any of the men present believed that the sacrifice of a virgin would solve their present predicament, then that’s what would have happened. As the first man approached her the fear she was experiencing accelerated into a catatonic state. The wild pumping of blood through her small body overcame her consciousness and her soul momentarily left the scene.”

Gabriel also had a similar effect in the present moment and he found himself again in a pleasant non-descript place where he found he could communicate with the now becalmed Mary. They seemed to be comfortable with one another and he felt as though he had to explain to her that she was going to be all right and that god was going to bless her with a child. He indicated that she would be very proud of him as he would become very knowledge-able and lead the people as a prince of peace.

Eventually she regained her consciousness in the temple and all the men were gone except for one, he waited till she was fully awake and assisted her to her feet whilst gently wrapping a blue cape around her. He explained to her in a very caring way that they were going on a long journey together and that it was his job to look after her.”

Both Buzz and Natalie were sound asleep on the couch and they stayed that way for many an hour dreaming of Jesus and his education while he was being raised in Egypt.


Chapter Ten

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“To start at the beginning, I would pose a few questions and try to answer them in the process; firstly, why did God destroy the earth with a flood and secondly, how did God communicate the desire for Noah and family to build an ark and survive the impending deluge with a cache of twinned species?

When I first thought of this, I looked up that big Bible you had me carting around and in Genesis chapter 4 verses 19-23, it states that Lamech, a descendant of Cain, had a daughter named Naamah but by chapter 5 verses 28-29 it is referring to Noah as his son. If we could think of this as our first references to our Narmer, then a clue to answering my first question could be in chapter 6 verse 4 ‘when the sons of God mated with the daughters of men’ this is when God saved Noah’s lot and destroyed the rest of the worlds inhabitants. So who were the ones God was pissed off with, the sons, the daughters or their children? I would suggest that God was upset with the sons because not only were they knocking up the daughters of Cain’s descendants but they were oppressing them as well; in 6 verse 13 God says to Noah ‘the time has come for me to destroy all men because they have filled the earth with oppression and violence. So why would God save Lamech’s son Noah and not Lamech’s daughter Naamah and what about Lamech’s other son Tubal-Cain who was making all kinds of things out brass and iron, for example swords, why didn’t he get saved? For that matter, why didn’t God save Lamech and why doesn’t the Bible mention the name of Noah’s wife wasn’t she important enough. I would tend to suggest that the Bible was written by men who could not perceive that Noah was a woman, who survived the flood with the help of her sons Shem, Ham and Japheth. The wives bit was just added later and they couldn’t even bother making up names for them.

Anyway after they survive the flood and God gives Noah those instructions not to go about killing one another, as the only commandment, in 9:20-23 Ham is found in the tent of a naked Noah and is expelled from the camp for it; in the meantime his brothers walk backwards into the tent to cover up there ‘fathers’ nakedness. This story makes absolutely no sense, but if Noah was a woman and these boys mother, then this story makes perfect sense.

If Noah, Narmer, Ninmar or what ever you want to call her was a man, then I bet you London to a brick that we would be searching for a sword, not a breast covering. Just the same as if her God was a warring god and not a peaceful god then a sword would be the symbol of authority. Noah found favor with her God because she was interested in the preservation of life not the destruction of life, which is why in the ancient languages of the Sumerians; Ninmar was known as the Lady of Life and was associated with genetic science and agriculture rather than war and pillage.

Similarly in Egypt, the stories that encompass their culture are of a woman named Isis who strives for the peaceful running of her kingdom and the resurrection of her Osiris in the form of Horus, while they battle the murdering Set who represents war and destruction. We have followed her spirit through history as we have seen time and time again, her being involved in the bringing down of corrupt oppressive regimes and the replacement with ones that look after the women and the children as well as the down and out.

The Breastplate represents God’s protection and order, worn by a peace loving monarch that honors that concept. She speaks for the safety and prosperity for those that would bow before it and not force their will on others nor take control at the point of a sword or the barrel of a gun; as for those who would they will have no protection from the breastplate and it shall be taken from them.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a collapsed civilization, the spirit of Mereneith will continue to awaken and seek the end of oppressive regimes and the establishment of God’s peaceful kingdom on earth. She will eventually win out and protect us without the need of a shield and her chosen man will be at her side choosing the potters wheel over the trade of war.”

“Whoa, whoa!” exclaimed Buzz “I’m still trying to come to grips with the Noah is a woman bit.”

“Well, what do you think does it make sense to you?” asked Nat

“Yeah it does but it is just a little hard to digest; I mean my entire life I have thought as Noah as a man with a big white beard, a bit like Santa Clause. Can you imagine how many people you could offend running around espousing that Noah was a woman; I could imagine the Pope himself coming after me personally wanting to nail my ass to a cross.”

“It is a bit radical I will admit, but now after all we’ve seen and understood, I can’t go back to thinking of Noah or Narmer as anything else other than a woman regardless of how much trouble it might cause, can you?” asked Nat

“Now that you mention it all I get when I think of it is a mental picture of a naked old lady dancing around in her tent with a few to many wines in her; I hope you’re happy.”

“Very.” She smiled

“Is there anything else you want to shock me with now that you’re at it?”

“Well seeing that you brought it up I’m not quite sure why Shem and Japheth are shacked up together in the one tent, but I will let it go for now, if you like.” Said Nat

“Oh thanks a lot.”

Natalie was starting to pace around the room a bit too nervously for Gabriel’s liking, but he didn’t say anything he just kept his eyes on her till she spoke again.

“I had another really vivid dream again last night and I don’t know quite how to go about explaining it to you, it’s a bit shocking as well.”

“Just start from the top and let me have it.” Said Buzz

Julius Caesar – Cleopatra VII – Pompey

“O.K, I was seeing through the eyes of Cleopatra and she was organizing to have herself to be delivered to Julius Caesar who was living in the old family home in Alexandra on the Nile delta. She had been living in exile in Syria near the Sea of Galilee and had just received the news that her father and husband in co-regency rule, Ptolemy X11 was dead; along with his puppet master Pompey the Roman Consul. It was 48 B.C.E and Julius ruled the known world from Alexandra with no serious opposition. She knew she could win the affection of the ageing general as youth and beauty were on her side. As she was leaving the security of her fortress home at Magdala with a caravan of Persian rug salesmen, success was foremost on her mind and her confidence was high as she possessed the one thing that the Emperor would buy, Immortality. By the time she was rolled out before Julius in his private chambers, wearing nothing but the bejeweled Breastplate and carrying nothing but a treasure of stories from the past, Cleo V11 would rule Egypt once again.

The Emperor swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker; before long they were honeymooning on the royal barge and heading for the secret ancient temples of Hawara where she would reveal to him the ceremonies of long forgotten rituals, which held within their legionary form, promises of life everlasting. Caesar’s confidence was growing with every mile he traveled with his seductress and as she caressed his ego daily, he was sure he would leave his mere manhood behind and eventually become a living god. They ended up touring all the old temples and monuments; Julius particularly liked wearing any of the old regalia that could be obtained and insisted that Cleo wore her Isis outfit even when they weren’t performing the ways of the past. He didn’t want to return to Rome but after many conversations about their future together he eventually agreed; Cleo was growing large with his child when Julius left for Rome to display his new status and it wasn’t till she had birthed his son that Cleo left Egypt to join him. The final chapter was set to play out on the big stage before all his admiring audience.

“These things are fairly well known, except the bit about the breastplate,” interjected Buzz “but I’m sure there is something that you’re not telling me.”

“It was the content of their conversation at Hawara that has really taken me by surprise; when they were alone at the heart of the old temple complex and the power of the Breastplate was no longer an issue. Julius was hanging on her every word and she was explaining to him how the building of an appropriate temple with the absent Ark of the Covenant at its center, was crucial in the obtaining of the immortality he was interested in. Many years of study with the most learned Jewish scholars of the library of Alexandra and a good understanding of the Greek translations of their Old Testament scriptures had given her the knowledge needed to make that goal a reality. With his assistance and resources she was confident that they could fulfill the ancient plan of building, establishing and ruling Gods kingdom on earth at Jerusalem. They went over and over everything that she was suggesting until Julius finally agreed and said with single minded determination that he would devote himself to that end.”

The second temple at Jerusalem (24 B.C—66 A.D)

“That makes a lot of sense,” commented Buzz “I’ve always wondered why a strategic genius who had just so spectacularly won all his battles with such military precision, would fall prey to schemes of an exiled princess.

The explanations of a sexual nature seem so inadequate when you consider he could have any number of women with the click of his fingers. She must have had something he desired more than anyone else; for a man that had everything, immortality would certainly do the trick but in the end it didn’t do him much good.”

“Or did it?” cut in Nat

“What do you mean?”

“Well the really stunning part of the discussions at Hawara was about the faking of his death. Cleo convinced him that if he was to go down the path she was suggesting that the best way to do it would be with anonymity. You think about it, if he remained ‘alive’ his commitments to Rome would have knobbled his remaining years. The plan to ‘die’ on stage was strategically perfect and just what you would expect from this pair.”

“If he didn’t die what did he do then?” asked Buzz

“What all conquerors do after they conquer, build on a scale that would do him honor and justice. Together they designed and built Caesarea on the Sea, and a brand new fleet of ships to service it.”

Herod the Great Herod II Mark Antony Octavian

“But Herod the Great built Caesarea.” Stated Buzz

“Well, why didn’t he call it Herodea then?”

“I suppose you could be right, Herod just means king in Hebrew and in 46 B.C.E he was just a nobody, a backwater Arabic style Jew who had no real claim to fame other than his association with Julius Caesar and then Mark Antony . The peoples he claimed to represent were Maccabean Jews who had family connections to the Ptolemy’s, Cleopatra’s family all with a Macedonian connection. They spoke Greek and their scriptures were studied in Greek. The previous Kings; Phillip, Antiochious and Judas Maccabeus all had connections with the Greek governors of Egypt. When Herod supposedly built the temple at Jerusalem it was with the assistance and blessings of the Ptolemy’s, of whom Cleopatra the seventh was the ruling regent at the time.”

“Whether or not Julius was alive to see the completed temple project is irrelevant to our story but I know this Cleopatra was because Mark Anthony had a residence built into the complex walls and she was supposed to have three children to him.”

“What you are saying is that by the time Octavian destroyed their fleet of Lebanese built boats at the battle of Actium in 31 B.C.E, Cleo was ruling out of Jerusalem and if reports of her death by suicide were exaggerated then she could be associated with Herodias,” commented Buzz.

“Well Herodias was supposed to be married to Philip, a Ptolemy and the brother to Herod II, as well as Herod II; they were living and ruling from Jerusalem not long after the death of Herod the Great and they were from the same family, so as with Julius it doesn’t really affect the continuity of our story. For all intents and purposes, she represented the authority of the Breastplate and she was in a position to use it as it had been intended; at the alter in front of the Ark of the Covenant in the brand new purpose built temple, the greatest one ever built. If Herod and Herodias weren’t Julius and Cleo they certainly were the inheritors of there grand plan.

Anyway things quieted down after that, Octavian the Roman General became Caesar Augustus the Roman Emperor; then he ushered in the Pax Romana or the Roman Peace and Jerusalem was allowed to flourish until the time of Jesus Christ, relatively free.”

“But as always there are two sides to a coin and while on one side, by the time of Augustus, Egypt and the Carthaginians had been defeated, the Spanish and Gaels subdued and the war with Germanic tribes stabilized. Yet on the other, the Parthians, warlike peoples with Persian backers were presenting an ongoing problem.”

“The religious implications, the breastplate and the authority it represents keep turning up between clashes of cultures. Its presence seems to fluctuate between opposing sides; in the battle over control of Egypt, Isis was trying to rebirth Osiris so he could reunite the two kingdoms, in the battle over who runs Mesopotamia, Esther turns up to bring into balance the powers that contested it. If Jerusalem was being run as a center for world peace and the temple was intact and operating as it should, then the Breastplate’s authority resides there. But as is the case, when Jerusalem is being run by unwise despots then that authority is removed and the temple is torn down. If Rome was prepared to rule honorably and peacefully over our city of the new peace we would find our antiquities there, but trouble was brewing and a war that would last hundreds of years was about to break out and the Jews of Jesus’ day were smack in the middle of it.”

“If we were to look for our item of interest in this period, would we be likely to find it in the hands of the Roman rulers, the Maccabean Jews or the Parthians?” asked Buzz

“With the benefit of hindsight I would say the Parthians because the Romans went on to display the worst of human behavior and the Greek speaking Jewish leaders conspired to crucify the one most likely to bring about peace.

The Parthians were in charge of the Aramaic speaking tribes and ruled their areas out of places like Damascus and Palmyra. They too, were interested in the smooth running of Egypt and Jerusalem as the Romans had just kicked them out of there after hundreds of year’s involvement.”

“That is likely” said Buzz “as in 20 B.C.E Herod II was displaying the same madness that had plagued his father and was reported to have murdered his first wife and her children, preferring to take up with Herodias, who was his brothers wife. Philip had been expelled from Herod II kingdom into Parthian territory and was establishing himself at Caesarea Philippi, a town on the river running out of Mt. Hermon, a tributary that supplied the Sea of Galilee. From that day on Herod II’s kingdom started to fall apart, as all his potential Heirs and inheritors began arguing over who would be the next King after Herod II’s assassination. Earthquakes destroyed some of the building works and the Esseanes theraputate of Old Testament studying scholars, healers and vocal opponents of Herod moved into the Qumran led by John the Baptist. They taught of a new age of peace being ushered in by a Messiah, who turned out to be Jesus; and as we know Herod II and his loyal band of Jerusalem based Sadducees, beheaded John and crucified Jesus.”

Natalie continued her musings about who would have been in possession of the Breastplate around the time of Jesus. Old habits die hard and although the blessing of the Breastplate had resided with the old guard of Julius Caesar’s war machine while they concentrated on building the second temple at Jerusalem, their corrupt nature became an embarrassment to those who knew the truth of temple authority. The wise men of the time, the Magi, resided in the east where the Parthians ruled and while Herod was intent on exterminating any potential inheritors of his kingdom, they were equally intent on the preservation of the line of Aaron.

Elizabeth was a direct descendant of Aaron and the wife of Zacharias, the head Levite in the temple at the time of the death of Herod the Great and the birth Of Jesus. Whilst they were in charge of the temple items, Elizabeth fell pregnant with John the Baptist and was visited by Mary the mother of Jesus, who was also pregnant at the time. Zacharias took a vow of silence, removed himself from the service of the temple and relocated himself out of Jerusalem and closer to the Parthian occupied territories. Besides being in a position to influence the education of the young Jesus they became his number one supporters; at the time they were the only ones that were convinced of His divinity and claim to the title of King of the Jews.”

The tomb of Zacharias, (the father of John the Baptist).

“Strangely enough at the same time the Parthians had a new Queen, Musa; she had been given to their King Phraates IV by decree of the Roman Emperor Augustus over something that had happened during the incursions into Parthian territory during the reign of Mark Anthony. In return for the gift from Caesar, Pharaates IV handed over his four sons from a previous marriages and on his death bed granted Musa‘s young son the right to inherit his throne and title as King of kings. There were coins minted to confirm this as a fact of historical record.” Said Buzz

“The Parthians rejected her after she married her son to consolidate

her status as their Goddess Musa (feminine form of Moses).

This would have been acceptable in Egyptian tradition and seen as Isis joining with Horus but to the peoples who occupied the Syrian-Israelis border region of 6 A.D, it was not. So around the time that Jesus was 12 and he and his mother were returning to a quiet life a near the Sea of Galilee, this important woman found herself stateless and between cultures. Musa and her son were forced into a political wilderness where the Aramaic speaking Hebrews’ of the old ways were residing at places like the Nabataean Stronghold’s of Petra, Bethany east of the river Jordan, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.

By the time John was baptizing hordes of people in the Jordan and Jesus was preaching to the multitudes from the mountain tops about the approaching Kingdom of God; Eli-Sabbath, the Syro-Phoenician Goddess of the Sabbath and Queen Musa, the ex-Parthian Goddess, were nowhere to be found. Martha, Mary mother of Jesus and the younger Mary of Magdala were the main female players in the new religious movement that was eventually going to be known as Christianity.

Herod II, Herod Antipas, Herod Agrippa and Herodias, who seemed to be married to all of them at various times, became the main enemies of the new religion; but backed by Rome and led by Saul, the Pharisees and Sadducees of the defiled Temple of Jerusalem; they beheaded, crucified, stoned, imprisoned, tortured and generally hacked their way through John, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Steven and eventually every disciple they could lay their hands on. After Jesus miraculously survived his crucifixion, the movement relocated itself into the friendlier realms of their Parthian neighbors which extended as far as India and China.

After a ten year rampage of murder and persecutions of the peaceful followers of Jesus and Mary Magdalene; Saul, became Paul, the main authority of the Christian New Testament;

Saul — Saul at the stoning of Stephen — Paul

He was eventually stopped when he was captured whilst on a raid into Parthian Damascus.”

Buzz jumped up and out of his chair with a loud unprintable exclamation and started to pace the floor, encircling a bemused Natalie. After he began to settle down and stopped waving his arms around he looked straight at Nat with a piecing stare.

“Do you realize that if that version of those well studied events had of even been uttered in the past that you and I could have been burnt at the stake?”

“Yes” replied Natalie” but that has nothing to do with the truth of the matter, does it?”

“No” replied Gabriel “but you must realize how many people would be offended by the mere suggestion that Jesus and his entourage were anything other than your standard Hebrew – Christian view.”

Before she had a chance to answer the doors of the library burst open and Laurence demanded their attention.

“The bait has been taken and is running; we have the opportunity to intercept now, if we leave immediately.”

“Do we have time to pack any thing before we get back on the plane?” asked Natalie

“We aren’t going on the jet this time, we have a mobile communication van complete with bunks ready to roll. I can explain anything you need to know when we are on the road but for now we must move.”

Buzz gave Nat a humorous look as he saluted Laurence and said “Aye, Aye Sir, lead on.”

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“I’m sorry to cut this short,” interjected Laurence “but I have just been informed that your journey to London yesterday did not go unnoticed by the powers that be. A search warrant has been issued and it would be to our advantage that we are not here when they arrive.”

“What?” quizzed Buzz?

“You must have been tracked on your return. I don’t think they know who you are and I’m sure they don’t know that Natalie is here but I have notified Sir Hamish and he will be here soon. We should make our way to the airstrip and then they can search the castle to their hearts content but they won’t find us or what they are looking for.”

“And what might that be?” Asked Nat and Buzz together at the same time

“Stolen artifacts,” replied Laurence “it seems as though you did your job to well Mr. Izzard and I must stress the urgency that we cut this discussion short and head to the airstrip without delay.”

“I’ll just run up to my room and get my computer.”

“That’ll be at the back door by now along with your other things, were I suggest we should be, let’s go.” Insisted Laurie

That was exactly what they did and leaving behind the castle they virtually ran out towards the long, flat and wide driveway just in time to see a small jet plane appearing appear over the hills, landing in spectacular style and pulling up right were they were standing. The hatch popped open and Sir Hamish was there ushering them in with a loud “all aboard.”

By the time they were settling themselves into their seats Hamish was back beside his co-pilot and taking off, this time they stayed low, very low. This time they were slaying under the radar.

“Where are we going?” asked Nat

“We will be crossing the coast of France and without entering their air space, following the border between France and Spain, through the Pyrenees Mountains and into the Mediterranean to pinpoint a villa on the Riviera that used to belong to Sadam Hussain. It has its own air strip even though it’s a bit overgrown now, since he hasn’t been using it lately, but it should serve our purposes adequately.”

“And what is our purposes, just out of curiosity?” asked Nat

“We will be interviewing a man who was the last man we know who saw your father Ms. McHale, before he jetted off to see you in Australia.” Replied Laurence

“So might he know something about the breastplate as well?” asked Buzz

“And why weren’t we told about this before?” asked Nat

“Yes and we have only just managed to track him down to this very villa.” Replied Laurence

“Does anybody else know about this place?”

“Oh yes, it was searched just like our castle is being searched right at this minute.” He replied

“Did they find anything?” Buzz continued asking

“Many priceless artifacts that they considered stolen by the Hussain family, Iraq’s heritage; they confiscated anything that seemed of any value and left the place a mess, it has been idle for sometime.”

“Will there be anyone else there?”

“Only us, it was our security forces that were given the job after the Yanks and that was how Joe McHale got on the job.”

“So there could be some important piece of evidence there that could help us solve this mystery and help get my father back.”

“Exactly Ms McHale, exactly.” Finished Laurence

The small jet came in low over the water and had barely crossed the coastline when the wheels touched down; it taxied towards the overgrown villa and pulled up right behind it, just like parking a car. As they alighted, a crumpled man appeared at the back door and waved a semi-friendly wave towards them. Laurence waved back in what was more of a salute, rather than a wave and then proceeded to enter the villa without any visible luggage. They all ended up in a Mediterranean style kitchen that must have been magnificent in its day.

“This is Andre.” Stated Laurence pointing towards the crumpled man as he directed his comments towards his fellow travelers

Gabriel stepped forward with an out stretched hand to introduce himself, which the stranger accepted and shook as if it was a wet fish. Buzz felt a shiver go up his spine but proceeded with the appropriate discourse anyway.

“My name is Gabriel Izzard, this is my traveling companion Natalie McHale and if you don’t mind me being expedient, did you know her father?”

“Yes I do.” Replied Andre

“What mind or know him?” quickly followed Nat

“I know him”

“Could you tell us about the last time you saw him?”

“About a month or two ago” he said in a slow heavy French accent

Speaking to this man was the equivalent of going to the dentist and Buzz had to spear a glance at Laurence who promptly looked at Andre in such a way that his attitude immediately improved and without further ado he volunteered the next statement.

“We have worked together at various times for over twenty years and the last time I saw him was no different than the rest, he did his thing and I did mine.”

“Where have you worked together?” Buzz interrupted

Andre paused annoyingly and lit up a Gauloise and after a long drawback exhaled “Egypt, Syria, South America, Ethiopia and the heart of Africa.”

“What was the purpose of your business in those places?”

“Security, I have saved your father’s life many times Ms. McHale, that was my job and it allowed him to go about doing his. The visit he paid here a few months ago was similar but was without incident; he went about his business in his usual way.”

“What was it he was doing here, precisely?”

“He was systematically going over all the artifacts that are still here, cataloging, making diagrams, photographing ruminants and making many notes. I will show you.” He said extinguishing his cigarette and walking off with a purposeful stride.

Laurence spoke up and said to Nat and Buzz “you go with him, I will check in with Sir Hamish.”

They quick stepped together to catch up with the disappearing Andre and soon found themselves in a very interesting part of the villa; it was a large room like a library that had been converted to contain pottery fragments and many small intricate items of no obvious value. In one corner there was a desk with open manuscripts and pieces of paper strewn all over it.

“This was where he was working, when one day he just jumped up saying he was leaving.” Intoned the Frenchman

“Did he take anything in particular with him?”

“Just the folder he had in front of him at the time.”

“Did he say where he was going?”

“No, he just got in his Cessna and took off; I thought he would be back because he did not take all his belongings.”

“Where are his things?”

“In the room where he was staying, I will take you.” He said as he turned and strode off again

After a few twists and turns they ascended a very wide marble staircase and entered a corridor of mirrors and doors, it was hard to distinguish which one was which. Andre didn’t seem to have any trouble picking out the correct one and after pointing it out he told them they could look around as much as they liked. He abruptly informed them that if there were any more questions he would be in the kitchen where there is coffee.

Nat and Buzz stood in the middle of the one time beautiful room now decorated only with the essentials of a traveling academic. They were feeling quite stunned that they had come so far, so fast and were looking at the pieces of the puzzle manifest in real time. Natalie walked over to the French windows that opened onto the veranda that overlooked the big blue of the Mediterranean; she stared in the direction of Egypt.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find him” reassured Buzz

“If only I could dream the moments of his abduction we could know exactly where he is” wished Nat

“Don’t fret; I know we are going about this in the right way. If you want to dream something up just grab a piece of the past that he was so interested in and go there, that’s where the answers lie. Think of the big picture and where it fits in, while I go downstairs and rustle us up some of that coffee. Start to make yourself comfortable, get over our rushed trip here and before you know it the answers we require will become so obvious you’ll wonder why we didn’t think of it earlier.”

He was standing quite close to her as he was speaking and she was still staring vacantly out to sea; she pivoted on the spot, kissed him squarely on the mouth and just as quickly pushed him away saying,

“I’ll be a good girl and do exactly as you say” and pointing to the door she finished with “now go get yourself a cup of coffee.”

He immediately left the room, closed the door behind himself and headed back to the kitchen where he must have beaten Andre to it, that and the fact that there was no Laurence or Sir Hamish in sight, had him brewing up for himself. When he was at coffee in hand stage he wandered off to the artifact library, sat himself down at the desk in the corner and started to go through the paper work that Joe had left strewn upon it. It had to hold the clues that he required, he made himself comfortable in the swivel chair that laid back in a way that you could easily put your feet up.

Outside Andre had teamed up with the others to hook the jet up to a forklift and drag it into the well camouflaged hanger. After they had achieved their aim, the four men seated themselves in the plane and began a discussion that if Nat and Buzz were there would have shone some light on their dilemma

“What do you think they will do when they find out?” asked James

“If all goes to plan they won’t have to find out.” Answered Hamish

“Nat will never believe that her father is a criminal.” Said Laurie

“He is not a criminal.” Chipped in Andre


“According to the C.I.A he is”

“They’re not saying anything to anybody, don’t forget they have broken international law by renditioning him.”

“They don’t care if they break the law”

“They are the law”

“If this thing in Zürich doesn’t work out, we could all end up in the same boat and up shit creek without a paddle.”

“It’ll workout, that boy’s got a head on his shoulders, none of you would have thought of it.” Said Laurence

“That’s right I told you so.” Chipped in Sir Hamish

“When do you think we will know?” asked Andre

“It’ll be a day or two before all the pieces fall into place and in the meantime let’s hope we don’t have to hightail it out of here. Now James I want you to fuel this baby up to the max, just in case and Andre, you can keep a constant watch on the radar to make sure we don’t have any surprise visitors. Hamish I want you to entertain the needs of our guests while I keep working on the Zürich plan to make sure all the chips fall our way.”

“Aye, aye Captain” came Sir Hamish’s broad reply

“Yes Sir.” Sounded the others at the same time

Gabriel wasn’t sure how much time had passed since he had finished his coffee; when he clapped his hands together, leapt out of the chair he had been sitting in and started running in the direction of the room he had left Natalie in. He burst through the door, startling her and almost yelled “He’s left us a map.”

“What?” Questioned a still startled Nat

“I think I can work out exactly what he was working on when he left here by following the notes and the method being used to catalogue. That’s got to tell us something about where he disappeared to and what it’s got to do with the breastplate.”

“Excellent, now you must listen to what I have learnt.”

“Go ahead I’m all ears.” Said a settled Buzz

“Remember when we first started doing this, we travelled back in time to Noah and the flood and the place we alighted at was called Nin-nar-mah or what we assumed was Nineveh; that place became the capital of the Assyrian empire. Ninmar was always their main deity, she and the two brothers Enki and Enlil split the world up between them, Enki had the south, Africa or Kish as they knew it back then and Enlil had the north ruling out of Nineveh. Ninmar was always going to fluctuate between the two; when she resided in the south Egypt flourished and when she resided in the north Babylon did.

The Breastplate was the symbol of she who carried that authority; some people have always been aware of that fact while others haven’t or have forgotten. In the past the rulers of Egypt knew it, the Babylonians did too. The sea peoples called Phoenicians knew it and the Greeks found out about it when Homer wrote of the search for the Golden Fleece.

When Troy was in its prime that’s where she and her breastplate resided, when Helen of Troy moved to Grease they went on to become world leaders. When Julius Caesar wanted to rule the world he moved to Egypt and married Cleopatra V11, a Greek Ptolemaic Queen who ruled from Alexandria. You can bet she had the Breastplate because she certainly had the appropriate temples, first in Alexandria with Julius and then in Jerusalem with Mark Antony.

The broad spread of information that has been made accessible to me has the power to overwhelm; the clarity that comes from focusing on one period is like a pressure release in a boiler that has been fully primed. Tempted as I am to leap forward to solve our problem, Mr. Izzard, I think what we have to do is focus on what is right before our eyes. Here we are thousands of kilometres away from home sitting in a modern day Mesopotamian despots abode surrounded by artifacts and fragments of the very past that we have been exploring. We have done the hard yards, we have studied the facts of the job at hand but what we have neglected is the heart of the matter. By seeking the actual breastplate of authority we have limited our end to being in a particular place and by concentrating on my father we have bowed to time constraints. What we have learnt already is sufficient to understand the association between the breast plate and ultimate physical power regardless of what time or place it is in. I assume it is not a magical power and that it is subject to the normal laws of physics. A rational explanation of the phenomenon is required if we are not going to slip into primitive superstition and that is precisely what I intend to devote my time to.”

I, for one, am impressed professor McHale, you have journeyed well; can I be of any further assistance or should I just beetle back to Australia and leave you to it?” asked Buzz

“Don’t be like that,” said Nat “you know I need you; in more ways than one.”

“What? Like a baker kneads the dough”

“Very funny,” she said whilst moving towards him “we are in this together Gabe whatever happens; besides I think I am falling for you.” She continued closing the gap between them.

They melted into an embrace and finally, lost for words, he kissed her with an intensity that had been pent-up since their first meeting; she met his intensity with some of her own but before it became embarrassingly long, Sir Hamish appeared at the door saying. “Will you be joining us for dinner or would you like room service?”

“No,” replied Buzz as he broke apart from her embrace “It’s a bit hot up here we’ll be joining you in the kitchen.”

“Arch, man, we’ll be on the terrazzo barbequing up a load of fresh seafood with some very friendly local fisher folk that I’m sure you’ll be impressed with. It’ll be yet another delight for your mouth, hee-hee.” He said as he turned and marched off down the hallway.

“Shall we?” asked Nat

“I’m looking forward to it.” Replied Buzz as he took her arm and walked side by side to the door, where he bowed and allowed her to take the lead.

By the time they ventured out on to the terracotta tiled veranda, the food was well and truly on the boil and the fisher folk that Sir Hamish had mentioned turned out to be very attractive people indeed. It was obvious they intended to stay on as not only did they have a bucket load of seafood on the grill but also a bucket load of local wine decanted into very large goblets. The music that was playing seemed to be theirs as well and Sir Hamish was trying to teach them how to do the Highland fling to the sounds of a very modern Ultravox beat.

It turned into a very enjoyable evening, just what the doctor ordered; the break from the hectic schedule was much appreciated and the light banter from the locals was educational as well as entertaining. There was much ado about nothing and nothing to do but have some well deserved fun; Hamish lifted his kilt on several occasions and Buzz managed to do a rap version of Hava-nagila with some pretty spectacular break dancing on the side. Natalie did her bit with a fine version of the chicken dance and even Laurence made an appearance when the 007 theme song was playing. Eventually it was Andre who turned out to be the party pooper when he unceremoniously announced that everyone’s luggage had been placed in their individual rooms and that for security reasons that’s where we all were expected to be in ten minuets when it would be lights out. So it was kisses all around and a very happy and tired crew that went to bed that night.

Breakfast was a continental affair, with a help yourself to a cup of coffee and a couple of chocolate covered croissants; Buzz prepared a tray for Nat and himself and took it to her, looking forward to continuing their conversation from the night before.

“Good morning.” He said all bright and bubbly

“Please don’t be so chipper, my head is a little sore from that wine last night; it certainly had some kick to it.”

“Here you go, this will help with that.” He continued in his chirpiness while pushing the breakfast tray in her direction.

“Are the others up yet?”

“I’m not sure, though I spotted Andre heading off somewhere; after you have showered and are ready for the day would you like to join me in the library of bits and pieces this morning?”

“Yes I would. I am keen to see what daddy was working on and weather it will assist us at all.”

“That’s good I’m sure you’ll be surprised how on the ball he is with his work it’s quite impressive.”

“I’ll see you down there, then.” She said, dismissing him with a wave.

Buzz left her to it, proceeded to the museum like room and began tidying the desk that they would be sitting at for the conversation pending. He then gathered some fragments from the appropriate shelves and put them in order to show Natalie but before she could appear James did.

“Laurence has asked me to show you to him as we have had some advancement on the Zürich situation overnight.” He said

“Fine,” replied Buzz “I’ll just leave a note here for Nat; how long do you expect we will be?”

“Half an hour or so”

Buzz quickly scrawled a note and propped it up where she could easily see it and walked off following James. Laurence had a temporary office made up for him on the top floor of the villa; it had once been a penthouse suite but for now it was relegated to a shadow of its former glory. James announced Gabriel then turned and closed the door behind him, leaving the two associates to their private conversation.

“We have a nibble,” stated Laurence

“Did you manage to get the fake breastplate in place?”

“No; but we managed to deflect the buyer until it is in place.”

“Do you think it will do the trick, will it fool an expert?”

“There won’t be any way to tell without taking it to a fully equipped lab, so to answer your question, yes it will work.”

“What about the tracking device, won’t that be detectable?”

“It has a neutral signal until we switch it on.”

“So what’s the chance that it will lead us to Joe McHale or his abductors?”

“Fifty- fifty at least” answered Laurence “but it’s the best odds we are going to get.

Gabriel finished his conversation with Laurence and after they had gone over some more of the intricacies he excused himself and began to make his way back to the library, hoping to meet up with Nat, sure enough when he got there she was busying herself with the items he had left on the desk for her.

“What do you think any ideas?” He asked

“It’s certainly systematic.” She replied

“I was particularly impressed with his connecting assumptions about the breastplate and the Parthian’s.”

“Do you know much about them?”

“Just that they were occupying Iraq around the time of Christ; they were an empire in their own right and an opposing force to the Roman Empire who fought them for hundreds of years. There were women who married into the royal families of the Parthian Kings as well as the Roman nobles and the Ptolemaic Greek dynasties were interbred with the Egyptian, Jewish and Syrian ruling classes. It seems as though the Parthian nobles had infiltrated all the cultural groups that we have been discussing around this time period and that they may very well be the ones that offered protection to Cleopatra V11 when she was in exile.”

“This is what I was talking about last night, the interconnectivity of this line of investigation passing through so many cultures that we risk upsetting many different religions. Some of the revelations I have been having in my dreams seem so heretical to most religions that I want to go through them with you and explore the spiritual ramifications.”

Buzz pulled up a particularly well padded chair, propped himself up with a couple of cushions that happened to be at hand and indicated that she should proceed with her current line of thought with the words. “Please expound you have my total attention and I couldn’t be more interested in what you have to say.”

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